May 27th, 2020


Celebs, Media and Dem Pols responsible for spreading hate

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published July 19, 2016

As I watched a video recently of Black Lives Matter protestors, I saw several of the mostly peaceful marchers raise their hands in the "Hands Up, Don't shoot" routine. Apparently, they haven't heard that Michael Brown never said that but since, celebrities, athletes, the mainstream media and of course, Democrats continue to spread that lie, who can blame the low infos from believing it.

Either these protesters are just naive about the truth or are, as I suspect, paid left wing agitators carrying out the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals agenda.

Certainly, the demonstrators don't even pay attention to what black journalists have reported but maybe they aren't interested unless Beyonce, Jay-Z and other hip-hop singers tell them what to think.

When MSNBC's Jonathan Capehart, wrote an opinion piece, "Hand's Up, Don't Shoot was built on a lie', he was pilloried as an Uncle Tom and traitor to his race. Mr. Capehart, who now writes for Washington Post, is a very impressive journalist who seems interested in seeking out truth instead of following the mainstream narrative on events. He dared to ask Loretta Lynch substantive questions instead of the usual softball ones the MSM throws out.

Facts are constantly interfering with the media narrative and even though their sites publish fact checking articles, i.e. Pinocchio ratings, their conclusions are disingenuous, not clarifying. I truly sympathize for the families of all those shot and killed by law enforcement but I also care deeply for those souls in the minority communities who are killed by one of their own. There are no demonstrations or protests for the lives of the 340 minority deaths in Chicago this year.

These current BLM nation wide protests began with the deaths of two blacks killed by cops in Minnesota and Louisiana yet one black Texas man enraged by the misleading social media narratives went on a killing spree in Dallas slaughtering five cops.

The incendiary videos were just what the militant anarchists were looking for and the mainstream media became their usual accomplices by not waiting until the complete stories were developed. Thanks to local reporters and an enterprising investigative website, the truth is just now being reported.

While the unpaid, sincere demonstrators probably link the deaths of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana as typical victims of institutional racism, the men probably were killed because of their own bad behavior and the cops were just doing their jobs.

Several days later, we learn more about these men and their guns and that the ‘killer cops' were probably justified in their actions.

Unfortunately, the false narrative has a fierce hold on the black community at large and it won't change until influential celebrities use their voice to speak the truth.

Charles Barkley recently said in an interview that 'the reason why there's racial stereotypes' is because 'some black people are crooks.' His remarks were not received gently by the usual race demagogues whose financial lives depend on racial divide. While the president moans and groans about institutional racism, one has to wonder why it never occurs to anyone that the problem might be political. Look at the areas where poverty is greatest due to a lack of employment opportunities. The worst cities are controlled by Democrats and many have black officials in office.

Where is the racism? It's so much easier to spout racism charges than to acknowledge that you've put the wrong people in office who are more concerned about personal gains than communities in need.

I grew up in a very dangerous neighborhood and I now live near a housing development that once shielded a cop killer. I knew enough to avoid danger and taught my children the same street smart precautions. I strongly urge all parents of young black males to watch Chris Rock's common sense video on how to avoid getting beaten by cops

When celebrities quit making ignorant rants that fuel their fan's anger; when the mainstream media reports the truth not a narrative that fits their ideology: and when the politicians stop making martyrs out of thugs; then maybe the hate will subside. Here's hoping.

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