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My list of former faves keeps growing

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published Sept. 20,2018

My list of former faves keeps growing
My list of former faves keeps growing

I used to be a film junkie and enjoyed many movies with talented stars but now I am so turned off by the antics of these Trump Deranged Syndrome addicted individuals, I've sworn off patronizing any of their endeavors.

The list of my disenchantment now includes musicians and authors who have chosen to demonstrate the inanity of their political positions based on lies and distortions they have not even bothered to debate thoroughly.

Full disclosure- I was one of the original writers chosen to write for Breitbart Journalism after being recruited by my former editor at the New York Sun, Michael Walsh. Eventually I wrote for Breitbart Government and Breitbart Hollywood and to this day I still keep the latter page bookmarked on my computer.

Since Trump's victory in 2016 it has been most unpleasant to read the increasingly ignorant statements made by pious millionaire hypocrites who demonstrate what a poor grasp of history and language they have.

I cannot even watch reruns of my favorite movies starring Bob DeNiro and Jim Carrey. Like many Hollywood liberals, Mr. DeNiro is unable to make any statement without using four letter words to curse our duly elected president.

Poor Jim Carrey who has previously suffered depression but no longer takes medication for it, has channeled his efforts into creating violent and insulting albeit artistic anti-Trump cartoons. The poor Canadian-born boy should go back to Prozac.

Way back in 1964, I loved the Beatles and while I still enjoy their music, I cringe reading any political announcement by Paul McCartney who isn't even an American yet presumes to denigrate our president every chance he gets..

Stephen King has enjoyed fame and wealth in this great country yet has joined the ranks of the anti-Trump brigade trying to stop Trump from making America Great Again.

My former favorite list now includes Tom Hanks, Ron Perlman, Bette Midler, J. K. Rowling; just about every Hollywood actress with the exception of the brave pro-life Patricia Heaton.

I've also had to write off every member of the Bush family even though I voted proudly for George W. twice. But the very idea that they've all chosen to align themselves with the despicable Clintons boggles the mind so I've written them off.

Perhaps my disdain for DeNiro and Carrey is reasonable but some may call me extremely narrow minded for adding so many other Hollywood denizens to the list when they are merely living in a liberal bubble.

However at my advanced age, I believe I have a perfect right to eliminate those exhibiting gross stupidity from my purview of entertainment choices. It's become too difficult watching their performances or reading their statements without thinking a la Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon!"

Since the latest insult hurled at me as a Trump supporter is that I am a "miscreant", I view that as rather mild compared to the previous slurs i.e. moron, deplorable and a dreg of society. Thus I feel vindicated in using a mild term to mock the intellectual prowess of celebrities.

The bubble they all live in is left of left wing and against all traditional mores we've all known since the country was founded. I'm just so glad that when my children were young, identity reengineering had not yet reach the pre K generation.

Now we learn that Bert and Ernie are indeed gay as a writer for Sesame Street, Mark Saltzman, confirmed in a 9/18/18 article in The Sun (UK).

He said they reflected his own same-sex relationship with film editor Arnold Glassman. While there might not be anything wrong with that, according to Seinfeld, there is something grossly unseemly in promoting this lifestyle in an early childhood television program.

Before he passed suddenly, I recall getting a phone call from Andrew Breitbart who had read an article I had written for Irish Examiner USA that contained an interview I had done with former star of Law and Order, Michael Moriarty. He asked if I could talk Moriarty into coming to Hollywood to join his group of conservatives called the Friends of Abe.

Unfortunately, Michael, who now lives in Canada, refused to return to a city he has no use for anymore but he did consent to write a few articles for Breitbart.com.

Not sure if that group of conservatives still exist but one can be assured that none of its members are on my ignore list. Sometimes my solitary boycott hits a favorite who suffers from association.

I've always enjoyed the work of Don Johnson whom I've always felt was underrated. His new film, however, pairs him with Jane Fonda aka Hanoi Jane so I and several thousand Vietnam vets will give that film a pass.

For the past 20 years I have been writing as an op-ed columnist and occasional reporter for various publications but I don't expect anyone to pay heed to what is essentially only my opinion. Yet I have found that many readers share these same views and have expressed gratitude that they are not alone on the issues.

Since the 2016 presidential campaign, many of us conservative Trump supporters have been vilified by our families, friends and the mainstream media, and depicted as lacking intelligence. I will nevertheless match my intelligence quotient against any anti-Trump celebrity who actually believed that Hillary Rodham Clinton with her mountain of corrupt baggage and her predator spouse would make worthy residents of the White House.