September 25th, 2018


Let's Combat Terrorism with . . . Love

Bernard Goldberg

By Bernard Goldberg

Published June 28, 2016

Loretta Lynch, the U.S. Attorney General, recently made a remarkable observation Ė an observation about terrorism and what in her view our response to it should be. Iíve held off writing about what she said because I didnít want to offer up a cheesy knee jerk reply, one that would have painted her as hopelessly foolish and pathetically naÔve. And that would have been a generous response on my part.

Ms. Lynch was talking about the massacre in Orlando Ė and it sounded like she was channeling the Beatles hit, All You Need is Love.

ďTo the LGBT community ó we stand with you,Ē she said in Orlando. ďThe good in this world far outweighs the evil. Our common humanity transcends our differences, and our most effective response to terror is compassion, itís unity and itís love.Ē

Our most effective response to terror is Ö loveĒ? Huh? †Given the choice between hugging these psycho bastards and dropping great big bombs on their heads Iím opting for the latter.

When I asked a friend, one of considerable intelligence, what he thought about this, he offered up an analysis steeped in religion.

ďAs a Christian,Ē he told me, ďIím a believer in love conquering all.† As a realist I recognize that some folks just donít take well to the love I may offer them.† Turning the other cheek worked for Jesus; not so much for me.† And the radical Islamists wonít be moved by our offer of love unless a miracle happens, which Iím not counting on.† But if Saul, who persecuted Christians, can be converted to love by Divine intervention there may be hope for a Damascene conversion.† But Iím not holding my breath.Ē

Neither am I. What puzzles me about Ms. Lynchís optimism is how exactly would this love thing work? How would love and compassion combat terrorism? Would the terrorists stop slaughtering innocents because we love them? Would they stop burning people alive in cages and cutting off the heads of their enemies?

How would it work?

It wouldnít. So we might just chalk this up as a silly comment worthy of a 60s hippy hanging out in San Francisco but not someone of her stature. But itís par for the course with this president and his team, a president whose guiding philosophy seems to be: Letís do whatever we can to downplay the reality of terrorism so I donít have that inconvenient piece of history besmirching my iconic legacy.

Letís not call it by its name, Radical Islamic Terrorism. Letís call the Islamic State the JV team. Letís say the Islamic State isnít even Islamic.

In that context, what Loretta Lynch said wasnít as crazy as it sounds.

I donít know what Ms. Lynch was actually thinking when she talked about love and terrorism. †I’m guessing she didn’t mean we should give the terrorists a great big kiss and the raw power of love would turn them into wonderful caring human beings. †I’m guessing she meant that when they hurt us we shouldn’t let their evil consume us. † Maybe it just came out of her mouth wrong. But for all I know Loretta Lynch is one of those devout Christians who honestly believes that love really is the most effective response to terror. But there’s another possibility: †She may be nothing more than a loyal member of the Obama political team spouting nonsense to help out her boss.

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