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Is that your final answer?

Jennifer Rubin

By Jennifer Rubin

Published Jan. 25, 2016

Unless there is significant shift in polling, the same seven candidates who faced off last time, in the Charleston, South Carolina, debate, will meet in Iowa on January 28, just three days before the first votes are cast in the caucuses. Plenty has happened since the last debate. We offer suggestions for the Fox News moderators:

For Donald Trump:

Given the British report on ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko's 2006 murder, do you now think Vladimir Putin is involved in murdering political opponents? If so, how does that affect your strategy for dealing with him?

Were you wrong to say Russia was helping to get rid of the Islamic State, and is it in our interest to have Russian and Iranian troops in Syria?

You say your health-care plan is "terrific." What is in it, and how do you pay for it?

For Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas:

Does it matter if the "establishment" likes an opponent or not, given that you raise money from the New York and Washington big-money donors?

When, in your political experience, have you demonstrated the ability to negotiate and win over political adversaries to get an imperfect, but positive, result?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says your plan to carpet-bomb the Islamic State is out of touch with reality. Others say it would be a war crime. How is this a serious approach?

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush:

Would you allow the Democrats more domestic spending if they agreed to your plan to rebuild our military?

You said you wanted to run with "joy," and yet your duper PAC is dropping millions of dollars in negative ads. How do you square those two things?

Your education plan includes incentives and outcome-based criteria for federal support for K-12 schooling. Why should the federal government have any role in K-12 education?

Sen. Marco Rubio, Fla.:

How do voters know you have the administrative skill and judgment to staff the federal government and make critical decisions when advisers' advice conflicts?

Which should be a higher priority -- undoing same-sex marriage or addressing the number of kids born to single mothers?

The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funding of abortions unless the life of the mother is endangered, or incest or rape is involved. Would you seek to change that?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich:

You've had plenty of time to study it, so why don't you have a specific plan to balance the federal government?

If Iran abides by the nuclear deal, it gets to zero breakout in 10 years and along the ways gets plenty of money to support terrorism. Why is it acceptable to keep it in place if Iran does not cheat?

Would you do what you did in your own state -- expand Medicaid without overhauling it?

Ben Carson:

Does your campaign management demonstrate that you lack the skills to be president?

Does mass deportation of illegal immigrants comport with your religious beliefs and values?

Can you explain once more how your health-care plan would work?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie:

Do you want to correct your answer from the last debate on support for Justice Sonia Sotomayor?

Do you favor deportation, self-deportation or neither for millions of people here illegally? If neither, tell us what categories of people you would allow to remain.

Your tax plan -- and many other candidates' plans -- disproportionately benefits the rich and also widens the deficit. Is this responsible?

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