August 5th, 2020


Stopping the Hype on the 2016 Race

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published April 13, 2016

No one is enthusiastic about the candidates running for president in 2016 except for the Democrats cheering for Hillary and Bernie and they are in deep denial. The idea that the only ones their party have in the race is a corrupt, indictable, incompetent former Secretary of State and an elderly communist should be laughable yet both are still taken seriously. As for the Republicans, they’ve managed to throw away excellent candidates and are spending all their time trashing one another instead of getting real.

Here’s the nitty gritty that all are ignoring- any one of the original candidates vying for the GOP nomination is more qualified than Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and that includes Donald Trump. The country will not fall apart if Trump wins and those heralding a disaster are blowing smoke generated by the establishment GOP and the statist RINOs who want to keep their jobs and power.

The mainstream media hasn’t done its job in decades, opting instead to promote its own agenda of attacking all things conservative. If it had it would have reported that protesters at Trump and Cruz rallies are probably paid with funds from the infamous megalomaniac George Soros. The average American voter doesn’t have the time or the will to travel around the country waving manufactured flags and chanting socialist demands.

It’s time to look in the mirror at the real person hiding their head in the sand. The hysteria at the possibility of a Trump presidency is nonsense. It is the idea of a Clinton presidency that should scare us all so why hasn’t it?

If the GOP candidates had any sense they would be targeting her instead of each other. To do that they have to remind the young voters what she was like the last time she was in the White House. Bill Clinton called her his co-president. His presidency was the most classless since Grant but not as honorable. The Clinton administration was riddled with staff that could not pass security clearances yet managed to be hired anyway.

I watched a Hillary television ad that listed all her achievements and I shouted,” Lies, all lies,” at the screen. The idea that she’s for women’s rights is a canard considering that she trashed any woman accusing her rapist husband of sexual impropriety. Any young woman planning to support Hillary needs to Google the so-called ‘bimbos’ that Hillary destroyed.

She was my Senator and did absolutely nothing except name some government buildings and throw taxpayer funds at cronies and Dem donors. Her attempt at health care legislation (Hillarycare) ending up with litigation against her closed-door tactics that cost the government $285,864 in legal fees for plaintiffs. Although that award was overturned, her entire efforts to assume presidential powers as First Lady were clouded by her arrogance and incompetence. She was described by the Chief Counsel of the Watergate Committee in 1973, a Democrat, Jerry Zeifman, as ‘unethical and dishonest’. Good call, Jerry.

The myth of the Clinton administration’s success will one day be exposed when the mainstream media finally grows a pair and admits that the only good thing Bill Clinton did was step side and let Newt Gingrich’s Congress pass its Contract With America. Let’s remind these young uninformed voters that while he was impeached on a trumped up charge of perjury and inappropriate sexual activity with an intern, he should have been impeached for treason involving accepting reelection campaign funds from Communist China in exchange for releasing our national data. Hillary’s email scandal is just part of a corruption pattern that the Clintons have been using for decades.

Sadly I’ve read articles on billionaires funding anti-Trump campaigns but they should really be flooding the airwaves with ads showing how the low class, vulgar, drug-addled Clinton staff vandalized the White House when they left in 2000. Ads should be informing the ill-informed, low info Democrat voter the truth of the past of both Hillary’s real treatment of women and Sanders’ (who is not even a Democrat) many years in office that produced nothing. I watched a Sanders ad and again shouted at the screen, “Who’s going to pay for this, Bernie?”

Why don’t these billionaires offer free copies of Animal Farm and 1984 to this burgeoning national idiocracy? These classics used to be required reading in schools but the Marxist academia has made sure they no longer are.

I am not a Trump supporter nor am I crazy about Ted Cruz. In fact, I really don’t care personally for either but both have one quality that I find valuable-they are anti-establishment. That is a very good thing and in November, I will vote for any GOP nominee who has that same quality. If this man wins it is up to the rest of us to see that he has a Congress that is against the status quo as well. Then America has a very good chance to be great again.

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