November 15th, 2018


Media to The Donald: Trump You!

Jimmie Walker

By Jimmie Walker

Published June 6, 2016

Donald Trump outsmarted the supposed "masters of message" yet again.

On Memorial Day -- while surrounded with American Flags and what appeared to be veterans from almost every war in American history -- the Republican nominee succeeded at eviscerating, humiliating and embarrassing the media.

And he did so while forcing the national news networks to cover its own beatdown.

Now they're hitting back. Hard.

Trump University has been on the national media's radar for a few years, though not really covered. Much to the chagrin of the Trump camp, the day after The Donald's tirade, The Fourth Estate retaliated with an attack on Mr.Trump and his failed online college. Actually, they went "nuclear".

Every newscast lead with the claims against the now defunct project. Relentless attacks on Trump featured disgruntled students, the high cost of tuition and what some felt were their lackluster successes after the courses ended.

Surprisingly, the press cooled down just long enough to report briefly on an apparent non-story: a murder- suicide at UCLA.

It is rare that someone -- anyone -- gets a shot at the media like this. But this time someone did.

The press, like many Washington insiders, hasn't handled Trump's success very well. That's because he's played them like a fiddle.

In the Memorial Day Massacre -- the media one, not UCLA's -- Trump won big. But the battle between Trump and media is going to be tougher than a Barb Wire Enema

Payback is a bitch --- and with the latest and long lasting attacks about the Billionaire's university, the media is saying to The Donald . . . Trump You !!!

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