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Dems Laying Basis For Coup D'Etat By Hitting Sessions

Dick Morris

By Dick Morris

Published March 3, 2017

Dems Laying Basis For Coup D'Etat By Hitting Sessions

 Washington Post photo by Melina Mara

Here's how it will go down, scripted in the Obama/Alinsky playbook.

The Goal: remove Trump from office.

1.Wiretap the Russian ambassador (or Flynn?) to get a record of contacts

2. Raise the issue in public in the hopes that Flynn errs and denies the conversations took place

3. Force Flynn's resignation for lying in his denials

4. Use wiretaps and surveillance of the Russians (and perhaps of Sessions?) to get evidence of his contacts with them

5. At the confirmation hearing, set up Sessions with a question so he can be accused of "lying"

6. Demand that he recuse himself so the Dems can force a special prosecutor.

7. Get a prosecutor on the job to collect evidence aimed at impeaching Trump. The evidence need have nothing to do with any election contacts. It could relate to anything uncovered in the process of the probe.

The attempts to push aside Sessions are nothing less than the early stages of a coup d'etat to reverse the results of the election.

The outraged calls by both Schemer and Pelosi for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign or at least to recuse himself from investigations of Russian contacts with the Trump Administration are totally hypocritical. When Sessions' predecessor, Loretta Lynch, met with Bill Clinton while Hillary was under investigation by her own Justice Department, she steadfastly refused to recuse herself from the investigation -- without a peep of protest from the Democrats who are now calling for Sessions' head.

This entire "scandal" is totally phony.

What is wrong with contacts between a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Russian ambassador to the United States? Democrats lynched former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn for speaking with the ambassador while he was still a private citizen five weeks before he was sworn in, but Sessions was a Senator and it was fully appropriate for him to meet with the ambassador.

When asked about whether or not he met with any Russians during the campaign, he told the Senate Committee that he had not. But the question was clearly related to the campaign and Sessions' contacts were not about politics but about relations between the two countries.

And, for that matter, what is wrong with an incoming national security advisor meeting with the Russian ambassador five weeks before taking office? With Putin pondering retaliatory sanctions against the U.S., it was the right thing for Flynn to do to seek to head them off.

The Democratic moves were scripted and prepared by Obama before he left office and before the election. They were Plan B in the event Trump won.

Bottom line: Trump must NOT name a prosecutor and Sessions must NOT recuse himself (regardless of what the next move in the coup attempt will be).

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