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Draining the Swamp in NYC

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published April 26, 2017

Draining the Swamp in NYC

While Donald Trump attempts to drain the swamp in Washington, DC, isn't it about time that we do the same in NYC?

This city that I was born and raised in is at the nadir of its history with only a 20% voter turnout and our state has over 30 corrupt officials who've either quit in disgrace or who've been arrested.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio has that same taint of corruption yet with the poor political choices New Yorkers always make; he could very well be reelected. Stop the madness and save our city; Elect Michel Faulkner in November. Who?

Mr. Faulkner is the most dangerous nightmare for the Democrat Party that has presided over this city's decline. He is a black conservative who fell in love with NYC after moving here to join the New York Jets as a defensive linebacker. He can turn around NYC the way Rudy Giuliani did after the disastrous Dinkins reign. Bill DeBlasio, nee Warren Wilhelm Jr., has brought this city backwards to a time when we were the national joke because of the crime here.

David Letterman once defined the term "New York Minute" as the time between a tourist checking into a Times Square hotel and then being shot dead outside. Ha Ha. Not funny.

Only those living in a sheltered liberal tower know that crime has exploded with heinous crimes committed by criminals unafraid of being caught in this "sanctuary city". City officials are quick to point out that crime statistics show crime is down but many crimes go unreported if the victims fear the authorities more than their assailants. The brazenness of the thugs videotaping their actions and then posting them on social media confirms that the new entitlement program is for crime and only minority criminals are eligible.

Most recently a young actress was groped and thrown onto the subway tracks. She survived so perhaps this incident won't show up in the Mayor's misleading statistics.

This past weekend, on Easter Sunday, two teenagers were shot in a housing project near my home. Mayor DeBlasio visited here on Staten Island, the only NYC borough that voted for Donald Trump and for DeBlasio's mayoral rival and concluded that Staten Island was better off than the other boroughs and didn't need more of his help.

Fake polling gives Mayor DeBlasio great approval ratings and claims that he beats all Democrat rivals with the exception of Hillary Clinton. Oh my.

The mainstream media specifically ignored several reports of the "knockdown game" whereby innocents were randomly attacked and struck down by thugs. The majority of the thugs committing the knockouts were blacks attacking whites in deadly hate crimes.

Rudy Giuliani's administration successfully turned the city around by enforcing quality of life laws. By arresting insignificant laws like jumping turnstiles in subways, the NYPD caught many criminal lawbreakers wanted for more serious offenses and crime plummeted. New York City became one of the nation's largest safe cities.

Mayor DeBlasio has taken a completely different tactic making many quality of life laws misdemeanors so now public urination, littering and other low-level offenses have been downgraded to mere violations not subject to criminal charges. Proponents of this reform, e.g. Hillary Clinton and Bill DeBlasio, promise that this will free up court cases but what it has done is allow uncivil behavior to flourish.

In addition, DeBlasio has declared New York City as a sanctuary city that will not adhere to federal mandates restricting municipal employees from questioning city services while performing their official duties. Therefore, if you come here from another country without a legal visa, work permit or citizenship; you can access services like schools, hospitals, utilities and even law enforcement without being questioned about your illegal immigration status.

Will we become like San Francisco where Kathryn Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant from Mexico who had previously been deported five times?

When confronted by a mother whose son had been brutally killed by an illegal, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Fan Francisco) excused the designation of sanctuary cities with this comment: "The point is that you do not turn law enforcement officers into immigration officers, that is really what the point is in a sanctuary city. So it's not a question of giving sanctuary to someone who is guilty of a crime --- they should be deported."

If an arresting officer is not permitted to ask legitimate questions about the suspect's origin so as to obtain possible previous crime records, how can any case proceed?

I grew up in the Golden Age of New York and I refuse to accept that those glory days are gone forever; we just have to start electing the game changers with the vision to turn things around. Many believe that Bill DeBlasio created the city's decline but I blame the election of Michael Bloomberg, whom I regrettably voted for in his first term.

This billionaire came into office with 4 billion and left worth 33 million. Hmmm, considering that he only took a salary of $1, how on earth did he grow his wealth? Some believe and I agree that he did so by destroying many of the city's neighborhoods for the benefit of his developing cronies.

New York City does not need another billionaire nanny Mayor for I will not support Paul Massey who has already raised millions for his mayoral campaign.

When I posted my support for Michel Faulkner, many commented that while they liked him and his views, they feel he hasn't got a chance. Funny, that's what they said about Donald Trump who managed to win with the support of millions of voters sick and tired of being taken for granted by status quo politicians.

Democrats have dominated the city because the people never get involved and the Republicans have written us off. All that party does is raise more and more taxes and accomplishes nothing but attract freeloaders and criminals.

One of Amazon's best sellers is a blank book titled Reasons to vote for Democrats. It lists chapters on various issues such as education and foreign policy but the pages are blank since there is really no good reason to ever vote for this party.

All one has to do is Google the worst cities in America and note that they have been Democrat for decades.

It's time to drain the swamp here of the corrupt elitists who've been feeding at the taxpayer trough for years. We have only a 20% voter turnout. Imagine what we could do with triple that number for a genuine leader like Michael Faulkner. Go to his page.

Read his platform and give whatever you can to the campaign. Think Chicago Cubs; Brexit and Trump wins. It can be done. Make NYC Great Again. MNYCGA.