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Here's What Your Children Are Learning Today

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published March 13,2018

Here's What Your Children Are Learning Today

My husband and I managed to raise six children on a very limited income, (as I was a stay at home Mom for 15 years), sending them to private Catholic schools for twelve years. Now we enjoy watching them do the same with our 13 grandchildren.

What is disheartening, however, is how today's children are being systematically exposed to issues we parents never had to contend with raising our own decades ago. Is it liberalism or just plain evil that's taking away the innocence of childhood? Why on earth should kindergarten curricula include lessons on gender reassignments or anything to do with sex education? Have you watched what children are watching on television today?

I remember when Saturday mornings would show cartoons on the local networks but cartoons are only available now on cable stations and are more inclined to represent liberal humor and social engineering rather than what appeals to children.

The very young child watching the series "Back at the Barnyard" will assume male bulls have udders like cows. Although the character Lincoln on Nickelodeon's Loud family has ten sisters to watch over, his best friend also has two fathers. I'm supposed to add -- not that they're anything wrong with that -- but I won't since I don't believe in adding confusion to a child's life.

Dora the Explorer is a big moneymaker for its creators but I've always thought that what we needed was Hispanic children learning English rather than the other way around plus is it really wise to encourage children that it's okay to befriend wild animals in the jungles?

Motherhood began for me in 1975, when the country hadn't yet dissolved into insanity and before two of the most destructible and amoral administrations.

By the time of Bill Clinton's impeachment, parents had to hunt for euphemisms to explain what the newspapers were reporting about blow jobs and fellatio in the Oval office meant.

In 2008, we were all inundated with campaign ads for a woman whose husband had been impeached for lying under oath. (Was that all?) In addition, photos of the heavily redacted young Barack Obama's were shown enjoying his pot and his reputation as leader of the "Choom gang". How does a parent advocate against recreational drug use when heavy users might one day end up in the White House?

When Hillary Clinton's book, "It Takes a Village;" was published in 1996, I and other conservatives recognized what was behind this agenda to enact social change that would co-opt parenting from parents.

The inclusion of Marxist theology into academia is now unmistakable. Do you wonder why parents can no longer help their elementary students with their common core math homework? It's all about control; folks and what are these academics doing with your kids? They're using them and you as foils for their propaganda campaign against American values.

Remember the chorus of young kids singing, Obama, Obama, Obama? Public schools no longer teach much about American history and the founding of our country but they make sure the kids tell their parents whom to vote for.

After that terrible massacre in Florida, we were subjected to that awful CNN Townhall meeting castigating Senator Marco Rubio and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch. We learned later, thanks to the great reporting by real journalists who exist only online, that CNN had provided the questions that the students asked of conservatives; The students were bused to the event by teachers' unions that also organized the national school walkout which the mainstream media reported was the work of a surviving student.

The entire so-called student reaction to the massacre was professionalized and sponsored by liberals groups such as and Soros funded foundations.

New Jersey schools are pushing 9 year-olds to march in an anti-gun walkout scheduled for March 14th and organized by the leftists not the students. You thought your kids belonged to you but they now belong to the state that will use them as tools.

Who's to blame for this? Parents, of course, who have abdicated their responsibility in rearing their offsprings with solid family values.

As far back as 2000, it was evident that parents had ceded control of their children. I had written a column titled, "The sexualization of some children is endangering them all" for the site Here are a few nuggets from that column that still ring true today.

Poor Jon Benet Ramsey, six years old when she was murdered, was a beautiful child who dressed like a vamp in beauty pageants. I'd like to know what parents are thinking of when they let their children perform provocatively like adults in the entertainment industry.

I am always disturbed when I watch child actors in serious dramas about incest and molestation, mouth lines that would embarrass me if I had to say them. Yet, here are five and six-year-old actors (Law and Order) portraying sexual victims describing in detail what was done to them. Surely, there are ways a director could get the story told without having children memorize explicit dialogue.

The world today is not a safe place for a child's innocence. Children are not sex objects and yet many parents seem to be rushing their prepubescent offspring into a lifestyle they're not at all prepared for. Gap for Kids is selling tight vinyl pants and leopard skin halter tops and idiotic parents are buying them for their children.

Have we all lost our minds? What is wrong with the adults today? We seem to have abdicated our parental responsibility to gurus and opted instead for a ``village'' to raise our children. We complain about what the children are wearing yet we're the ones paying for their clothing, music and entertainment.

In a time when sex is being paraded full blast on all fronts in the media and Viagra now a must-have, one would think that parents would have sense enough to be extra vigilant but the reverse is true. Libidos are being supercharged by the entertainment industry and yet we somehow believe our children won't be impacted.

Christopher Lasch, author of ``The Culture of Narcissism'' once wrote ``this is a profoundly anti-child culture.'' I couldn't agree more. While liberal politicians use any crisis to promote their agenda, it's clear that they will not take responsibility for their policies being the cause of the crisis. The Florida school massacre never would have occurred if PC protocols hadn't been in place allowing killer Nikolas Cruz's murderous potential to remain a threat. The civil rights protocol was instituted in 2014 to reduce suspensions and arrests of minority and other `troubled students.

It has become routine for law enforcement in Democrat strongholds to avoid common sense rules if a minority is involved in a criminal activity. What is shocking is how the FBI has also fallen for this benign treatment of miscreants to devastating results. Even Nikolas Cruz posted his evil plans on Facebook which was reported to FBI directly and was ignored.

When we look at what our children taught by the left in public schools are learning it is: We can be any sex we choose; there are many more genders than two; two plus two equals whatever the common core teacher tells us; masculine men are bad and women should be able to kill their unborn children if they want to; we need to be sensitive to everybody's feelings in our language and we need to avoid wearing patriotic t-shirts; guns need to be confiscated from everyone; the NRA is evil and so are all Republicans; homosexual unions are normal but Christianity and classic Judaism is more dangerous than ISIS and there is no G od.

If, as a parent, you have no idea what your children are being exposed to, you are the problem.