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The Only Way to Save America

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published Feb. 19, 2021

The Only Way to Save America
After the Republicans allowed the Democrats to beat the hell out of them in the last elections, conservative pundits and think tanks have been trying to figure out just what went wrong.

How could so many people go along with leftist polices? Polices that are the antithesis of what America has always stood for and represented. The answer isn't a hard one to figure out if you step back and consider what has been going on in the United States for over 50 years.

Like the Chinese water torture, the drip, drip, drip of leftist thinking has slowly but surely taken its toll with vast majorities of our citizens over the course of time.

And this happened right under the noses of too many so-called conservatives. Matter of fact, lots of Republicans have outright embraced many of the ideas and social changes brought on by liberal and leftist elites who were intent on "fundamentally changing" America. Undoubtedly many on the right went along with liberal programs to as not to be perceived as heartless uncaring meanies.

The so-called intellectual elites have always been on the left side, same for the vast majority of people in the arts and many in journalism. But once the university professors became mostly liberal, things really started changing fast. It wasn't long before the anti-west teachings at the college level crept into general society and into all grades of public school.

Eventually it seeped into every single business and organization. Publications, entertainment, religion, and of course news.

This is where it stands today. Once people become indoctrinated from grade school all the way up through university, the ideology they've been taught follows them into whatever business or vocation they go into. This is why we see it even in the areas that once were considered conservative or patriotic, such as the military and sports.

It may sicken some people to discover that today the armed services are among the most politically correct organizations in the country. Yes, multiculturalism, critical race theory, feminism, and other liberal thought is now part and parcel of the military code. Professional sports teams, along with their athletes, are now advocates of liberal policies and even, as in the case of Black Lives Matter, Marxist organizations.

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Thanks to President Trump, most of us are now quite aware of how pervasive leftist thinking has become in the news we hear every day. Our news media, once an important watchdog on politicians, big business, and American life in general, has been perverted as nothing more than a propaganda platform for the left.

Almost without exception, news outlets and social media internet sites report only stories that support the liberal views and either twist, lie about, or simply ignore the views on the conservative right. They in fact paint patriots and conservatives as radicals and domestic terrorists. Things will only get worse as time goes on.

All the talk about how to rebuild the fractured Republican party by cooperating with the other side and finding "common ground" is a lot of hogwash that will only strengthen the left and allow them to continue to implement their destructive programs across the nation. The left will NEVER concede to any conservative or traditional value. The left's entire reason for existence is incumbent on DESTROYING American traditions and liberties which include the nuclear family, the individual work ethic, religious freedom, and the freedom of independent speech and thought.

There's only one way to turn around the ever-increasing leftist march in our country. Conservatives must concentrate all their efforts (and I mean ALL) on changing the dogma being taught in the public school system and colleges and universities. There's no other way to halt the anti-Western, anti-family, anti-religious, anti-white male Marxist mindset that has taken root through several generations of students since the 1960's.

It can't happen overnight. Our schools are lousy with revisionist, America hating textbooks. These have to be supplanted with truthful American history, not a whitewashing of our country's mistakes, but an honest telling of the American story. And our American forefathers and heroes must be brought forth once again as the good and courageous men that they were. Citizenship and patriotism must be taught once again.

More conservative professors and teachers need to be cultivated and added into our school systems. An equal balance of political and social ideas is a must if we are to have real education and freedom of thought. How to do that? It will take time, but as honest textbooks replace the hate filled ones, the hope is they will have an impact.

I am not nearly smart enough to offer all the answers on how to turn things around. But I know one thing, it must start with the schools. We must reverse the indoctrination of our young people if we ever expect to keep our country free.