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Media's Public Enemy Number One still survives

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published July 25, 2016

 Media's Public Enemy Number One still survives

Full confession --- I did not watch Donald J. Trump's acceptance speech at the convention. I didn't watch Romney's and I don't recall watching Reagan's either. I prefer reading full transcripts and to wait for the commentary that follows from all sides of the political spectrum; to do that I follow and the Drudge Report. It has become predictable to determine whether the columns will be positive or negative about the GOP candidate based on the sources. Don't expect anything positive about Trump from the NY Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times, Chicago Tribune and even now from the formerly conservative National Review and the Weekly Standard where the #Never Trumpers reside. Forget about fairness from the Huffington Post, Daily Beast, Politico and other online sites with the exception of Breitbart.

Although it's a given that the mainstream media is biased against conservative Republicans, the recent Wikileaks 20,000 DNC email dump disclosed that the MSM has colluded with Hillary Clinton in her attacks on her opponent Bernie Sanders. Poor Bernie didn't have a chance against the combined Clinton/MSM machine. The emails contained off the record correspondence with reporters at the Washington Post, Politico, and the Wall Street Journal, among others. They also show how the DNC conspired with media anchors and newspapers to torpedo Bernie Sanders. One devastating email discussed using Sanders religion or atheism as a potential talking point for the campaign. Hey Bernie, the Green Party wants you to run on their ticket. It would be nice to go out fighting.

We certainly didn't need any proof that the mainstream media is in the pocket of the Democrat Party since we know that over 80 % of journalists are self-admitted liberals. These leaks, however, come at a time when the Sanders supporters were already incensed about Hillary's betrayal in picking Tim Kaine as her running mate.

The Wikileaks DNC email is being called one of the biggest scandals in history but not if it's never covered by the mainstream media. As for social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, they are already censoring the scandalous reports. One of the leaks lists CNN anchor Jake Tapper (whom I had once thought was a real journalist), receiving questions from the DNC to ask his interviewees. But I remember a satellite feed exposing a conversation between Larry King and Bill Clinton. King was advising the 1992 Dem. candidate how to handle Pres. George H.W. Bush. No big deal. They're Democrats. This too will pass.

Ever since Donald Trump became the Republican presidential candidate, the articles blasting his acceptance speech as a racist rant and "dark" have been comically similar. The erstwhile conservative sites condemn Trump while praising Ted Cruz for his courage in not endorsing the unprincipled nominee. Cruz explained his non endorsement of Trump was due to Trump's attack on his wife and father. He neglected to mention that his campaign first targeted Melania Trump in an ad and Cruz's father had called Trump an idiot. I'm not making an excuse for Trump's vengeful remarks but I would really appreciate it if just once the media would tell the entire truth instead of editing one side out.

As I've written before, Trump was not my first choice and I don't believe he was the first choice of many in that convention hall. I've read all the articles denouncing him as immoral, unprincipled, deceitful and a lying braggart. Many critics have called his self-description as a billionaire a lie. After an entire year of Trump bashing, I have come to acknowledge that perhaps we know all the negatives about "The Donald" by now. That is good news because most of the titans of American industry have been unveiled as unscrupulous, venal, ruthless and in one case, possible murderous but only decades after their death. The one thing that these titans like Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and Vanderbilt have in common with Donald J. Trump is that their businesses created many, many jobs for Americans. The History Channel has run a series of programs about these men who built America and surprise, surprise; they are not all saints but flawed men of vision. Many of our admired individuals like the wizard of Menlo Park, Thomas Edison, have been accused of outright thievery instead of genuine inventiveness, at least the disciples of Nikola Tesla allege. Even today's titans are not without their media critics who, of course, wait until their demise to pass judgment, e.g. Steve Jobs.

The media has also called Donald Trump dangerous because of his tough global policies targeting NATO. Maybe reporters are too young to remember our military history but the best commanders like Gen. George Patton and Gen. Douglas MacArthur were viewed as ruthless bastards by their peers.

It would be great if the Wikileaks DNC scandal dampens the awful power that the mainstream media has over our lives. The fourth estate has truly become the fifth column though I doubt the millenials even understand that reference.

I have never met Mr. Trump but my husband worked in his hotel when he and Ivana ran the Grand Hyatt. Judging by the number of immigrants and minorities he hired, he's obviously not a racist. His dealings with the union employees were fair but also sensible.

I once wrote an unflattering piece about Trump for the New York Sun after viewing a program about his lavish apartment. I called his taste ‘tacky' but I can't recall what else I wrote since I can't find the article anywhere but it's out there and probably "the Donald" will find it. I don't claim to be a Trump fan but he certainly isn't the man demonized by the lying, cheating partisan Dem. lapdog media that brought down Bernie Sanders and is trying to bring down Trump as well.

Compared to the sins of those titans who made America great, Trump's sins are minuscule so I'll vote for him hoping that he can make America even greater.

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