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I Bring You Good News About the Race for President. And Bad News.

Bernard Goldberg

By Bernard Goldberg

Published April 21, 2016

I Bring You Good News About the Race for President. And Bad News.

In a country of more than 300 million people Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are currently the two frontrunners in the race for the White House. This raises an important question: WHAT?

As one website put it, "Clinton and Trump combine for the most-hated frontrunner duo in favorability polling history." And in the wisdom of the American people, these are the two theyíre currently picking to win their respective partyís nomination for president Ė the two with the lowest favorability numbers? This raises another question: Is that because Justin Bieber wasn’t eligible since he’s Canadian?

Here are the average Favorability ratings for Hillary Clinton collected by Real Clear Politics:

Unfavorable: 54.2%

Favorable: 40.2%

Margin: -14%

But thereís a sliver of sunshine in those numbers for Hillary. And the sliver has a name: Donald Trump. Hereís what the voters think about him:

Unfavorable: 64.5%

Favorable: 29.4%

Margin: -35.1

Trump, who makes a lot of promises he can’t actually keep, says Hillary Clinton would be "easy to beat." But thatís not what the polls say. The Real Clear Politics average has Hillary beating Donald 49.6 percent to 39 percent.

Thatís no surprise since Donald has offended just about every group heíd need to win the presidency.

In critical times itís not only important to state the obvious, but to state it often. So here goes, again: This will not end well for the Republican Party.

I say that with total confidence --- as of this moment. If Donald starts acting like a grownup and Hillary gets indicted, then, who knows? I might -- repeat might -- change my forecast.

So letís end with some good news/bad news about our choices this time around. The good news stems from a memory I have growing up in the South Bronx. Grownups used to tell us kids that in this great country of ours, anybody could become President. The bad news is . . . it looks like itís true.


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