August 13th, 2020


The 'will of the people' means us --- this time we must enforce it

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published Jan. 19, 2016

Never have I been so disgusted with politics and I've been writing political op-eds since 1998 and I've been a political junkie since I was 16.

Much of my disdain is due to the machinations of the mainstream media which has taken advantage of the political disinterest of the low-info voter. Punditry has become predictable and inane. Columns in the New York Times, the Washington Post and the LA Times will inevitable be hostile to the GOP and web columns on the right will be just as forthright but are generally ignored except by the choir it preaches to.

The powerful influence of media giants like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly is a myth considering that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama managed to get elected twice despite these giants' criticisms of their candidacies. I've received a lot of praise from the tea party and the right wing but except in some local races and Bush 2000-2008, my political endorsements were hardly successful. This time I will refrain from offering any endorsement but I will share to whom I will be sending donations and why.

I confess that I haven't watched the most recent GOP debates. I prefer reading the transcripts online and determine from the responses who impresses me the most. I loathe the nitpicking and snarky remarks made by both the candidates and the moderators but what depresses me the most is the audience reaction to them. The hoopla, cheering and booing indicates to me that there is an unserious tenor to the entire process. Does anybody realize what is at stake if we again choose an even worse president than the one in office now?

The overwhelming consensus after the last debate is that the race is down to three men --- Trump, Cruz and Rubio. One columnist dismissed Ben Carson over his response to the Isis crisis because Carson said he'd ask what the military wanted and give it to them. That, to me, is the perfect answer because it's just what Margaret Thatcher did during the War in the Falklands. Only someone who respects our military would trust them this much. Both Bill Clinton and President Obama have shown indisputably that they loathe the military and have done whatever they could to reduce these forces.

One of the most important consequences of misguided, uninformed voting is what Barack Hussein Obama has done to the black community and racial relations in this country. He has turned the civil rights movement to shreds deliberately because he is following one of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." The targets being the Constitution, Capitalism and racial harmony.

The Obama administration is replete with black Marxists and it was clear from the very first moment that Obama got away with anointing the first green Czar --- Van Jones, a self-described 'communist' that this was his agenda.

Next on his schema was appointing several Muslims in key positions. As Jerry Seinfeld would say ---"Not that there's anything wrong with that." However, Ben Carson has always been adamant in warning us about these appointees having Muslim brotherhood connections and naturally he has been vilified by the liberal press and even some of his GOP rivals.

Racial relations have never been worse because there are so many black socialists in this administration, including the Justice Department. Their anti-military, anti-American, pro-jihad, anti-capitalists, anti- second amendment, environmental whacko agenda has decimated every successful enterprise from healthcare, military might to the space program that has made this nation so powerful.

What the tea party and most conservatives know is that the black community has been ill-served by the Democrat Progressives. Efforts to educate the populace about this long lasting tragedy has been thwarted by the liberal media and only thanks to the Internet was I ever aware of this man: Sen. Elbert Guillory. Watch his You Tube video 'Why I am a Republican" (below). The Louisiana State Senator switched his party and became a Republican and explains why in this brilliantly succinct video.

Guillory reveals the racist origins of the Democrat Party and how the Republican Party was the radical abolitionist party that ended slavery. He says: "Democrats "have moved away from the traditional values of most Americans," he said. "Their policies have encouraged high teen birth rates, high school drop-out rates, high incarceration rates, and very high unemployment rates." He called the Democrats "the party of disappointment" and expressed disillusionment with Democratic policies on abortion, gun control, education, and immigration.

One of the most interesting columns I have ever read about this issue was written by Kevin Jackson on and was titled "This Group Has the Most Vile Racists." He was referring to black liberals and he posts excerpts from a woman lamenting how whites can't identify with black pain. He ends the piece with this:

I'm sick of people like this woman. I'm tired of their self-centered egotism that essentially says, "If I'm not the center of your world, then you can't even be in the periphery of mine." They are racists to their cores, and too stupid to realize it.

Mr. Jackson, like many black conservatives will frequently appear on Fox News but seldom on the liberal media programs because he and others like him are dangerous. Ben Carson is dangerous as was Herman Cain because he will not be beholden to the liberal agenda. I am not endorsing Dr. Carson because that might even hurt him but I have donated to his campaign because I want him to stay in the race as long as he can. Only he can undo the damage to the black community that Obama has wrought.

Dr. Ben Carson, Alan Keyes, Kevin Jackson, Lloyd Marcus, Star Parker, Thomas Sowell, Tim Scott, Condoleezza Rice and so many others who have rejected Uncle Sam's Plantation need to be heard. They don't have any billionaires backing them but here's hoping there are millions like me who will.

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