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MUGGER Archives

12/27/19: The Horses Are On the Track: Trump's unprecedented and weird presidency might have an encore
07/30/15: Even freak shows have expiration dates
07/16/15: NYT Pundit Discovers Politicians Are Ambitious
06/19/15: Politics and 'Cool' Don't Mix
03/09/15: David Brooks Desperately Sheds His Skin Again --- Now he's a New Age Dear Abby
02/10/15: Brian Williams' Professional Fate Is Irrelevant
01/05/14: Peggy Noonan's Benign Con
12/08/14: What Took Chris Hughes So Long to Gut The New Republic?
11/24/14: Time's Running Out for The New Yorker
11/17/14: Why GOP Ignores John Kasich At Its Own Peril
10/30/14: Post-Midterms, the Hillary Backlash Begins in Earnest
09/22/14: How the Dems will lose
07/21/14: This Boot Is Barely Made for Walking: Coping with the minor indignities of age
07/14/14: Ross Douth Starts Making Sense
07/07/14: The Left Can't Contain Its Fantasies
12/15/05: The other McCarthy: Sort of clean for Gene; Henry Luce’s tears
12/01/05: Katrina's Pocketbook Politics: She's a Capitalist, She Don't Look Back
11/10/05: The last liberal comedian: A toast to Michael Wolff
11/04/05: Sulzberger's fraudulence: He needs a Karl Rove
10/28/05: Greed's Always Been Part of Baseball — And So What?
10/17/05: All Bias, All the Time: We Decide, You Decide
08/12/05: Don't Know Much About Yoga: More Homework, Please
07/29/05: Sap's Still Running: You Take Merman, I'll Take Tejada
07/20/05: A Little Free Something: Ignoring the News
07/13/05: The Left has to stop blaming Bush for terrorism, his policy is our only hope
07/06/05: War Chills: Exploitation on the Left
06/29/05: Tears of Rage: The Belligerent Opposition
06/23/05: A Few Good Men
06/16/05: Denouncing Dean can decide Maryland race
06/15/05: Things Go Better With Alka-Seltzer: Inflated Rhetoric Isn't Red or Blue
06/13/05: The Media's Upcoming Headache: Root for Hillary or McCain?; A Massachusetts Muddle
06/10/05: Deep Throat identity isn't the most important mystery we want solved
06/02/05: It's cold inside —just like Frank Rich's heart
06/01/05: Senate ‘truce’ foreshadows 2008 showdown
05/25/05: Junk Conversation: Rich, Quindlen and Buchanan
05/23/05: Wolff at the Whipping Post: Vanity Fair Columnist Reappears
05/20/05: Dems have the country right where they want it to be
05/11/05: No Need for Black Truffles: Here's to Chicken Livers
04/07/05: Times For a Name Change: Honesty's the Best Policy
03/24/05: Played Out: Teenage History Lessons; Steinberg's a Hit
03/16/05: Condi vs. Hillary?: GOP Dream Race Won't Happen
03/11/05: Long Live the Pope Ten More Years!
03/04/05: Clean-Shaven and Ugly: Yanks Ain't No Gentlemen; Where Have All the Quagmires Gone?
03/03/05: The ‘Rock 'n Roll’ times of a Big-Time Journalist
02/24/05: One Toe Over the Line: Former Bush Buddy Goes South; The Nation Whiffs; ‘Hundred Dollar’ Medved
02/23/05: Will he be the Dean of the Dems?
02/16/05: Starved Like a Wolff: Lost in the 21st Century
02/08/05: The Left's Doldrums Persist: Hit Me Again, Alfred E. Bush!
02/03/05: The Bipartisan Grifters: It's Not Just About Money
01/28/05: Empty Shelves — In Stores and the Democratic Party
01/14/05: Twisted in a Bow
01/13/05: Party poop
01/10/05: Praise for the Times: Every Rat Has His Day
01/06/05: Troubled Waters
12/31/04: Get this party started
12/22/04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree: Where's the Happy News?
12/15/04: The Real Twilight Zone
12/10/04: Wanted: New York Times Readers … Sixth-Graders Need Not Apply
12/06/04: Poor, Poor Pitiful Me: Mr. Franzen's Imaginary Friend
11/29/04: Let's put our hands together for Kerry — no, really
11/18/04: Tobacco Finally Gets a Win: It's a Moral Matter; And So Does Your Muthah!
11/15/04: Values added
11/10/04: Dems Got Them Old Blues: Waiting for 2008
10/29/04: Kerry's Scare Tactics: Who Pays the Price?
10/22/04: Kerry's Scare Tactics: Who Pays the Price?
10/13/04: Kerry's Got Rhythm After All: He's Been Shoppin' Around
10/06/04: Bush muffs a debate ... the media applauds
09/29/04: Irrational Exuberance
09/15/04: Passive Aggressive
09/14/04: Media's Shut Out: Baseball and Politics Don't Mix
09/09/04: Croquet Match Postponed: Kerry's Forced to Mingle with Swing Rubes
09/03/04: Panic at the Times: What if Bush Wins?
08/25/04: Real Electoral Reform is Ignored: Why Not Vote Twice?
