September 18th, 2018


Donald, Stop!!!

Jimmie Walker

By Jimmie Walker

Published August 3, 2016

This "Gold Star Family" thing has effectively ended the Trump Campaign.

Sure, others have made similar predictions throughout The Donald's campaign to become the Republican nominee and next the leader of the free world. But this time is different.

There are two things that you cannot mess with in America --- People's kids and their animals.

In fighting with Khizr and Ghazala Kahn, the candidate who outlasted -- by outsmarting -- so many political competitors has finally met his Waterloo. He's experiencing his "Cosby Moment".

Americans can stomach a lot, but not this!

Trump refuses to apologize and he won't leave it alone --- but he should.

No more Twitter. No more nothing.

Trump's advisors should tell him this. He can't win this --- Donald, Stop!!!

As you surely remember, when it was revealed that Mitt Romney traveled for twelve hours with his dog riding stowed atop the roof of his SUV , his campaign took a turn in the wrong direction from which it never fully recovered!

Romney's dog, however, wouldn't grant interviews. Not so Khizr Khan.

The media, who in essence provided Trump with the tools necessary to keep his campaign afloat, is now doing likewise for Khizr Khan --- to disembowel the GOP candidate.

Turn on any cable news channel or open any newspaper and there he is. And there he will likely remain.

One of the major successes of the Trump Campaign is his children. Imagine if one of his children had died in a war, how would Trump feel?

The very worst thing that a parent can experience, after all, is the loss of a child.

Even the good folks at FOX, both Republicans and conservatives, refuse to back the GOP candidate on this. There is no one, and I do mean No One, with Trump on this!

I suspect that Khizr Khan will quickly publish a book. Doing so will provide him, inevitably, with some serious promotion time --- and that means further bad news for Trump.

That the Constitution of the United States is now number two on the New York Times Bestseller List tells you the effects of Khzir Khan and the "Gold Star Family"!

The "Cosby Effect" has now hit Donald Trump. As Boyz II Men would say, "We've Come To The End Of The Road."

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