Jewish World Review Sept. 26, 2003 / 29 Elul, 5763

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As the Western World churns | Those guilty-pleasure stories culled from the tabloids and the gossip pages.

  • Think of it as the rock 'n' roll version of stepping on a rake. Performer David Lee Roth has now canceled the remainder of his U.S. tour, after he attempted what was described by his spokesman as "a very fast, complicated 15th century samurai move while on stage in Philadelphia." In other words, he was pretending to do this kung fu thing while holding a big wooden stick, with which he hit himself in the face. Mr. Roth required 21 stitches and says he is finding it hard to sing and dance. This is assuming that what he was doing before was singing and dancing.

  • No telling where Mr. Roth's work ended up on this survey. But Bruce Springsteen's album "Born to Run" has placed first in the "Zagat" music guide for the most popular album ever; 10,500 voters rode through mansions of glory in suicide machines, sprung from cages on Highway 9, chromed-wheeled, fuel-injected and stepping out over the line, to pick the Boss' hit first, "Abbey Road" and "Sgt. Pepper" second and third, "Joshua Tree" from U2 fourth, and, of course, fifth, the greatest hits of Hurricane Smith. Actually, fifth was "The White Album."

  • Nowhere on the list, any of the Streisand albums, which is just fine by her. Babs says she has not listened to one of her own recordings in maybe 10 years. She confesses that's the reason she's given up doing concert work — "Really, I just got sick of it. In addition to having stage fright and the exertion of singing 30 songs a night, it is boring to sing your own songs."

  • Do you know what is never boring? Animal stories, especially dogs with big floppy ears. Say hello to Mr. Jeffries, the basset hound from West Sussex in England. Just don't say it too loudly. He can hear you fine. Mr. Jeffries is allegedly the grandson of the dog who modeled for Hush Puppies shoes. He is recognized by "2004 Guinness Book of Records" as the dog with the largest ears in the world. Each ear is nearly a foot long, although I'm thinking they're not always in the upright and loaded position. He could take off in a big wind.

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