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Why Did Taxpayers Foot The Bill For Maintaining Hillary's Private Server?

Dick Morris

By Dick Morris

Published August 12, 2015

 Why Did Taxpayers Foot The Bill For Maintaining Hillary's Private Server?

Hillary Clinton chose to use a private email system that she installed in her Chappaqua home, instead of using the official State Department system that was used by the rest of the more than 15,000 employees at State.

And taxpayers footed the bill for maintaining the data on both her personal and official email.

According to Hillary, her private emails server contained over 30,000 personal emails that she sent and received while Secretary of State. Hillary described them as covering her daughter's wedding, mother's funeral, family vacations, and yoga tips. She says they had absolutely nothing to do with State Department business.

So why did the State Department hire a former member of her political staff to maintain the server? Why were taxpayers charged for her private business?

The server also held an additional 30,000 emails that were official public records that she deliberately kept out of the State Department email system.

Again, why were taxpayers forced to foot the bill for her personal server that was set up for one reason -- to thwart the Freedom of Information process by keeping all of her emails, including public documents, -- out of the reach of the State Department? Should taxpayers pay the tab for her desire to frustrate federal laws about public records?

This was no accidental circumstance; it was deliberately orchestrated. Hillary apparently set up the system on the very day that she began her Senate confirmation hearings in early 2009. According to The New York Times, Justin Cooper a researcher on Bill Clinton's staff with "limited computer experience" and "no security clearance", arranged for the system.

Although Hillary publicly claimed that the server was originally installed for President Clinton's use and had many safeguards; that was not the case. The server was actually purchased by her political action committee during the 2008 campaign and installed in her house. The PAC continued to control it. Bryan Pagliano, formerly the IT specialist for Hillary's campaign, was given responsibility for maintaining the PAC's server.

Hillary's leadership PAC paid Pagliano for his work during the first four months that Hillary was Secretary of State. He obviously had no security clearance at that time, either. After April 2009, Pagliano was hired by the State Department and was responsible for the server.

So, for several months, all of the Secretary of State's official emails were processed through a server in her house that was paid for and maintained by her political organization. Is this a legitimate expenditure for a Congressional PAC? Looks like someone belatedly figured it out and foisted the cost on the American people.

So why should the taxpayers bear the brunt of her secret server?

They shouldn't.

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Dick Morris, who served as adviser to former Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and former President Clinton, is the author of 16 books, including his latest, Screwed and Here Come the Black Helicopters.