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'There Is A Deliberate Attempt To Take Down Clinton Foundation', asserts Bill

Dick Morris

By Dick Morris

Published May 5, 2015

   'There Is A Deliberate Attempt To Take Down Clinton Foundation', asserts Bill

He Will Continue With Paid Speeches If Hillary Elected, "I Gotta Pay The Bills"

For anyone who has experienced the unpleasant spectacle of Bill Clinton trying to control his anger, which so often is free—floating and seething just beneath the surface, Cynthia McFadden's recent interview makes this very clear: Bill is furious about the widespread criticism of him, his foundation, and his wife. You can tell by just looking at him.

He's livid: His body language and responses gave him away. Bill pointed his finger, stumbled over answers, displayed his paranoia, laughed inappropriately and made no apologies. He defiantly said that he will not stop making paid speeches if Hillary is elected because "I gotta pay the bills."

Right, Bill. Over $135,000,000 in speaking fees can pay a lot of bills.

The former president bristled when asked about the perception of his taking $500,000 for 11 speeches after Hillary became Secretary of State, insisting he didn't understand it: "I'm not responsible for other people's perceptions."

Yes, you are Bill. You're responsible because you cause negative perceptions. Not other people, but you and your wife. That tangled web of multinational corporations and governments that contributed to you and Hillary through your speaking fees and the Foundation while they had business before the State Department makes people distrust you. Your secrecy, lies, and failure to disclose donors makes people think you had something to hide — and you did!

According to Bill, "There is a very deliberate attempt to take the foundation down." Of course, it's not anything that he or Hillary or the Foundation did. No, it's unknown enemies trying to destroy them.

That's the Clinton way. Someone is always after them. This time it is not the vast right wing conspiracy. Instead, it is The New York Times, Washington Post,Wall Street Journal. It's a lot harder for the Clintons to ignore these folks.

Bill told McFadden that there was nothing new in the criticism and that 90% of everything that's being raised was known the last time Hillary ran for President. The claim is ridiculous because much of what her been reported focuses on Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State. By definition, what she did there form 2009 —— 2012 could not have been known in 2008.

Here's what wasn't known, Bill:

  • After Hillary's appointment as Secretary of State, Bill was paid $500,000 for 11 speeches, a significant increase from the pre—State Dept. days.

  • The Clinton Foundation set up a Canadian mirror organization to the Clinton/Giustra Initiative in order to shield 1100 donors from disclosure.

  • The Clinton Foundation accepted donations from 181 donors that lobbied the State Department. The State Dept. gave millions in grants to Laureate University, an organization that appointed Bill as its honorary chairman and paid him millions.

  • The Clinton Foundation did not abide by the Memorandum of Understanding with the Obama Administration regarding disclosure of donations from several foreign countries and individuals with business before the State Department.

  • Hillary Clinton's brother, Tony Rodham, a former bouncer, prison guard, and private investigator, was appointed to the Board of Directors of a company that received the royalty rights for mining gold in Haiti, when Bill and Hillary were overseeing the reconstruction of Haiti after the earthquake.

  • Tony Rodham was also appointed to the Board of a pay—for—Visa scheme with Chinese investors who were banned from doing telecom business in the U.S. because of its history of cyber spying.

  • Hillary's mandatory annual disclosure form did not reveal the names of the true sponsors of Bill's speeches.

  • Etc., etc., etc. (Check out the specifics in Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer, released tomorrow.)

With a mirthless grin, Bill noted that the "most amusing" thing about all this is that people think that Hillary cannot understand the problems of everyday people because they have money now. Looking anything but amused, he said no one has ever tried to influence Hillary through him.

Finally, Bill claimed that he would not necessarily step down if Hillary were elected. But he might decrease his management duties saying, "I really work hard at this. I'm very involved."

So, Bill, then you must have known everything that was going on at the Foundation. It's not pretty —— and it is the reason perceptions are bad. It's not unknown people who are trying to bring down the Foundation — it is your self—serving policies.

You're an advocate for personal responsibility. But guess what? That applied to you, too.

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Dick Morris, who served as adviser to former Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and former President Clinton, is the author of 16 books, including his latest, Screwed and Here Come the Black Helicopters.