January 22nd, 2021


America is Still Great. Keep It That Way --- Vote Smart

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published March 29, 2016

The hysteria about Donald Trumpís success as a presidential candidate only confirms the fact that the media and the establishment that promoted him are ignorant of history. If there are riots to come then they will come from the Democrats whoíve crossed over to Trump in despair at their own pitiful candidates. Conservatives donít riot. They may sulk but they donít riot. They were not there in 1968 at the Democrat convention. Conservatives donít have progressive terrorists like Bill Ayers in their membership. Conservatives arenít looking for cradle to grave support from the government. Conservatives want a smaller government that will protect them against invaders not invite them in to rob and attack the innocent. Conservatives want a government that will allow citizens the right to defend themselves as written in the constitution. Conservatives want the government and bureaucrats to leave them alone.

Underneath all the sturm and drang of this political season is the one true fact that seems to get lost in the shuffle. It is that America is still the greatest country on earth because it is still free and it will become even stronger and greater if the electorate would just do its homework and vote smart. Itís not enough to pay attention every four years. The president isnít the only one with power over our lives. At the lowest levels, there are school boards, city councils, State Assemblies and Senates. Consider this most important fact. Most of the crime-ridden, corrupt, poverty stricken, decaying cities have been run by Democrats for years. Yet many Democrats, including my family declare that they will never vote for a Republican. The demonization of Lincolnís party has been very successful by progressive liberals who now own the Democrat Party. It is not and hasnít been the party of our parents and grandparents for a very long time. What does the Democrat Party stand for now? Apparently itís everything that our elders abhorred but it is able to sell this agenda because our public education system has neglected teaching history and instead promoted a socialist, militant multiculturalism policy. Barrack Hussein Obama has managed to set back this country since the minute he took office in 2009. From the very first moment he set up his czars, our antenna should have gone sky high. The majority of them are borderline Communists, Muslim Brotherhood apologists and they have implemented programs designed to stop this nation from growing out of its economic malaise.

Consider how Obamacare which was sold as a health care solution with lies has actually done a fantastic job in stifling job creation. Small businesses, the backbone of America, are going belly up with regulations and mandates on employee health insurance they canít afford. Democrats are pushing $15 an hour minimum wage. Not only will this force businesses to close it may also decrease the labor force as businesses will move to automation to save costs.

The government agency HUD- which shouldnít even be in existence because housing belongs under the aegis of the States- just mandated Ďaffordable housing in affluent Baltimore areas; just as section 8 housing has doomed the gentrification of poor neighborhoods by introducing risky security elements into these neighborhoods through fraud and political corruption, watch the affluent disappear.

There is a garden apartment complex in my neighborhood that has been for sale for years and the landlord has been filling vacancies with section 8 renters to meet his costs. Quite a few tenants have been evicted after arrests for drug dealing or domestic disputes. Property values have sunk to underwater prices. Now the area is expecting a huge revival since it is in the North Shore in Staten Island which developments will include a large waterfront Ferris Wheel, the soon to open Empire Outlets, the only one in NYC offering designer products and much more. What it also has is the URBY Staten Island complex which will feature 900 LEED-certified residential units, 35,000 square feet of ground floor retail, 600 parking spaces and a public plaza. The units are high end and while pricier than other Island apartments, a much better bargain than the overpriced Manhattan dwellings.

Naturally our uber liberal Mayor DeBlasio and the Democrat NYC council wants to inject, ďaffordable housingĒ into the mix but letís not be fooled. Helping the ílittle guyí is pure political rhetoric and is only meant to keep these politicians in office and the Ďpoorí dependent on government largesse.. Those who know how to work the system get all the perks while the truly needy and working poor pay through the nose with exorbitant tax rates yet donít qualify for anything. The HEAP program here is supposed to help low income families with grants for heating and electricity bills so why is it that those in public housing qualify when they donít even pay these bills?

When Donald Trump makes speeches acknowledging these governmental handouts for anybody but American citizens and legal residents, he is speaking to the anger of so many everywhere so why should we be surprised he is leading the pack. But if this country is such a mess, donít we, the people, bear some of that responsibility? It may seem amusing when late night shows mock the stupidity of those interviewed who canít identify any politician, even the vice president or well known senators. The country is in such a mess because there are too many of us who say theyíre not interested in politics.

We need to know exactly whoís running our lives and one can almost be certain that if itís a Democrat, your taxes will go up, your civil rights will be limited unless you are a chosen minority or undocumented immigrant. You can also bet on the income redistribution from the makers to the takers and our national security will be imperiled even more than Europeís.

The America that Trump wants to make great again is still here but unless we start waking up and start voting smart, we are all Brussels.

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