Jewish World Review July 26, 2002 / 17 Menachem-Av, 5762

Drs. Michael A. Glueck & Robert J. Cihak

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Lies, pathologic lies and the Palestinians | Lying is, to borrow a legal definition, the "deliberate misrepresentation of fact." Lying, as practiced by the Yassar Mob Squad, can be a very rational activity when placed in the service of some goal.

The pathological liar, by medical definition, is more than one who lies until he or she can no longer distinguish fact from fiction. The pathological liar can no longer distinguish the realm of fact from the realm of fiction. This can have genuine advantages in a world where clear lines between truth and falsehood are abhorrently no longer recognized.

By these definitions are the Palestinian Arab Muslims the biggest liars and most pathological liars in World History 101? It's more complex than you might initially think.

Almost daily the Palestinians target and blow up innocent women, elderly, children, babies and women with fetuses in-utero. They steadfastly tell the world homicide bombing is justifiable because all Israelis potentially serve in the military.

Fine, lets test this Palestinian hypothesis against the definitions above. Is there an ultimate winner?

1) At first it was the Palestinian Arab Muslim adult males who were military terrorist bombers. Therefore using the terrorists own analogy all Arab Muslim males became legitimate Israeli military targets.

2) Then it was Palestinian Arab Muslim adult females who became suicide bombers. Therefore all Arab Muslim adult women became legitimate Israeli military targets.

3) Along came the Arab Muslim male teenagers to homicide bomb the Israelis. Therefore all Arab Muslim male teenagers are valid targets.

4) Next came the Arab Muslim female teenagers and so on . . .

5) Recently male and female Arab Muslim children under 10 are being taught to "martyr" themselves by becoming homicide bombers.

As reported by Jon Dougherty of on July 19, in "Slick PR campaign for Palestinians, Jordanian media specialists create . . . A group of Jordanian advertising professionals have created an ad campaign for the Palestinians that purports to educate the West about Israel's occupation of Palestinian land. The campaign features still photographs of Palestinian children, in playful or rueful poses . . . Some observers interpret the name of the site as a subtle glorification of suicide bombing."

6) Finally they have promoted using babies for homicide bombings. So how can they complain if one of their babies is accidentally and unintentionally killed by Israel's defenses?

7) And so it came to pass that by their own definitions and pronouncements -- all Palestinian Arab Muslims became valid military targets for Israel!

Just last week the "peace loving" Arab Muslims sent two homicide bombers, side by side, on the same mission. Therefore by extrapolation why can't Israel use two homicide branches of the military such as the Army and Airforce.

Taken to its ridiculous extreme -- and the Palestinians own wicked immoral logic -- Israel would have every right to kill all of the Palestinians and take the territories. If Israel were not so restrained by its relative morality this would take all of 24-36 hours. The Palestinians count on Israel not doing this. Of course, if Israel did fight for the same total victory the Palestinians declare for themselves, the same Muslims would cry massacre for the next 2000 years.

So, are all the Palestinian Arab Muslims liars and pathological liars? Well not exactly! You see there's an Arabic word that means "the right and duty to lie to infidels." Also, lets not confuse lying with disinformation, deliberate deception, or purposeful propaganda. Beneath it all, these folks are very honest with themselves -- they want to destroy Israel and language is one more weapon in their arsenal.

At its farthest reaches, the pathological liar is a person who lies even when he or she doesn't have to, even when the truth would be more advantageous. They're addicted to falsehood.

Has the present Palestinian "leadership" reached this point? If so, there can be no negotiated peace, because rational interests have given way to delusion.

To win it would be far better for both sides to talk at the table rather than fight in the foxholes. And if they must battle to settle their political and geographical differences it would be far more rational to spare the innocents. Of course that would require Yassar to keep his word -- something he has never done -- not once!

Yes, Yassar and his bombers meet the definition of liars but not necessarily pathological ones. They sow what evil lurks in the hearts of their men, women and children. These deliberate killers of innocents are on the real road to perdition.

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Michael Arnold Glueck, M.D., of Newport Beach, Calif., writes on medical, legal, disability and mental health reform. Robert J. Cihak, M.D., of Aberdeen, Wash., is president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Both JWR contributors are Harvard trained diagnostic radiologists who write numerous commentaries and articles for newspapers, newsletters, magazines and journals nationally and internationally. Comment by clicking here.


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