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20 little things that make married life spectacular

McKenna Park

By McKenna Park FamilyShare

Published March 8, 2019

20 little things that make married life spectacular
Popping the question, getting married, buying a house together, having a child — these are all huge, blissful memories over the course of a marriage. But there are also many small, seemingly insignificant moments in your relationship that add up to a spectacular married life.

1. Holding hands in the car

Every married couple knows that hands softly intertwined over the armrest is the best way to cruise down the highway.

2. Going on spur-decision dessert runs

“Hey honey, wanna go get some dessert?” are probably my favorite words in the entire world.

3. Cooking dinner together

Our meals might not always turn out like the picture in the recipe, but we have a blast just chopping and sauteing vegetables together.

4. Being each other’s best travel buddy

Don’t get me wrong- premarriage traveling with family and friends was great, but there’s no better travel buddy than your sweetheart. They make trips and vacations SO much better.

5. Discovering new restaurants together

One of our favorite date nights is exploring our downtown area in search of little restaurants we’ve never heard of. Most of the time the food is beyond amazing and our time together is even better.

6. Getting the best text messages

Ranging from sexy to sweet to just plain weird, texts from your sweetheart always brighten things in the middle of your busy day

7. Catching on to each others’ hobbies

Before marriage, my husband had as much interest in reading for fun as he did in eating cauliflower. But my bookworm passions rubbed off on him, and he’s grown my interest in outdoor activities.

8. Laughing at stupid things together

Whether it’s an inside joke, passing gas or a funny cat video you just found, a big part of marriage is just laughing at the stupid things together.

9. Wasting time together

If you think about it, time wasted together having fun isn’t wasted time at all.

10. Getting surprise back rubs

When my husband surprises me with a back rub offer after I come home from a long day of work, my day is made. It’s a small but meaningful thing.

11. Making a mutual decision to let Netflix play the next episode

I love snuggling up with my husband after a long day and laughing together at an episode of The Office or Parks and Rec.

12. Resisting the temptation to watch the next episode without them

The temptation to hit ‘play next episode’ is strong when you’re home alone, but you know you would freak out if they did it to you, so you resist out of love.

13. Acting goofy around each other

I may post cute pictures of us on Instagram every once in awhile, but little known to everyone else, for every one of those normal pictures there are ten more like this:

14. Singing (off-key mostly) while doing dishes

I always make sure to turn on my dish-washing Spotify playlist while we tag team the messy sink.

15. Smiling at their little quirks

My husband calls me his quirky beauty- what can I say, I’m not the most normal person, but he loves me even more for it.

16. Pushing each other to the gym

He gets me to do push-ups (like… at least five of them), and we make laughable attempts at partner workout routines.

17. Supporting each others’ favorite things to do

My husband knows I absolutely love reading books, so he’s always on the lookout for little hole-in-the-wall bookstores wherever we go. And I support his deep love for all types of food.

18. Turning hugs into slow dance sessions

Gone are the days of awkward slow dances shuffling around in your high school gym; now you get romantic dance sessions in the middle of your kitchen, and there’s no chaperones telling you not to get too close.

19. Trying out new hobbies together and failing gracefully

My husband and I tried our hand at water colors the other night… I ended up with a brown blob over the entire page, and he finished with an indistinguishable piece of fruit, but we laughed together the whole time.

20. Realizing how much better off you are because of them

Sometimes you have a moment that makes you realize just how happy your spouse makes you. You can hardly imagine your life without them, but you know it’s unimaginably better because they’re by your side.