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Nepotism Queen Chelsea Doesn't See Jobs As Challenge For Young

Dick Morris

By Dick Morris

Published June 1, 2015

Nepotism Princess Chelsea Clinton To Write Book For Young People On Most Important Issues; No Mention Of Jobs And Student Loans Debt

Chelsea Clinton is writing a book to teach young people about the biggest challenges in the world today -- as she sees it. Those include "climate change, gender equality, and non-communicable diseases."

Hasn't even one of Chelsea's many hard-working handlers ever mentioned to her that perhaps the most important challenge for young people today is FINDING A JOB! And, right after that, PAYING BACK STUDENT LOANS! Those challenges don't seem to be on Chelsea's radar. Like the rest of her family, she lives in a bubble and has no clue about what's going on in the real world.

Does she really think that "non-communicable diseases" is what's on young people's list of the most important challenges in their life?

It's obvious that Chelsea Clinton has no understanding about what a real challenge is. How about desperately trying to find a job -- any kind of job -- to pay for basics like food and housing and student loans? Has she not even read about the millions of college graduates who cannot find work after working so hard to build an economically secure life? Is she unaware of the unemployment rate among young people that is only slightly down from a high of 15%? Or the incomprehensible amount of student debt? Anyone ever bring that issue up at any of the lavish parties of the Clinton Foundation?

Seems not. Instead, Chelsea's focus is on the issues constantly bantered about at the Clinton Global Initiative -- the buzz words that she repeats over and over -- gender equality, climate change, same-sex marriage. Oh, and then there's her big concern about elephant poaching. Those are the things that are important to Chelsea. Not jobs and economic security for those who should be the newest members of our work force.

It's not surprising. Unlike the rest of the world, Chelsea has never had to look for a job. They've all been handed to her because of her family name and not because of any special -- or even not so special -- talents. She's the Princess of Nepotism. One of her mother's biggest donors hired her at Avenue Capital, where she didn't exactly wow the financial community. She left after three years, once she realized that she just "couldn't ... care about money."

How touching and insightful. No need to care about money when it's just there for you. No need to worry about student loans when you have degrees from Stanford, Colombia, and Oxford (2) and you didn't need any student loans. No need to worry about money when your parents help your husband's career and their donors invest in his hedge fund, even though it's not too successful. No need to worry about housing when you live in a $10 million apartment in New York. No need to worry about a job when you're given one, regardless of your qualifications (or lack of them).

Really, who needs money?

Certainly not Chelsea. After she left Wall Street, she pursued an academic career, using her family contacts. In 2010, NYU President John Sexton, Friend of Bill, appointed her as Assistant Vice-Provost of the Global Network University at N.Y.U., bringing together Muslims and Jews in New York and around the globe. Not clear what her qualifications were, other than daughter of Bill and Hillary.

When asked about this role, she told Time magazine that she was passionate about: "Trying to really figure out what the right pedagogy should be in multifaith and interfaith education and leadership."

Sounds fascinating. And typical Chelsea Clinton blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.

In 2013, she co-founded and chaired the NYU multifaith "Of Many Institute." She insisted that her interfaith marriage qualified her for this position, since she lives an interfaith life with her Jewish husband. That's a good one.

But when evidence of brutal treatment of workers and violations of basic human rights were lodged against NYU's construction workers at the new campus of the Global Network University in Abu Dhabi, Ms. Clinton was silent about the abuses to her new Muslim constituency.

That's not her department.

Chelsea's next job was as a Special Correspondent for NBC TV. That was a bust, but a lucrative bust. She had a contract for $600,000 a year, although in 2014, she only appeared on four very boring segments, including an interview with the Geico Gecko. So bad was she on camera that she usually does a voice over segment with very actual live time -- if any -- on camera. Even NBC relayed how bad she was and dumped her.

Apparently, Ms. Clinton received very special treatment at NBC. Agents hired by her parents basically came in and convinced the idiots at the network that she would be an asset. They were dead wrong. And she insisted on being treated like a prima donna. NBC staff were told not to approach her, but to go through her producers. The few interviews she did were painful to watch.

She's also paid $300,000 for sitting on the Board of a Barry Diller company. No telling what that's about. Barry and his wife Diane von Furstenberg are big fans and supporters of Bill and Hillary. It's lucrative to have the Clinton last name.

So it's easy to understand why unemployment isn't Chelsea's specialty. Maybe she could get a briefing from a few of the 300 economists her mother is consulting with over an economic policy.

Now Chelsea is Vice-Chairman of the Clinton Foundation, another position she seems to be over her head. She merits one more staff person than her father. He only gets 5, while she gets 6. Bus she has so many important things to do!!! And, although not an inspiring speaker, she goes out to speak on behalf of the organization -- at least five organizations have actually paid to hear her speak. That's hard to believe because she's awkward in front of a microphone, even though she's been practicing it for years. Her speeches are littered with the same canned lines, time after time.

Apparently Chelsea's leadership and management talents are not really appreciated at the Foundation. Since she became involved, lots of folks have left, claiming she was "unpleasant" to deal with. Of course, she's had no management experience.

Chelsea has no experience as an author. But yet the Clinton-friendly publishing house reached out to her anyway. She'll figure it out -- with help from aides, ghosts, etc. And, once again, she'll trade on the Clinton name.

That's what she does. Any advice she has is certainly irrelevant.

Here's what Chelsea has to say about her new book:

"In It's Your World, I try to explain what I think are some of the biggest challenges facing our world today, particularly for young people," said Clinton. "I also explore some of the solutions to those challenges and share stories of inspiring kids and teenagers doing amazing work to help people and our planet have brighter and healthier futures. My hope is that the book will inspire readers to realize that they can start making a difference now, in their own way, for their family, their community, and our world."

Thanks, Chelsea. We can't wait to read it.

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Dick Morris, who served as adviser to former Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and former President Clinton, is the author of 16 books, including his latest, Screwed and Here Come the Black Helicopters.