August 5th, 2020


Congratulations to Donald Trump

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published May 5, 2016

Like many conservative Republicans, Donald Trump was not my first choice for president, Rick Perry was. He, of course, never had a chance once the primary process was rigged by the GOPe bringing in John Kasich to bump Perry to the second tier of the debates. Itís taken Kasich forever to drop out but I had dozens of delusional emails from his campaign insisting that he was the only one who can beat Hillary. Now that Hillary, Obama and Sorosí are uniting to attack what appears to be our nominee, I believe the party should show solidarity in supporting Donald Trump.

As a born and bred New Yorker, Iíve held various opinions about Mr. Trump, ranging from disdain to admiration. I canít say I completely trust him but I certainly am not going to fall for those dire predictions of the death of my party by media pundits who are just plain hostile. If Donald Trump is serious about his plans as president; and if he appoints true conservative warriors in his administration, then this should be the time to celebrate the end of the decline caused by eight years of the Obama administration. America is on the way to a great comeback so letís stop the bellyaching and start supporting the others on the entire GOP ticket so that Trump has the congressional numbers to enact change.

I know that Cruz supporters are bitterly disappointed, but now is not the time to stay home and pout. Perhaps, heís meant to be appointed to the Supreme Court-another Scalia indeed and besides, itís a lifetime position. Although the media press releases are calling Trump Ďdangerousí, there is nothing as dangerous as Hillary Clinton back in the White House. As savvy as Trump is, I expect him to remind the voters of the true Clinton years and exactly how anti-woman Hillary treated the victims of her husbandís assaults.

As for how the world is reacting to a Trump presidency, we can expect the news to range from terrified to ecstatic. Our once loyal allies whoíve been mistreated by Obama will find Donald Trump respectful and willing to mend fences.

What I find absolutely disgusting are the pundits who are so devastated by a Trump nomination that they are urging us to swallow a poison pill and hand the election to Hillary. This, to me, is indicative of a mindset that was made up from the git-go. Conservatives should be very leery of heeding any advice from these naysayers at Daily Caller and National Review Online. No one, I mean no one is worse than Hillary.

Even her supporters have a hard time naming any of her achievements except perhaps earning many frequent flyer miles. She also likes dancing while under the influence of alcohol. Donít take my word for it. Sheís all over You Tube. She may be in trouble for her emails but I think her incompetence and poor judgment in Benghazi that caused the death of four Americans, including Ambassador Stevens, should have ruled her out immediately as a worthy candidate.

Letís also consider why our economy has been in the doldrums since 2009. Obama is the only president ever to have the GDP lower than 3 % in all his years in office. Why? Obamacare is just one answer and the overwhelming governmental regulation on small businesses is one of the others. This has been a deliberate policy that would ensure dependency on government handouts.

Trump has promised to kill Obamacare, approve the Keystone project, defund Planned Parenthood, close the border to illegals, and ensure that Israel will be protected. Those videos of the anti-Trump protesters who gave credence to Trumpís description of illegals as violent thugs have gone viral and made Trumpís ascension to nomination a foregone conclusion. Hereís what the media is hiding. Most of those demonstrators are paid.

There was a time when the shouts of, ďLa Migra, la migraĒ would have dispersed the crowds immediately but illegals are no longer threatened by the immigration police because Obama and the Department of Homeland Security has coddled them and funded them.

I saw a Clinton ad attacking the presumptive Republican nominee for what he has vowed to do in office. The video has Trump saying, ďEverything I say Iím going to do, folks, I do.Ē Heíll get rid of gun-free zones in schools; he will defund Planned Parenthood; heíll repeal Obamacare; heíll build a great, great wall and establish a deportation force; banning Muslims from entering the country and approve waterboarding the terrorists.

I hate to tell you, Hillary, but thatís exactly what the people want to see our next president do. Once he tones down the rhetoric, and provides details on how he can achieve these goals, heíll be winning over more than Republicans.

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