August 13th, 2020


Is College even necessary anymore?

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published April 15, 2015

Years ago, I attended a dinner at the Union League Club in Manhattan and listened totally fascinated by a conversation between heavy duty intellectuals insisting that in the future college degrees would be unnecessary. The late great Father Richard Neuhaus and the others whose names are lost forever in my senior brain were discussing how employers would be seeking qualified candidates based on their skills rather than their academic portfolio. Considering what is being churned out by colleges today, that conclusion makes perfect sense for employers. If truth be known, the institutions of higher learning have become instruments for our decline.

That certainly sounds like I've become a conspiracy nut but I'm simply noting what has transpired since my days as a student. When I was entering college way back in the Stone Age, one had to be very smart or very rich to go for higher learning. The smart could win scholarships and the rich would have their tuition paid by parents. In New York State, public institutions were free provided you graduated from high school with a minimum B average and maintained it for matriculation. I was really baffled when Governor Nelson declared open enrollment for all regardless of whether they were able to handle the work. Made no difference-enter Pell grants and government backed student loans and the young could prolong adulthood indefinitely without learning a thing.

Thanks to the Internet, the only benefit now from a degree from an Ivy League university is networking with alumnae to secure high paying positions. But now with a good high school education and an ability to access the World Wide Web, one can supplement one's learning with the multiple of courses offered free of charge from numerous sources. For nominal fees that are lower than college costs, even foreign languages are available from sites such s Rosetta Stone and That makes the Internet too dangerous to continue uncontrolled which is why we now have net neutrality to deal with. How on earth has its devious purpose been ignored by Congress?

Kerry Jackson of Investors Business Daily recently wrote: "U.S. colleges and universities spend more than $3 billion a year on sustainability-related programs and initiatives.

American institutes of higher learning were once just that — establishments that furthered the education of our young people. But now they have become palaces of absurdity, seats of fevered activism, incubators of left-wing causes. Education? That's become a quaint notion and maybe a secondary goal. This is a mistake that the entire country will soon be paying for as colleges continue to turn out community organizers rather than graduating accomplished scholars."

But this has been the plan all along for decades. Like the stuff of novels, there are actually individuals with tons of money, billionaires who regard the United States as a country that needs to be made over with their agenda. These are billionaires who have made their fortunes under capitalism but are anti-capitalist socialists.

In Brad Thor's novel "Full Black' the villain is called James Standing but he looks a lot like George Soros who spends his billions funding radical left movements. Here are some quotes:

"Standing and the foundations aligned with him have been heavy contributors to educational endowments. It's the golden rule. He who controls the gold controls the rules, or in this case, the curricula."

"But it wasn't enough to simply plant this new ideology. It had to grow without being challenged. Hence the disappearance of civics classes and the portrayal of American history through the lens of imperialism and aggression; Instead of social studies, children were taught studies in social justice with America repeatedly shown as the bad guy." "This has been going on for Decades." "The students subjected to Standing's propaganda are now adults. They're everywhere you look — business, the media, government, and teaching successive generations of kids in our schools." "They're completely immune to anything that deviates from their ideological perception of reality and what they have been taught is the 'real' truth. The lens they look through life at, has forever been altered. It's both terrifying and brilliant in its totality." I would also add that multiculturalism has also been a grand tool in the demise of our own American standards.

If one doubts that academia has been completely infiltrated with Soros' minions, they should go online and view James O'Keefe's latest. O'Keefe, the nonpareil investigative reporter and bane of the leftwing media, just released his latest Project Veritas undercover video. In the video, professors, administrators, and students pledge economic support to terrorist organizations ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah on numerous California campuses. The same held true at Cornell and Barry University. If common sense still ruled in this country, the outrage at such academic corruption would be shutting these institutions down but nothing will happen to these perpetrators of gross educational incompetence and corrupting the morals of minors.

Both parents and students are struggling to pay off student loans for degrees that simply will not garner high wage jobs. Many of these students from elite colleges are coming away brainwashed and downright stupid. It's hard to watch so-called comedy bits that appear on programs like the Tonight Show that illustrate how little students know about history, geography or current events. They giggle and laugh at such simplistic questions such as 'who's the vice president?' or how many states are there in the United States? Our brilliant president, alumnus of Yale and Columbia, thinks there are 57 states; thinks Lincoln had something to do with building an 'intercontinental railroad' and makes other absurd errors that the mainstream media refuses to mock.

Meanwhile, universities are explaining their increasing tuition costs with lies. They claim that they are receiving less government funding which is completely false. They receive more because more students are attending college and so many of them are just taking up space and inhaling leftist propaganda. The colleges and universities have increased costs because they are expanding their non-teaching administrative staff and paying them big salaries and passing that cost unto parents.

I was hopeful after that Union League conversation that the proposed change in hiring employee sans degrees would be imminent. After researching what a lethal element most institutions produce, I now believe that anything that diminishes the importance of our tainted academia is absolutely vital.

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