August 25th, 2019


Why On Earth Do Minorities Still Vote Democrat?

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published August 7, 2018

Why On Earth Do Minorities Still Vote Democrat?

After mentioning the Heritage Foundation in one of my columns in the Staten Island Advance, I received an invite to their annual Christmas party at the Union league Club in Manhattan.

After exchanging a few words with a reporter from Associated Press, he said. "How come a woman like you, who grew up in the barrio, ended up being a Republican?" My standard answer to that inquiry has always been, "high IQ."

However my answer, while facetious, was not entirely descriptive of my electoral registration choice. It was more my maverick Aquarian nature that compelled me to decline joining my family's traditional devotion to the Democrat Party. Yet my political junkie status began as a teenager, who along with nuns in my H.S. was super excited about JFK's candidacy.

Although I could never vote for him, I followed his campaign religiously, nearly touched his hand on a stop on 23rd street and when of age my first presidential vote went to Democrat Hubert Humphrey. I also volunteered to work for Robert Kennedy's senatorial campaign. I never voted for Richard Nixon and was politically naive until Ronald Reagan ran for president in 1976.

Our local Catholic newspaper ran an article about Reagan and I was very impressed with his political views as they squared with my values. I voted for him in the primary which he lost to President Ford who then lost to Jimmy Carter. After becoming president, His influence on the Republican platform converted me into a bona fide Republican. The Democrat party I grew up with had morphed into the socialist party the nuns had warned against. I also began doing the research of the party after watching the D.W. Griffith film, Birth of a Nation.

This blatantly racist film that had been heralded in Hollywood and was the first film shown in the White House during Democrat President Woodrow Wilson's administration revealed the origin of the Ku Klux Klan. The more I learned about the Democrat Party, the more I was appalled at the lack of media coverage of its racist history. I was also just as ignorant of the Republican Party for many years.

A German co-worker asked me what was the difference between the two parties. I answered in all ignorance that the Democrats were for the poor and the Republicans were for the rich. That statement has never been true but that is what most Americans have been taught to believe.

In 1998, I started writing an op-ed column for the Staten Island Advance and expressed my outrage at the fact that D.W. Griffith was still lionized and had an award named for him by the Director's Guild for his technical film advances in spite of his blatant racism. I take no credit for the following but in 1999, the Guild changed the D.W. Griffith Award to the "DGA Lifetime Achievement Award."

One has to hear the truth from an East Indian naturalized American, Dinesh D'Souza, who was recently pardoned by President Trump, and who has done primo research unearthing the heavily redacted racist history of the party which can be traced back to the first Democrat president-Andrew Jackson.

According to D'Souza, Andrew Jackson, has been distanced by today's progressives because they are embarrassed by the truth about this president who had traditionally been considered the common people's president. In his book, "Hillary's America" he writes, "Jackson mastered the art of posing as the ally of Native Americans while robbing them blind."

In fact if anyone has a problem with the historic mistreatment of the Native American and recall their 'Trail of Tears', they can blame Jackson and his successor, Martin Van Buren for this. It's a wonder that Fauxcahontas, Elizabeth Warren, who claims solidarity with Native Americans manages to do so and still be a Democrat.

I strongly recommend that seekers of the truth watch Mr. D'Souza's You Tube video 'exposing the secret life of LBJ'. He asserts that LBJ was a former Klansman along with several other high ranking Democrats and that no Republican has ever owned a slave. In fact so much of what we know about the civil rights movement in the ‘60's has been a tissue of lies and misinformation.

Spike Lee has this new film out called, "BlacKkKlansman" which would only be interesting if he finally admitted that most KKK members were all Democrats as were the Southerners who bullied, lynched and persecuted the segregated black community. It was the Dixiecrats like Bull Conner, Lester Maddox and George Wallace who fought against the Civil Rights Act. Al Gore's father, Sen. Al Gore Sr. was one of these and filibustered against its passage.

It is widely assumed that during the Nixon administration, many Democrat politicians became Republican and that these politicians are still as racists as when they were Democrats but the truth is that this switch never happened. The racist Dixiecrats remained Democrats and only one Senator became a Republican-Strom Thurmond. As for Republicans in the Klan, the media can only mention David Dukes who has been ostracized and booted by the GOP.

My husband grew up in the segregated South and knew exactly why his family voted for the Democrats. The Democrats were racists like they were and why my husband who also has a high IQ and was not a racist eventually registered as a Republican. The Old South did not change because of white supremacism which still remains the purview of the Democrat party. It switched in the late 1970s and through the 1980s, in response to the Reaganite appeal to free-market capitalism, patriotism, pro-life, school prayer, and strong family values.

Democrats have always had over 90% of the black vote in spite of the fact that the party has only kept them enslaved on the government plantation by giving them free stuff paid for by taxpayers. Obama gave them free phones but Trump is giving them jobs and a way off the plantation.

Superstar Kanye West listened to Candace Owens and agreed with this very smart black woman whose video on Facebook states that Democrats think blacks are stupid.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a 'woke' black community and maybe, just maybe, I'll never have to write a headline like this again.