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Trying to scare us isn't working anymore

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published July 13, 2017

Trying to scare us isn't working anymore

It wasn't until I read Myrna Blyth's excellent book, Spin Sisters that I started paying attention to the motives behind the articles I was reading in those women's magazines we get at the supermarket.

As a stay-at-home Mom raising six children, I bought them for helpful hints at coping with parenting and daily housekeeping. More and more, however, they carried warnings about everything from the foods we eat to the air we breathe. Having grown up during the Cold War, I can recognize Marxist propaganda anywhere telling me what to do in spite of cold hard facts.

Hello, junk science.

I've known what real fear is since early childhood.

As a first grader, our class was issued metal dog tags that would help identify our bodies after a nuclear attack by the Russians.

We had monthly air raid drills where hiding under our desks was supposed to protect us. All of us here living in New York City knew we would be the primary target so the sky every night was filled with searchlights scanning it for hostile planes.

The city would regularly schedule city-wide air raid drills where streets would be emptied as residents sought shelter in subways.

The next morning the newspapers would have front page photos of a deserted city looking like a ghost town. We also learned a lot in parochial school about communism and what it was like living under its rule.

Neighbors spied and reported on neighbors in exchange for better living conditions. The newspapers spewed propaganda for the Politburo and dissenters received punishment or were banished.

The truth could only be heard via covert radio transmissions from Voice of America.

I don't remember being scared to death at the possibility of nuclear annihilation because for anyone brought up with a spiritual background, death is inevitable but not always the end.

For those, without such a comforting buffer, felt doomed as doomed could be. Most of these denizens apparently ended up in Hollywood so the late 50's and 60's were chock full of improbable disaster films generated by apocalyptic delusions.

Giant tomatoes, malignant red blobs, unrecognizable huge animals, and mutant beings wreaked havoc on the frightened masses awaiting rescue.

Chicken Little Hollywood hasn't changed very much since then and we have been bombarded with continual end-of-life as we know it feature films.

What's next from Hollywood, Soylent Green 2? Now these frightened denizens are now residing in a political fantasy realm.

These intellectually barren demagogues believe all Americans are as brainless as Ray Bolger in the Wizard of Oz but we 'deplorables' who voted for Trump are not the ones cerebrally challenged.

We're not the ones who've fallen for the biggest disaster hoax of all time-global warming. Nope. Our brains are working as fine as our president's and when we read that none of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truths have come true; that the polar bears are thriving; the earth's ozone layer is repairing itself and that some animals are being removed from the endangered lists, we have to restrain ourselves from shouting ---"Told you so."

Kudos to Turkey's president for telling the truth about the Paris Accord.

According to a recent Reuters report, its president, Recep Erdogan, admits the only reason for being in the Paris Climate Treaty was to get money from the U.S. and other more wealthy nations.

Now that the U.S. has pulled out of the treaty, there's no reason to expect the financial benefits.

Erdogan said that France had promised that Turkey would receive compensation for any green developments but since the U.S. pulled out, his parliament wouldn't approve the treaty.

We the dumb-witted deplorables, along with our president, always knew that the Paris Treaty had nothing to do with climate change but was a redistribution scam of our economic wealth.

Green used to be a beautiful color but now that word induces a Pavlovian eye roll response whenever I hear it being used for the environment.

What used to be called global warming has now been euphemized as climate change. Well, of course the climate always changes but to make it scary, we have to be warned about rising seas that will engulf the big cities unless we do something about it; like recycling, stop eating meat and driving gas guzzling cars, and other worthless endeavors. Even Stephen Hawking the famed physicist has piped up with this ridiculous warning: By exiting the Paris climate deal, the president could render Earth uninhabitable. Guess Mr. Hawking has had his computer or his brain hacked.

Clean air and clean safe water should be our main concern but the scaremongers are everywhere. Now that the rational climate skeptics are finally being heard from, the next alarm that must be spread is Russia meddling in the Trump administration.

Anytime a newsman or politician brings up Russia and Trump, you can be sure, they are either mentally deficient or Democrats.

I have no problem with any investigation into any Russia meddling but unless investigations include the very real collusion of Russia with Hillary Clinton and the DNC, there is no there there. The fact that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer as a private citizen in 2016 is nothing compared to Hillary Clinton and her tenure at the State Department which secured dubious donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton's State Department was one of nine agencies that approved a deal that gave Russia rights to 20 percent of the U.S. uranium production capacity. The company involved with the Russian deal is owned by Frank Giustra, a Canadian and major donor to the Clinton Foundation.

The Washington Post and the NY Times have tried to pooh-pooh this deal and the 500K fee for Bill Clinton's speech in Moscow from a bank connected with the Kremlin but we dimwits know better than the leftist media.

What I find really terrifying about what's happened to this country is the lack of rational thought behind so many people willing to ignore the past. The fact that so many voters were devastated by Hillary Clinton losing the race is mind boggling.

Did they really forget how the Clintons behaved in the White House? Could anything Donald Trump do or say in his entire life be as bad as a president dropping his drawers in front of a young intern in the Oval Office? Clinton and Gore took money from Communist China for their reelection campaign in 1996 in exchange for waiving security measures.

As co-president with Bill, Hillary failed miserably at everything she tried to do because of her arrogance and incompetence yet these voters wanted them back. Unbelievable!

Actually, I'm not that scared anymore because in 2016, the deplorables beat out the Never-Trumpers, snowflakes, RINO's and the lamestream media and voted to make America sane again and great. Now we have to pray that our president Donald Trump can withstand the slings and arrows thrown at him from NY, LA and DC and that providence will continue to guide and protect him. MAGA.