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Jewish World Review July 20, 1999 /7 Av, 5759

Thomas Sowell

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What's politics all about? --
AS SOMEONE who has often been disappointed with Republicans, I can certainly understand the decision of Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire to leave the Republican Party and run as an independent. Basically, he seems to be disgusted that the party has not supported the conservative positions which he believes in -- and which they claim to believe in, until it is time to vote.

Senator Smith's decision raises some very fundamental questions about the nature of politics in general. What is politics supposed to accomplish? Or is it supposed to accomplish anything beyond getting votes, on the one hand, or making symbolic statements on the other? And is making symbolic statements more important than getting votes?

What really seems to stick in Senator Smith's craw is the way the Republicans are tip-toeing around the explosive abortion issue. He speaks about the millions of unborn babies being killed while the Republican Party platform on this subject is honored more in the breach than otherwise.

Whatever you may think about abortion, it is an issue that shows no sign whatever of being resolved politically any time soon. Those who are "pro-life," like Senator Smith, often analogize the crusade against abortion to the 19th century moral crusade against slavery.

It is a shame that they do not study more of the history of that earlier crusade. It might suggest to them that they are going about their own crusade today all wrong, if their purpose is to reduce or end abortions, rather than to make ringing symbolic statements that will not save one baby's life.

The Republican Party faced a very similar internal division over slavery when it was founded in the middle of the 19th century. Many thought that William Seward would be its first nominee for president. However, people from Abraham Lincoln's camp spread the word that Seward was too "extreme" on slavery and that his election would split the country.

Accordingly, the Republicans turned toward Lincoln, who was considered more "moderate" on the issue -- being opposed to slavery but unwilling to split the country over it. We all know what actually happened. It was the more "moderate" Lincoln who in fact accomplished what the abolitionists had been talking about in vain for decades.

Would Senator Smith have supported Seward, risking losing the election and leaving a whole generation of blacks to continue suffering in slavery? Is making a statement really worth that?

To me, drunk driving is a bigger menace than high taxes. But I would vote for someone who would cut taxes, while I would be very unlikely to vote for someone who promised to end drunk driving. Why? Because no politician can end drunk driving -- at least not within my lifetime.

If Texas Governor George W. Bush's poll numbers mean anything, the Republicans have an opportunity to reclaim the White House and a good shot of retaining both Houses of Congress. Moreover, the next president of the United States has an excellent chance of appointing three new Supreme Court justices, at a time when our whole legal system is precariously balanced between those take the constitution seriously and those who treat it as a plaything for trial lawyers and headstrong judges.

Any hope of cutting taxes or giving poor children an opportunity to escape disastrous public schools depends on having someone in the White House who will not veto such legislation. Instead of seizing this golden opportunity, which might not return for another generation, Republicans now seem to think that they have the luxury of fighting among themselves.

In New York, Republicans there may produce a third-party candidate who would split the conservative vote, thereby putting Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate -- perhaps even shifting the Senate to the Democrats, and with it the power to confirm or not confirm Supreme Court nominees. That could be a much bigger disaster than Senator Smith's defection.

Rather than have bitter internal fights over the party platform plank on abortion every four years, perhaps the Republicans should let their presidential candidate have his own platform, expressed in his own words. If Congressional Republicans want to have a different plank -- or no platform at all -- that would not be the end of the world.

It might even be the best of a bad lot of choices.


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