Jewish self-loathing

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published August 13, 2014

Jewish self-loathing
I recently watched the new program "Manhattan" which is about the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, New Mexico that gave us the atom bomb. A young physicist arriving at the site is introduced to the project as being 'Shangri-La' and having the 'highest combined IQ than any town in the country, and more Jews in Babylon." When it comes to science, it is no secret that most believe that Jews are overwhelmingly intelligent. But when it comes to politics, that percentage dwindles considerably for so many still vote for Democrats who are not friends of Israel.

As a Roman Catholic, I find their lack of support for this tiny democrat country surrounded by enemies to be inexplicable. It's as if these self-loathing Jews want no connection to Israel; that it has no right to defend itself against genocide. They think orthodox and observant Jews should get over the holocaust because it could never happen again especially in America. I hope that the blatant anti-Semitism that has erupted since the Gaza war has opened their peanut brains because they are so wrong about it never happening again.

Another 'Kristallnacht" erupted in Paris where the hordes of Muslim immigrants burned Jewish businesses and attacked synagogues with axes and knives. A Rabbi from Brooklyn was killed Saturday on his way to Temple in Miami. Just another robbery, you might say, or another clear target of bigotry. Jews in Brooklyn were targets of the knockout game perpetrated by young blacks which is another irony dismissed by liberals.

In the 1960's Jews were dominant players in the civil rights movement and two Jewish members of C.O.R.E were murdered by the K.K.K. in Mississippi while on a voter registration campaign. Yet Jews are despised by the militant Black Panthers of today and of old. Who can forget Jesse Jackson referring to NYC as Hymietown? I've listened to those militant blacks preaching anti-Semitic remarks on Broadway soapboxes and cursing Israel as murderers of Palestinians. I've always wondered why those supporters of the impoverished Palestine refugees never questioned how Yasser Arafat became a billionaire whose wife lived lavishly in Europe while the refugees starved.

Why do blacks and other minorities feel so much antipathy towards their Jewish neighbors? Is it because they are in the main-Democrats? Is it because that party indoctrinated them with the envy syndrome; constantly railing against the one percenters?

Remember Cynthia McKinney? On Power Line, John Hinderaker wrote; "Cynthia McKinney was one of the looniest Democrats of her generation. A 9/11 Truther, she lost not one but two Democratic primaries because she was considered too far out. Her father's explanation that she was in trouble because "the Jews have bought everybody."

Have they?

Are they so successful because they have bought everybody off as the race demagogues allege? Or is it because like all successful individuals, they work extra hard and maintain strong family ties that sustain them through the rough years?

I'm considered one of the minorities and I grew up in Spanish Harlem at a time when I had Jewish neighbors as poor as my family. When they started rising up the economic ladder through the fruits of their labor, they shared their bounty with us. It took us a lot longer because our family as in so many Hispanic families was quite dysfunctional.

What I will never understand is why so many Jewish liberals vote for Democrats who fail to support our only democrat ally in the Middle East. Israel would not exist today without Republican Richard Nixon supplying the Israelis with the vital aircrafts needed to defeat the enemy in that last war in 1973. PM Golda Meir said Nixon saved Israel and he did so over the objection of RINOs in his own party and the Democrats who wanted Israel brought down a peg to promote their own peace initiative with the PLO.

The United Nations routinely censures Israel for defending itself from slaughter while ignoring the murderous dictators and human rights violators. It has become an impotent, cowardly and corrupt institution and should be removed from the United States and transferred to one of the nations ruled by despots. Here's a bit of news for this ignorant organization- America and Israel are good and moral nations.

They are the first to respond to international disasters. Tsunamis, earthquakes, cyclones, whatever has created a deadly life threatening crisis. I read an article in the Algemeiner Blog by Danielle Haberer who described Israel perfectly:

"Having risen from the depths of a dark past, Jews have a unique obligation to respond to the suffering of the world. This obligation is a guiding principle at the core of Israeli society. The Jewish State cannot be a bystander. In their undertakings as "upstanders," Israelis have provided humanitarian aid to people all over the globe, from Boston to Oklahoma, to Haiti, to Japan, to Gaza, to Syria, and many more, dealing with a wide array of dire situations, from natural disasters to medical emergencies, to refugee crises, to wars, to genocide."

Yet it is the height of stupidity when those most in need of aid turn Israelis away thanks to demonizing demagogues in their own country. The mainstream media fails to report the humanitarian efforts of Israel because it is in their own interests to portray Israel as a heartless murderer of Palestinian children thus maintaining their access to Muslim countries. Ironically many in the press are Jewish self-loathers. Never once do they compare the minuscule global aid given by the more wealthy Muslim nations to the munificent efforts of Israel. Has any non-Muslim been treated in a Muslim hospital?

As a Catholic, my religion's sacred sites are protected by Israelis in Jerusalem. Jihadists routinely destroy temples and artifacts dating back millennia that belong to ancient religions other than their own. These radical Muslims are not good and moral people. Both the United States and Israel could blast Mecca and Medina off the map but they do not because they are good and moral nations.

Why is that so hard to accept?

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