April 20th, 2021


It Never Stops

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published Jan. 15, 2020

It Never Stops
All the Democrats and way too many Republicans, along with television pundits, and just about every news outlet are demanding one of the following things; either 1) President Trump must resign, or 2) Vice President Pence must invoke the 25th Amendment (removing the president) or 3) impeachment. Why?

Well, of course it is because President Trump held a rally on January 6th and told his followers to turn to violence and storm the Capitol. But President Trump never said that, or implied that, or wanted that.

For anyone who didn't watch the rally all one has to do is go back and listen to President Trump's exact speech that day. He never said anything that condoned violence. As a matter of fact he told his audience to demonstrate peacefully. But once again the progressive left turns the entire thing on its head and blames President Trump.

Rush Limbaugh had it exactly right this morning when he posed the question: If President Trump's words incited the crowd to riot, then why haven't the mainstream media been replaying the speech? Don't you think CNN and MSNBC and all the others would delight in replaying Trump's words of violence, which they claim encouraged the rioting and storming of the Capitol?

The media hasn't replayed the speech because there was nothing Trump said that supports their lie that he instigated a mob riot. Not even close. He told his followers not to give up. He said Republicans need to fight much harder. He suggested that the crowd walk to the Capitol to cheer on the brave Republicans who were showing support for the president. He asked for a peaceful and patriotic march to the Capitol.

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Nevertheless, we have all the usual suspects out there in front of any microphone they can find condemning the president, demanding he leave office immediately, even though it's only a matter of days before the Democrats take over the presidency. If they had their way, I'm positive, he would be yanked out of the White House physically, preferably in handcuffs, and perp walked into jail to await a trial, which would ultimately imprison him for the rest of his natural life.

If you read Peggy Noonan's latest screed on what needs to be done about President Trump, you know what I say is absolutely correct. That woman has more hate in her soul than anyone I can think of. Talk about sanctimonious elitists!

President Trump never knew just how right he was years ago when he called the accusations he was being charged with "a witch hunt." Actually, the Democrats and never-Trumpers are worse than the Salem witch hunters. Those na•ve people of Salem actually believed the ones they were condemning were evil, in league with the devil. The Trump witch hunters know damn well that the president did nothing to deserve the torture they've put him through. Today's witch hunters are the evil ones in league with the devil.

As it stands now, President Trump will not resign. Why should he? He did nothing wrong but demand justice and accountability in the presidential election. He is legally entitled to do that. And the vice president will not invoke the 25th Amendment. He would be crazy to do that. So that only leaves our old, old friend, nasty Nancy Pelosi to once again do her worst and start impeachment hearings for a second time.

In the next few days we will see hate like never before coming out of media and the Democrats. You see, no matter what they tell you, the real instigators of hatred are those on the left. They incite hate, violence and upheaval. This is their M.O. It's how they operate. Always has been. This thing isn't over yet. I'm afraid that the worst is yet to come. And when it does you can thank the left for it.

The left, the instigators of progressive change, the haters of America will never stop until they have totally transformed our country into something that our forefathers never intended. These people hate America and everything it represents. It's a shame that too many of our fellow Americans just don't get it.