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Jewish World Review March 18, 2002 / 5 Nisan, 5762

Michael Ledeen

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Iran simmers still:
Where's the press? | The last we heard from our intrepid investigative journalists, "millions" of rabidly anti-American Persians had filled the streets of Iran's major cities to denounce the Great American Satan and rally round their beloved mullahs. It was a massive hoax, and one might have hoped that at least one major editor in this country would insist that, henceforth, the real Iranian story be covered. NOT.

March 21st is the traditional Persian New Year, a Zoroastrian festival that long antedates the arrival of Shiism, and against which the mullahs have been protesting ever since the Khomeini counterrevolution of 1979. It's a traditional Mediterranean sort of celebration, revolving around fire, which is supposed to destroy the bad things of the past year. People dance around fire, jump over fire, and use the fire to light firecrackers and other fireworks. This year, as luck would have it, New Year's coincides with the Shia period of mourning, and therefore the country's Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei, pronounced his learned opinion that there should be no New Year's celebration. This did not go down well with the public, and the regime relented, permitting celebration of the New Year a week earlier, on the evening of the 12th of March.

The people took advantage of this permission to stage celebrations and demonstrations, which quickly turned into political protest. As in the past, thousands of people chanted "Death to the Taliban in Kabul and Tehran," referring to the fundamentalists in power in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The police and secret police responded with their now customary brutality. In Tehran alone more than 1,600 were arrested, and 86 were injured and carried off to hospitals, 13 of whom are in critical condition.

But something far more ominous occurred on Tuesday night: for the first time, anti-regime suicide bombers made their appearance in Iran. Two young men in different parts of Tehran walked into a group of security forces and blew themselves up.

Odd, isn't it, that you won't find this in our major media, when it was a headline story in the hardliner's press in Iran? And odd, too, that no major publication deigned to cover the very tough speech delivered by the National Security Council's Zalmay Khalilzhad to a banquet organized by pro-regime Iranian-Americans? Khalilzhad carefully and forcefully itemized the evils of the Iranian regime to an audience that had hoped to hear calls for resumption of dialogue, as they had in the past from the likes of the shameful appeaser Madeleine Albright. The only news coverage of the banquet referred to the Democratic party's very own Sen. Joseph Biden, who apparently still thinks that Albright is in charge of American foreign policy, and who had drooled out some friendly words and a vague invitation to "Iranian parliamentarians," in exchange for $30,000 in campaign contributions.

If there's a real news editor left in this country, why don't you send a clear-eyed reporter to Iran to cover next Tuesday night's events? And tell him not to accept any government handouts or crowd estimates, please.

JWR contributor Michael Ledeen is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and author of Tocqueville on American Character . Comment by clicking here.


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