Jewish World Review Sept. 23, 2003 / 26 Elul, 5763

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How Ted Kennedy continues to help prez | When will the Democrats learn that Americans expect their leaders to get behind their commander in chief at a time of war? Apparently not anytime soon.

SEN. TEDDY KENNEDY is at it again. The man who lost his 1980 presidential campaign against Jimmy Carter for bashing the then-president over the Iranian hostage crisis is now launching vicious political attacks at another sitting president who is guiding our country through a dangerous and a deadly war.

In the past few days, one of the most senior senators of the United States of America has accused our president of fraud, misrepresentation, bribery and killing people for political gain. Now, those are the type of extremist attacks that I would expect to uncover deep in the bowels of the Internet-and certainly not from a senator on Capitol Hill. That a Democratic senator would feel free to savage a sitting commander in chief at a time of war says less about where we are as a country, than where the Democratic Party is going into the 2004 elections.

First, let's start with Ted Kennedy. He actually is saying that George Bush launched this war just to win votes. It's unbelievable.

And then you have the leading Democratic contender for president, Howard Dean. He's already said he's not sure whether it's really a good thing Saddam's out of power. He said that he didn't think the United States was going to be the most powerful military forever. And he also said we shouldn't choose sides between supporting Israel and supporting terrorists who kill young children over there almost every week.

We hear new insults from the Democrats every day. It tells you that there is something terribly wrong with the Democratic Party. And it also tells you, they've lost their way since Kennedy's brother was president of the United States 40 years ago. Maybe that's why the Democratic Party of John Kennedy has been in the wilderness ever since his death.

I'll tell you this: The Democrats and Ted Kennedy better get their act together, and Ted Kennedy better keep his mouth shut, because he is only losing votes for the Democratic Party. And he's only assuring, that party is going to make it easy for George W. Bush to experience a smooth ride to reelection next year.

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