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Moving photos from your phone to a computer

Steve Alexander

By Steve Alexander Star Tribune /(MCT)

Published December 5, 2014

Moving photos from your phone to a computer Humpty Dumpty, honest language manipulator

Q: My wife and I took vacation photos this summer on an iPhone, Samsung phone, iPad and digital camera. We are now trying to combine them into a single computer slide show. Is it possible to transfer photos from my Samsung SCH-1545 phone to my wife's iMac computer?

Dick Nelson, Dayton

A: It's possible if the operating systems for your phone and your wife's iMac are new enough.

Your phone passes the test because it has Android operating system version 4.4.2. Your wife's iMac will pass if it has operating system Mac OS X 10.5 or newer.

Assuming your devices meet both qualifications, there are two ways you can transfer your phone's photos to the iMac via the USB cord that came with the phone. You can use the free Samsung "Kies 3 for Mac" program (requires Android version 4.3 or higher), which you can download at Note that you'll have to scroll down the page a ways to find it. Or you can try Google's free "Android File Transfer" program (requires Android version 3.0 or higher) at

You can find instructions for using either program at Note Samsung's warning: If you try the Kies software and don't like it, you must uninstall Kies before running the Android File Transfer program. If you don't, the latter program won't work.

Q: I read your column about transferring photos from an old Samsung phone to another cellphone via multimedia messaging (see But is there a way we can send photos from our Samsung SGH-A127 flip phone to a computer?

Judy Bradshaw, Gretna, La.

A: Your phone is too old for the solution listed above. But you can transfer your photos via e-mail. To do that, use the same multimedia messaging service (MMS) that you'd use to send a photo to another phone. But instead of typing a cellphone number on the "send to" line of the MMS message, type an e-mail address. When you access the e-mail on your PC, the photo should appear as an attachment. Download the attachment to the computer's hard disk.

For Samsung's directions on how to use your phone's MMS function, see and read "Where can I find the driver for a Samsung SGH-A127?"

Q: I listen to audio books on CD, and need a new player. But I can't find a new CD player that will start at the same place in the book where I quit listening the last time. Where can I find one?

Sandi Kessler, Miami

A: It's hard to find a new CD player with the "resume" feature you describe, so you may have to buy a used player. Check out the Sony Walkman D-EJ109 ($14.99 used, see and the Aiwa XP-ER800N ($14.99 used).

Steve Alexander Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

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