Jewish World Review Feb. 20, 2004 / 28 Shevat, 5764

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Joe Scarborough
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In a sex-crazed society, why should we be shocked? | This year's Super Bowl created a firestorm because viewers were shocked at how closely sex and sports were linked by the CBS halftime show. But anybody reading the sports pages over the past few years have seen one story after another about how colleges are using sex to lure recruits to their schools and how young women are being abused and even raped.

advertisement Now, the latest sleazy story comes out of the University of Colorado, where a young woman who kicked for the team has told of her own abuse experiences to "Sports Illustrated." She claimed she was raped while she was a member of that team. .

Should we be shocked? Of course, not. Young males are growing up on a steady diet of sleazy beer commercials with sex twins and wrestling models. And they listen to music that glorifies the rape and abuse of women. .

Let's face it too — grown men who are coaching college kids right now are sometimes too willing to turn a blind eye to all this. Some are even willing to sell their schools through sex and strip bars. Expect to hear a lot more horror stories about this in the coming years. .

Now, as a conservative, I have never been accused of sounding like a feminist, but, as a father, I am tired of young women being taught that their mission in life is to do little more than wear tight T-shirts, bleach their hair blonde, and serve as brainless sex objects for horny young male athletes. That's the way it these days.

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Former Congressman Joe Scarborough (R-Fla.) hosts “Scarborough Country,” 10 p.m. ET, weeknights on MSNBC. Comment by clicking here.

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