July 18th, 2018


First, show me al Qaeda's intel report

Just when you thought President Obama and the demo-rats couldn't sink any lower, nor find another way to blame it on Bush, comes word of a new intelligence report to be released by Sen. Dianne Feinstein critical of the torture and other activities claimed to have been committed by the CIA under the George W. Bush…
12/08/14: The nanny state killed Eric Garner
11/21/14: Slumlords rejoice: 'Amnesty' Obama to the rescue
10/01/14: Obama is constantly being let down by everyone
08/27/14: Give Obama some credit; He's not Carter bad . . . He's LBJ horrific
08/20/14: The five-star prez --- before her election

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Rusty Humphries is a conservative, capitalist , actor, writer and singer. His now defunct daily talk show was syndicated in more than 250 American cities.