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Communism's Useful Idiots in Hollywood and the Media

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published March 18, 2015

Communism's Useful Idiots in Hollywood and the Media

There are very few influential conservatives in Hollywood and the mainstream media. There are tons of useful idiots in Hollywood and the mainstream media and the reason they can be so easily manipulated by Marxists is that they are either clueless or supportive of communists in their industry.

I was just as uninformed until I did my homework and it would be quite a game changer if the truth was ever exposed to the low-info voters. That may be wishful thinking on my part because I suspect that these low-info voters don't want to hear negative facts about beloved celebrities or political icons. The truth, however, is very ugly. The leftist, anti-American product coming out of West Coast studios is deliberate and cunning. The incredible success of American Sniper brought out the sniping from the Hollywood useful idiots and exposed their ignorance of history warned by George Santayana about forgetting and repeating the past.

Even those who consider themselves well-informed have fallen for the distortions foisted on us by a criminally negligent media. Fox News's Bill O'Reilly had to be corrected by Ann Coulter when he alleged that Joseph McCarthy had something to do with demonizing screenwriter Dalton Trumbo and when Coulter told him he did not, he answered, "Sure he did. It was the House of Un-American Activities Committee. And who was overseeing that?" It certainly wasn't McCarthy, Coulter countered, who was a senator not a congressman.

The myth and demonization of Senator Joseph McCarthy continues to this day and even was once upheld in a New York Times crossword puzzle. The question-What was the name of Joe McCarthy's group? The answer -HUAC. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Think of all those films that sympathized with the plight of blacklisted screenwriters and actors like The Front; The Majestic; Good Night, and Good Luck; Guilty by Suspicion; Trumbo. None of them clarified the fact that it was the Hollywood studios that did the blacklisting, not the government. It's quite possible that they did so to avoid scrutiny of their own dubious foreign connections. It took patience and many years before those in the entertainment industry could produce the subtle anti-American, pro Marxist message through popular films. It is doubtful that all the stars in them were aware of the chicanery.

In the film, Seven Days in May, written by staunch liberal Fletcher Knebel, the military plans a coup against a President they feel supports a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia and they fear a Soviet sneak attack. When I first saw that film, I was on the side of Kirk Douglas, a colonel who prevents the coup by a general portrayed by Burt Lancaster. Now, I'm not so sure whom I'd be rooting for. Given the fact that our current president is doing all he can to diminish the strength of what used to be the most effective military force in the world, one can only surmise what is going through the minds of the men and women in the armed forces today.

While the nation isn't that enamored of the leftwing films being shoved in our faces; that hasn't stopped the studios from producing them despite sustaining huge box office losses.

Films like the Green Zone, Rendition, Redacted, the Boys of Abu Ghraib, which are war movies exploiting the mistakes made by the U.S. and U.S. forces, have all flopped. Films that showcase patriotic heroic values like Lone Survivor and American Sniper succeed.

Speaking of those values, it has become apparent that Hollywood and a media obsessed with the prurient lives of classless celebrities have given our enemies fodder to foment hatred and prove we are indeed, 'the Great Satan.'

How did we get to this sorry state? Was Joe McCarthy right? Are Hollywood and the Federal government riddled with communist saboteurs determined to destroy our capitalist democracy? How much do you know about the history of communism in the United States?

Even though I grew up during the Cold War, I admit to being clueless about what the H.U.A.C. meant although I had a problem thinking Joe McCarthy was evil since he resembled the actor Pat O'Brien who frequently played a priest. Much has been made of a quote by Judge Joseph Welch at the Army-McCarthy hearing in 1954 when he asked McCarthy, "Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency? " The press rabidly ate that quote and in some cases, misquoted him as saying, "Have you no shame?" Thanks to that melodramatic presentation of the proceedings in the media, McCarthy lost public support and was even censured by his colleagues in the Senate. He died three years later after a period of alcoholic abuse.

This illustrates the power of a mean-spirited mainstream media which refuses to report the facts. Judge Welch's rant at McCarthy was completely self-serving because McCarthy had dared to name a member of Judge Welch's law firm, Fred Fisher, as a former member of the leftwing Lawyer's Guild. This infuriated Welch but this was a typical lawyer's tactic to insinuate distrust in one's opponent. Judge Welch turned this tactic to his benefit and had plenty of help from the media.

Many academics and political intellectuals considered McCarthy to be a hysteric and unworthy of support in large part because they had a different sympathetic opinion of Marxism. So did Whittaker Chambers who had joined the Communist party in its infancy. This writer and journalist was a committed advocate and so impressed his superiors who ordered him to go undercover in Washington D.C. to organize a high level ring of federal bureaucrats working on behalf of the Soviet Union. His most successful recruit was Alger Hiss who rose rapidly through the ranks to become a special assistant in the State Department. He was even an adviser to FDR at the Yalta Conference and was one of the principal architects of the United States.

Chambers broke with the party in 1938 after Stalin's purges. In 1939 after Russia joined with Nazi Germany in dividing Poland, Chambers tried to warn the FDR administration about its infiltration by high-level Soviet agents but his efforts went nowhere and he retreated for several years until the H.U.A.C. opened in 1948. Chambers, now the editor of Time magazine, outed Alger Hiss as a Soviet agent. The media, however, believed Hiss who denied even knowing Chambers. Alger Hiss was so well regarded by the media by liberals the H.U.A.C. would have dropped the case against him had not freshman Richard Nixon convinced the House that Hiss was lying. No wonder Nixon was hated in Washington.

It is no secret that our president was reared in a liberal environment and may even have been influenced by communist Frank Marshall Davis, a close family friend. His policies have wreaked havoc on this nation that both the useful idiots in Hollywood and the mainstream media continue to ignore. Instead, they rail against truth tellers like Rudy Giuliani and Dinesh D'Souza.

Here's hoping that our next president will be vetted by sources that have a better grip on the dangerous history of communism. Here's hoping they read Whittaker Chambers' story of his life-Witness.

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