Jewish World Review Sept. 24, 2003 / 27 Elul, 5763

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Sen. Ted Kennedy, Dems, trying to damage the president's speech | The president of the United States went to the United Nations yesterday. But, before he even delivered the first line of his speech, it was sabotaged by none other than Ted Kennedy and his Democratic Party.

George Bush delivered what may be the most important diplomatic speech in recent U.S. history. At stake is not only the future of millions of Iraqis' lives, billions of American dollars, and countless American soldier's lives. Also hanging in the balance is the future of world security and whether we, as a civilization, are going to win the war that Osama bin Laden started on September 11.

And as the president's words are translated to the world community, there's little doubt that the words of Ted Kennedy will also be ringing in their ears. The Democrat's most powerful senator accused our commander in chief of fraud, of bribery, and of killing young American troops for political gain.

Now, thoughtful Democratic leaders had to cringe at the senator's shrill attacks. But not one had has the courage to rebuke him for the vicious personal attacks he launched last week. Madeleine Albright sidestepped the issue on "Meet the Press" this weekend with Tim Russert, while John Kerry professed shock that one would be called unpatriotic for challenging the president of the United States.

Hey, Senator Kerry, that's fair enough. But I'm not questioning Ted Kennedy's patriotism tonight. I am questioning Ted Kennedy's judgment. Accusing our president of fraud, of bribery, and of what really amounts to political murder is not only poor form. It's also damaging to America's efforts to liberate Iraq. It's damaging to our efforts in the war on terror. And it's also hurting those of us that want to bring our young troops home as quickly as possible.

It's dangerous political rhetoric and it's bad for this country.

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