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What the media still won't report about minorities and pools --- but will about that now-unemployed McKinney cop

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published June 17, 2015

What the media still won't report about minorities and pools --- but will about that now-unemployed McKinney cop

There was probably no good reason that McKinney cop, Eric Casebolt, pulled out his weapon while subduing that 14 year bikini clad girl unless.....

The liberal media made sure that the video of Officer Casebolt went viral and the resulting hysteria in the press was expected. One of the most histrionic articles that brought a tear to my eyes (from laughing) was by Steven Thrasher's Black children are not even safe from police violence at a pool party

Can't really blame Mr. Trasher for believing all the misinformation being spewed out by the race demagogues about a pool party in Texas that went horribly wrong. He probably hasn't had much experience with these events that are automatically destined to go wrong whenever there's an open invite to a party. An excellent article in American Thinker, Black Mob Violence In Swimming Pools. A Long History by Colin Flaherty, offers several examples that make the McKinney incident quite minor in comparison as no one died.

I can offer even more from my own personal experience. I grew up in Spanish Harlem and the only pool nearby was the Jefferson pool located in a nearby project. Inevitably, fights would break out between the few Hispanics outnumbered by an unruly black crowd. This had nothing to do with race but was really just bad behavior.

When we first moved to Staten Island, the swimming pool near the Staten Island ferry, Lyons Pool, would be routinely overwhelmed by blacks from Brooklyn who would disobey pool rules and terrorize the families with young children, even urinating and defecating in the community pool. That problem was solved after a multi-million dollar renovation which requires registration via email for entry. Again this is not a race issue as those who utilize pool now are racially balanced by all who obey pool rules.

What exactly were the party organizers, 20 year-old Tatiana Rhodes and her mother thinking when they sent out online invites to a free Dime Piece Pool Party? Dime piece is urban lingo for a beautiful, hot girl. They had been promoting it for over a month in social media yet the pool belonged to a gated community which had strict rules about reserving parties which limited guests to 20. Neither Tatiana nor her mother applied for permission for this "pool party". The party escalated into a free-for-all brawl.

The lamestream media immediately went to McKinney, Texas to interview the organizer and any aggrieved parents whose child was abused by the 'racist' cops. One couple who appeared on Fox whined that Officer Casebolt had no right to pull a gun on unarmed teens. Perhaps they assumed Casebolt had eyes in the back of his head because he only pulled out his gun when he was rushed by two boys, men? After subduing the girl who refused to stand down. Clearly a video the MSM will not televise shows the officer being charged by two individuals who bolt when other officers arrive. Casebolt then holsters his weapon after he's assured of backup. He never pointed weapon at pool attendees.

Unfortunately at a police press conference, the hierarchy throws Office Casebolt under the bus by claiming he overreacted against police policy. I think he acted appropriately and rationally and don't blame him for resigning from the Mickey Mouse force that betrayed him.

Sadly efforts to fund his now dire situation were refused by PC funding sites like Crowdrise and Gofundme which nevertheless accepted pool activist Marvin Barkari request for funds. His page was taken down by Barkari himself after his real intentions were exposed by the best investigative resource available to us ---Conservativetreehouse.com and the intrepid Sundance.

Leave it to Sundance to actually go beyond the media hype to discover the truth about what has turned out to be not an innocent pool party but actually a business endeavor by promoters utilizing community property without permission.

Here's what he found:

In addition to friends of Tatiana Rhodes, more than 100 additional people, mostly teens, showed up as a result of the advertising promoted by Tatiana on social media. They were dropped off by the car-load as the afternoon party began. Apparently Tatiana and her mother Lashana were unable to control the growing crowd - who came to their event at the park looking for and expecting a "pool party". That's when things got out of control as the 100+ teens (and young adults) turned into a mob of partygoers and began jumping the fence to the gated pool area. Residents within the neighborhood found themselves confronting a mob of teens growing ever increasingly hostile and agitated.

There are numerous social media links reflecting that Tatiana organizes these "parties", and charges for attendance, as a profit generating business. Her enterprise name is promoted under the auspices of "Twinzzpromotions" and uses the email address twinnzzpromotions@gmail.com:

In the article on Conservativetreehouse.com, Sundance posts the tweets of neighbors who actually live in the gated community and the media version which ignores them. Almost immediately, activists from Black Lives Matter were involved and further promote the incident as one of race rather than plain bad behavior. One reporter asked why the cops were only chasing the black kids and not the whites. The simple answer is they were the ones who ran away.

My husband who is very white grew up poorer than even I was in a Miami housing development with other poor whites. The police were frequently called to the area when kids were out of control. One of his friends who refused to listen to the order to stand down, ran away and was shot in the back. He was white and he survived and learned the basic lesson that when a cop tells you to stop---STOP.

Did Officer Casebolt overreact? No. Did the mainstream media deliberately turn the fracas into a front page racial incident? Of course. They also ignore the fact that there is a national war on cops which has killed more cops than any misbehaving teen at a pool party.

Blue Lives matter or anarchy reigns.

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