March 6th, 2021


A 'Deplorable Coconut' Looks at Multiculturalism, Immigration, White Privilege and Modern Feminism

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published Jan. 25, 2018

A 'Deplorable Coconut' Looks at Multiculturalism, Immigration, White Privilege and Modern Feminism

Like the derogatory term Oreo tossed by the left at conservative blacks, I've been labeled a coconut- (brown on the outside, white on the inside) and it's time for this ‘coconut' to set the record straight on the multiculturalism and diversity scam perpetrated by progressives.

In a speech at C.O.R.E's Martin Luther dinner, I heard Ayaan Hirsi Ali render the best warning about multiculturalism. She dubbed our benign culture as "ladies first," because she had never heard those words until she came to a Western nation. She warns, however, that it is "this culture that is under threat today. Many of those born into it take it for granted or, worse, apologize for it."

Ms. Ali is a beautiful Somali woman who suffered genital mutilation at age 5, fled from to the Netherlands to avoid an arranged marriage, educated herself, and became a member of the Dutch Parliament.

On that evening she gave a perfect wakeup call on our endangered culture. Ms. Ali made several comparisons between America's culture, which respects the rights of women, and the one from which she escaped. She was raised in parts of Africa — Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya — which were independent. The white man had exited, but she claims he did not take oppression with him, saying: "Almost all the bigotry and persecution in Africa nowadays is committed by blacks against other blacks."

Speaking from experience, she listed acts such as mutilation, beatings, rape, and murder that were "committed against girls and women in the most intimate setting of all, the home, by dad or mom, by a brother or a sister, by a husband or his mother."

Liberals are bending over backward to accommodate different cultures and making sure that others are not offended by all things Americana. This is not only irrational, it's suicidal.

The recent debate about DACA with the Democrat Party insisting that illegal amnesty must be part of the spending bill is inexplicable. Obviously the progressives consider this over funding the military which makes no sense at all other than to confirm that they are seeking more illegitimate voters to keep them in office.

California is planning to automatically register illegals to vote ignoring the fact that only citizens are allowed to vote. Republicans have to make sure that any voter ID laws passed must verify the citizenship of the voter because Democrats are always trying to sneak in the illegal voter to stay in office.

I know several immigrants who came here as children only to discover they were illegal. They went through years and lots of legal fees to become citizens and I must ask why haven't the undocumented who were here for decades tried to go that route? The answer of course is that why should they when the liberal politicians shelter them with taxpayer funding and benefits?

The Democrats are denouncing the recent clip of Democrat Barbara Jordan, the first black woman elected to Congress, expounding on the necessary conditions for incoming immigrants. She said in a speech in 1995:

"Immigration to the United States should be understood as a privilege, not a right. Immigration carries with it obligations to embrace the common core of the American civic culture, to seek to become able to communicate -- to the extent possible -- in English with other citizens and residents, and to adapt to fundamental constitutional principles and democratic institutions."

Of course, Democrats at that time were still sensible- not the political vultures they are today.

Here's a summary of my opinion on illegal immigration.

The majority of illegal immigrants come from Mexico and other Central American countries which have tremendous natural resources. Unfortunately, corruption and violent crime have transformed living conditions in some areas into uninhabitable sh*tholes. In the past desperate Europeans emigrated to America to escape their sh*thole countries and gratefully became Americans.

They travelled here under very harsh conditions, went through an humiliating process via Ellis Island and bided their time till they could gain citizenship. The illegals today risk their lives to enter the U.S. but what do they do when they come here? They take cheap jobs off the books, get taxpayer benefits and send billions of their earnings back to their corrupt country instead of working to restore their country to its former glory. Mexico gets more money from the illegals here than their oil revenue and this is why President Trump believes that taxing these money transfers will pay for the wall.

Now here's what I think of the liberal's white privilege mantra: The Marxist brainwashed in academia are continuing to prove how uneducated they really are by fostering the nonsensical 'white privilege' scam. I am an Hispanic woman born and raised in a Spanish Harlem slum in the ‘50's and living in a white dominated society. Movies and television starred white actors and blacks and Hispanics were mostly portrayed as African natives or Mexican villains. I never thought much of that or resented that dominance because I knew the history of white people and what it took to achieve that supposed dominance.

It wasn't the minorities who trekked along out west in covered wagons who survived being set upon and scalped by hostile Native Americans. More than likely these pioneers were English, French, Spaniards or Scandinavian immigrants seeking a better life or religious freedom. I also read and saw documentaries of the Great Depression that our parents went through. When the racist demagogues rant about black slavery they do so without acknowledging that Africans were sold to whites into slavery by other blacks and Muslims or that it was whites who fought to end it. They also omit the fact that many freed slaves were also slave owners. One of the wealthiest was William Ellison who sided with the Confederacy during the Civil War. Look it up.

The only way to squash the 'white privilege' gobbledygook is to educate our millennials currently being brainwashed in the liberal academia. Most of these young moronic social justice warriors have never endured the tribulations suffered historically by whites who were responsible for transforming America into the great nation it is today.

It's not quite accurate to state that this nation was founded by immigrants. The original settlers came here to develop grants of land they received. Many were also indentured servants that had to work off their debts. We may be a nation of immigrants but the very idea that we are a nation of illegal immigrants who have no intention of becoming Americans and in some cases are only here to drain our resources is beyond preposterous even for the communist Democrat Party.

When I met my very white gringo husband I was shocked to learn he had a much more difficult and underprivileged childhood than I had in the barrio. Dysfunctional families come in all colors but the results are the same. I know that I was much better off in New York City which had many services for the underprivileged than he was living in the swamps of the Everglades where meals came thanks to a handy rifle.

I think it's time for the ideologically misguided to view screening of events like the holocaust and the depression to appreciate that their current circumstance of living in this great country cannot compare to the hardships endured by those with so-called ‘white privilege.'

Finally the only thing I can say about modern feminism after watching the pathetic, whining, obscene Women's March is these women are so far removed from the original feminists like Susan B. Anthony that they never would have been able to get the 19th amendment passed. Time to look in the mirror, girls, and see how stupid those pussy hats make you look.