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Loud and proud: The 'It's not fair' party makes it official

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published Nov. 9, 2015

Loud and proud: The 'It's not fair' party makes it official

Remember John Edwards speech about the two Americas? In 2004, he gave a powerful speech about the two Americas: the America of the privileged and the wealthy, and the America of those who lived from paycheck to paycheck. Since I've always resided in that second part of the country, I was interested in hearing his solution and guess what? I heard the same thing at the Dem debate weeks ago. Take the money from the wealthy and give it to those like me who are struggling. Only problem is, their plans always take the money away from me, the average taxpayer, to give it to someone who will vote for them even if they've never paid any taxes.

The Democrat party mantra is life's not fair and only the government can even up the playing field. . What really is not fair is what's happening to the struggling young working class adults and their families who shell out their paychecks to the government but find they're not eligible for any government assistance unless they are already on the dole. It is also highly unlikely Social Security will be there when they retire.

John Edwards was right. There are two Americas but it's not the haves and the have-nots; it's the makers and the takers. According to Rep Allen West, "it was Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson who stated, "I'll have those n***rs voting Democratic for the next 200 years" as he confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One regarding his underlying intentions for the "Great Society" programs."

That quote has not been 100% validated although those close to LBJ admit he used the n word frequently. In essence however, what LBJ probably meant is that handing out checks from the government assures that his party would always remain in power. The way to sell that agenda was to institute the 'that's not fair, envy the white privilege class' modus operandi." Demonize the rich and dub them the one percenters and tax them to the hilt.

That's what I heard at the Dem debate and Bernie Sanders has admitted that he would tax as much as he could. No one on either side of the aisle will tell the truth about the federal budget. This government is filthy rich. It collects trillion of dollars from the middle and upper class and refuses to cut the waste. Democrat donors benefited from the stimulus packages while cuts were made to senor citizens on Medicare. When these environmental scams went bankrupt, taxpayers didn't get squat when the companies were finally dissolved.

Years ago, I watched a movie with Clifton Webb playing an efficiency expert who managed a large family and made sure every penny he earned would not be wasted. That's what our government needs-someone to stop wasteful spending. We have duplicate agencies, funds going out for expired programs and dead people and yet Congress asks for more, more, more. Why are billions spent for research programs that have nothing to do our lives? Why do we care if rabbits like their Swedish massages or learn why mountain lions climb by putting them on treadmills? We're talking about billions of dollars and socialists like Clinton and Sanders can't wait to bleed more from the lowly taxpayer so that the 'takers' can get more checks to keep them in office.

That CNBC moderator John Harwood who came out of the media bias closet at the last Republican debate boasted about how he single-handedly destroyed Rick Perry by harping on his 'oops' moment forgetting what agencies he wanted to shut down. That was a real pity because Rick Perry had the best ideas about reducing our profligate federal government. His reign as Texas governor oversaw that state as a shining example on what a smaller government can achieve while improving the economy and creating jobs in the private sector. Perry could never shake that senior moment that Harwood capitalized on and we lost a great candidate for POTUS.

Besides instituting the 'envy' strategy into its political protocol, the Democrats managed to obliterate the shame factor. I grew up in a very poor neighborhood in Spanish Harlem when most people still had pride and even when forced to get government assistance, they would try to get off it as soon as feasible. Thanks to corrupt politicians who view voters as their means to remain forever in office, this is no longer the case. . It is no wonder that liberals loathe the military because there is where patriotic pride exists in great numbers. That is why Democrats cut military funding as soon as they get in office. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders offer nothing but government largesse as if these funds come from their own pocketbooks instead of the middle class taxpayer.

What I found so heartbreaking about the Democrat debate was the audience cheering when Bernie Sanders sucked up to Hillary Clinton by saying the American people were sick and tired hearing about her emails. The utter ignorance on this issue is due to the malfeasance of an unethical media that remains the lapdog of the Democrat Party. Those emails prove that as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton committed criminal acts that benefited her cronies and the Clinton Foundation while leaving classified info open to cyber-terrorism. They prove that she and President Obama lied to the nation about the cause of the 9/11/12 attacks that killed our Ambassador but as she said so outrageously at one hearing-"What difference does it make now? "

That audience at the Democrat debate were filled with the 'takers'. Gimmie, gimmie people with no pride holding their hands out for the goodies that Sanders and Clinton promise to dole out. If there were any cheering taxpayers in that audience who didn't recognize that they are being robbed, they are officially brain dead. Give me free stuff, they shout because it's not fair that the rich can have everything while the poor have nothing but free medical care, housing, college, food stamps-boo-hoo-hoo.

No wonder it's so hard for the Republicans to win in a country that no longer has any pride or shame.

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