May 22nd, 2019


What caused Toxic Masculinity? Maybe Feminism?

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published Sept. 28,2018

What caused Toxic Masculinity? Maybe Feminism?

Recently I watched a disturbing scene in a movie starring Matthew McConaghey.

After bloodying a woman, he pointed a chicken leg at her in a suggestive pose and told her to, well, you know. Ugh and double ugh and it made me wonder once again what caused men to behave so atrociously towards women.

I'm not really fond of institutional surveys that are often influenced by who pays for them, so I asked my husband, a former marine, to explain this behavior.

I wasn't surprised at his answer which only confirmed my opinion about the 60's women's movement.

He's now a senior citizen who recalled being raised in a period when women were put on a pedestal and respected. The feminist movement brought her down from it so she could compete with men on an equal level.

Most men, however, viewed women's entry into the world of sexual liberation as an invitation to discard their previous respect. Many viewed these latter-day libertines as nothing better than whores and treated them as such which certainly doesn't excuse this behavior.

I was still a teenager when the call for Women's Lib began and yet I recognized that these women were in no way like the early suffragettes who secured our right to true liberation. I certainly wanted equal pay for equal work and for dismantling barriers to equal opportunity but even at a young age I sniffed the hypocrisy of those feminist leaders demanding petty charges of sexist behavior that we women were just as guilty of.

"Don't call me broad, or babe or honey; don't open the door for me or let me go first. I can do it myself; blah, blah, blah." What nonsense.

I have always been very fond of the male species and I wasn't alone in drooling after, "hunks"; in fact 48 years ago, I married one. The angry leaders of the movement targeted all men as miscreants and insisted I burn my bra. What was the logic behind that, I wondered? Was it sexist to prevent large breasts from sagging so that men would no longer admire our figures? Such idiotic proposals only confirmed my opinion that radical men-hating feminists were in charge and I wanted nothing to do with that movement or the organization that it started-N.O.W.

These radical feminists have gone from petty to seriously deranged insisting they are empowering women. The only good thing that came out of the women's movement was the word ‘Ms" which solved the problem of addressing women whether they were single or not. Now, of course, we have women approving the elimination of pronouns and opting for over a hundred substitutes.

We have men being allowed to enter women's bathrooms where children are; we have women who now profess that the best thing in their lives is the ability to kill an inconvenient baby in their wombs. Ironically it's been men who have profited most from women's liberation because they no longer bear any responsibility for birth control or its failures.

I think the new women's theme song should be, "I am woman, hear me whine."

I can guarantee that most women, if they were halfway attractive, have been hit on or subjected to unwanted advances. Real women know how to handle these but the radical feminists who claim to be empowered run to radical feminist lawyers to extract their pound of flesh.

Exactly what does the word empower really mean today? I ask, because I don't see the female gender benefitting at all from the liberation movement. I still see young women baring every bit of their bodies because jobs that require that pay the highest salaries. Genuine female role models for minorities like those brilliant women portrayed in the film, "Hidden Figures" or accomplished women like Condoleezza Rice are ignored in favor of Beyonce and other sparsely-clothed celebrities.

Dennis Prager recently explored this question in a column appearing in these pages and I agree with this summation he wrote after giving examples of how his wife and mother dealt with being groped by men:

"I used them as examples of the ability of strong people, whether men or women, to withstand noxious behavior and move on with life, rather than wallowing in the self-pity, victimhood, anger, contempt for men, lies ("colleges have a culture of rape") and ingratitude (for living in one of the best countries, if not the best country, a woman can live in the world today) that have permeated feminism from Betty Friedan to today.

How we react to life's vicissitudes is what defines empowerment."

As we watch the continual assault on Judge Brett Kavanaugh by women who have used their alleged sexual assaults as a means to defeat a possible political adversary, we can also witness the decline of credibility of future real victims.

This is unforgivable.