Jewish World Review Sept. 16, 2003 / 19 Elul, 5763

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Definitely Dean | Howard Dean is leading the field of candidates among the Democratic contenders for president. And that may be great news for the Republican Party.

THE VERY FACT that Howard Dean is the front-runner in the Democratic nomination chase may show just how liberal the Democratic Party has become. After all, look at some of the quotes that Mr. Dean said. He's talked about how its not our place to take sides in Middle East conflicts. Oh, really? He's also said he wasn't sure during the war whether it was a good thing that Saddam Hussein was removed. And he also talked about the time when the United States military wouldn't be the strongest force in the world.

Now, in all instances, of course, he backed down. But it's worried a lot of observers and quite a few Democrats on Capitol Hill that Howard Dean may be the Democratic Party's answer to George McGovern in the 21st century. If that's the case, it doesn't matter how low George Bush's poll numbers go. It doesn't matter how bad the economy sinks. The Democratic Party may simply not have a candidate who can face up to George Bush head to head from coast to coast.

And if that's the case, Howard Dean may be facing a landslide defeat, much like George McGovern faced in 1972 against Richard Nixon.

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