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Something Evil This Way Comes

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published August 28, 2018

Something Evil This Way Comes

Although I know the original Shakespearean quote is 'something wicked this way comes,' wicked is too mild a word to describe what's been happening in recent years.

While the media seems to be once again obsessed with age-old sex abuse cases involving the Catholic Church, it ignores so many other evidences of pure evil surfacing in the news.

Another mass shooting this time at a gaming tournament and the killer is said be a 24 year old who lost and killed his rivals. A former Playboy Playmate jumped with her 7 year old to their deaths from a Manhattan hotel rather than lose a custody battle.

The 19-year-old who is accused of killing 17 people and injuring dozens more when he opened fire on a South Florida high school told investigators that he heard voices in his head, giving him instructions on what to do to conduct the attack.

Mass shootings by disturbed individuals are not as much a demonstration of evil as much as evidence of mental illness and rage. But consider a recent news story about a woman arrested in beating of 92-Year-old man who was struck with concrete brick for no apparent reason other than she didn't like his looks.

How often in the past decade have we read about people getting knocked out in a game by total strangers because they are white? Violent acts of hatred have become so commonplace they no longer attract media attention.

But the most concrete evidence that evil has descended on us is the growing list of horrifying crimes committed against babies and children.

A Greensburg Woman was charged with raping a 5-Year-old boy, then posting it online.

A woman was arrested in Louisiana for killing a 6 month old baby that her associates had kidnapped from his home. Twenty-five-year-old Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith was charged with first degree murder of Levi Cole Ellerbe.

Although some have remarked that the woman was black while the child was white, this is not just another black against white crime as the evil against children has been perpetrated by all races.

Parents killing toddlers, boyfriends murdering their baby mommas' babies; children being abandoned and neglected by parents strung out on dope. One Lesbian couple takes a Thelma and Louisa leap over a cliff killing themselves and their six foster children. A young man in Dallas was arrested after stabbing his 16 month old son fatally and was only stopped by a bullet from a concerned neighbor.

One could blame this carnage against babies and all children on the insensitivity to life brought on by Roe V Wade and the millions upon millions of abortions since 1973 but the evil has been here since the time G od was declared dead and banned by atheist Madalyn Murray. It seems as if once G od was removed from schools, Colombine-like mass murders have proliferated.

Of course, atheists and agnostics are quick to point out that the existence of death and evil proves that there is no G od or if there's one, he's gone away. But in the Hebrew Bible's Book of Solomon, the Lord says that He did not create death. We were meant to be with Him in Paradise forever. Thus we believers can conclude that evil entered the world through that clever entity that has convinced many he does not exist- Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, etc.

Recently, a statue of a goat-headed creature called Baphomet was unveiled by Satanists at the Arkansas state capitol. The unveiling, attended by about 150 Satanic Temple members and atheists, was met by many protests from Arkansas' Christian activists but it was allowed to be on display temporarily, but the group argued, citing freedom of religion rights outlined in the US constitution.

But don't bother looking for a red horned figure with a tail lurking in the shadows. This entity operates with a voice in one's mind urging the unthinkable and blocking out one's conscience. This is why so many on the left have been seduced into doing his bidding.

His most successful apostle was Saul Alinsky, author of Rules For Radicals, admired by Hillary Clinton and followed by Barack Obama. Alinsky once said in a Playboy interview that he didn't want to go to heaven; he wanted to go to hell where all his people are. He acknowledged Lucifer as the first Radical in his book and Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis praising his ideas but disagreeing with his methods. Just think the woman who almost became president faulted Alinsky for wanting to change things outside when she knew that change must come from infiltrating the inside and that's why we now have the Deep State.

Progressives like Clinton and the entire Democrat Party have succeeded in highjacking all our traditional institutions. They now control the mainstream media, academia, the entertainment industry and social media all funded by left wing billionaires like George Soros and Tom Steyer. All of these entities are targeting President Donald Trump and now the Catholic Church, both leading adversaries of Planned Parenthood, seller of aborted fetal parts. That the oh-so-popular Oprah Winfrey's magazine promoted the “Shout Your Abortion” movement and its attempts to normalize the killing of unborn babies to sell more copies is beyond evidence that feminists have succumbed to the voice of evil. Can there be anyone more evil than the murder of innocent babies born alive after failed abortions only to be sliced and diced by an evil man? 'Gosnell', the movie about this horror will hit the theaters in October despite the media refusing to cover anything about it.

Dinesh D'Souza has compared the president to Abraham Lincoln who also faced a multitude of adversaries while saving the union but I find that the president also could be compared to Winston Churchill. He was chosen to be Prime Minster but he was not well liked because he refused to negotiate with Adolf Hitler. Because of his tough stance in waging war against the tyrannical, evil German dictator, the British Empire and Western Europe was saved. Much of Parliament and even the king were predisposed to negotiate peace but Churchill did what our president is doing now to make America Great again. Churchill went to the people to find that they stood with him and would never surrender.

If one dares to believe in the Devil then one must also believe in G od Almighty and just as divine Providence brought Winston to power in 1940 so I believe it brought Donald Trump to us in 2016.

If the Democrats succeed in taking over the House, then we can expect more of their Luciferian policies like open borders for drug dealers, child abductors and terrorists who will be eligible to vote and receive government benefits. We will continue to see an erosion of our traditional values which allow men in bathrooms with little girls, suppression of religious freedom and a weakened military.

It is vital that the deplorables who voted for Trump in 2016 vote in November to keep his great policies in place; lower taxes, less regulations, jobs, jobs, jobs and G od in the White House.