08/17/04: Political Experts Prepare for a Democratic Victory
08/13/04: This Gun's for Hire
08/12/04: Reporting for Combat Duty: A Weekend in Kerry's Nantucket
07/30/04: Boston Beanballs: Two Johns Flagging Down Tricks
07/23/04: A Matter of Principle
07/21/04: Slitting their wrists: Premature bets on the election
07/14/04: With endorsements like these …
07/09/04: Conservatives and hate speech
06/30/04: Smoke on the water: A mixed-up electorate
06/25/04: B&W road movie: Kerry and Sharpton are making beautiful music together
06/16/04: Have You Heard of John McCain? Kerry Continues to Grovel
06/03/04: Super Size Stinker: Global Warming Strikes Out
05/25/04: Crispy critters: Most students can't write[ an impossible dream; fess up, Mr. Shrum; more
05/19/04: Be careful what you read
05/14/04: Purists go home: it's a new era for baseball
05/12/04: Rum deal
05/10/04: Fashion advice from a pre-teen — thanks, son
04/28/04: IT'S NOT MY FAULT!: Howell Raines' delusions; Yanks' woes won't last long
04/22/04: He thinks this election's about him; let's make lots of money
04/15/04: Vice Squad
04/05/04: Democratic Spirits Are Summoned Is Kerry in Charge?
04/01/04: Baseball before politics; Puff the slain dragon; a minor miracle; right on, Carl
03/24/04: John Edwards' new calling
03/19/04: Macho, Macho Man: Slow down, John-Boy, November's a while away yet
01/22/04: Bowling for Controversy
12/10/03: Kerry's Last Stand: Coming to you live from New Hampshire
10/26/03: Heads in the Sand: The Dems just won't face reality
10/24/03: Kucinich's Third-Party Bid? He's green enough, that's for sure
10/22/03: Let's Raise Lots of Money
10/14/03: 13 months & counting
10/03/03: All wrong
09/30/03: Post-season palpitations
08/29/03: Shapiro's a jerk: There's just no escaping genealogy
08/13/03: John Kerry's desperate hours while California hogs the spotlight
07/29/03: Gray Davis is a disaster ... but recall is bad idea
07/22/03: Ganging up on Bush …In these days of hot dogs and beer
07/08/03: Rudy's Senate-Bound … And a grudge match against Hillary looms
07/04/03: Roger Madness: Maddening writing from The New Yorker's surprise stoner
07/02/03: On a Roll; Loonie Lew
06/20/03: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
06/17/03: A quiet man lives on
06/12/03: So Long to Browning …And to Raines as well
06/05/03: Theo Epstein's Rocky Start
06/04/03: CNN's Relaxed Rules: Karl Gets a Bye?
05/28/03: Below the Belt: Goldstein puts Bush's eggs in one basket
05/07/03: Sharpton plays court jester … GOP laughs in private
05/05/03: The future is grounded
05/01/03: Why Won't the Times Come Clean?
04/28/03: Kobe for the Poor!
04/23/03: Hollywood Trumps Cooperstown
04/16/03: Rumsfeld Rolls On: Bush's number-one visionary is vindicated
04/09/03: Kerry goes Ballistic --- move over, Howard Dean
04/02/03: Why Iraq is not Vietnam
03/26/03: Fancy Turns to War: Pass the bong, comrade
03/19/03: Bush and Blair go to war: The mainstream media's all shook up
03/12/03: Measuring Saddam's Coffin … And Dominique de Villepin's party is about to fizzle
03/10/03: Scummy Trial Lawyers Part XXXII
03/05/03: Bring Back the Draft? A Middle-Aged Timesman is Gung Ho
03/03/03: This is what's called legal grift
02/27/03: Wordsworth Wasn't A Baseball Fan: Hey, sportswriters went to college, too --- and they can prove it
02/13/03: MSNBC's Opportunity
02/07/03: Mark Twain's tears
01/22/03: More dollars than votes
01/13/03: Through the past darkly
01/10/03: 2003: Make or break for Bush
12/26/02: Ditch Bill Clinton...
12/18/02: Lott's last gasp?
12/16/02: Off to War
12/11/02: GOP hubris
12/10/02: Traitors
12/04/02: Lapham's Mad World
11/27/02: Tom Daschle contracts Dowd-dementia
11/20/02: The Bush plan
11/13/02: Is McAuliffe watching his back?
11/07/02: Forbes for Treasury
11/04/02: Don't disrespect the monkey
10/30/02: Another Dem in the gutter
10/25/02: My money's on ...
10/23/02: Dirty drawers
10/16/02: Oatmeal for brains
10/09/02: Clinton's still coasting
10/02/02: Matthews' Softball
09/11/02: Look back in anger: More terrorism is imminent
09/06/02: An impossible scenario
08/29/02: Baseball beans its fans
08/21/02: Raines melts down
08/14/02: Only a fool would say that
08/07/02: You weren't there
08/01/02: Election-year handcuffs
07/29/02: You really got me
07/24/02: Greed never goes out of style
07/22/02: NY Times: Who cares about the poor?
07/17/02: Bush: Temporary like Achilles
07/10/02: With friends like these...
07/03/02: Left-wing jargon
06/26/02: A stand-up New Yorker
06/19/02: McAuliffe, the pirate
06/12/02: Gephardt to the rescue
06/07/02: Seventh-inning stampede
06/05/02: All Arabs to one side
06/03/02: Ditch Darren Oliver
05/29/02: Political paranoia
05/24/02: Impressive, but still in second
05/22/02: What did The Times know ...?
05/10/02: Clinton for an Emmy!
05/07/02: Wait til October
05/01/02: Another Cuomo bites the dust?
04/24/02: Natural and human earthquakes
04/22/02: Let Sharon be Sharon
04/17/02: The home turf
04/15/02: Tomorrow, The Sun will rise!
04/10/02: Bush's hour of peril
04/05/02: California, and Maryland, dreaming
03/27/02: Joe Klein is simply loco
03/25/02: One of the Left's most annoying fruitcakes
03/18/02: Rare Bush stumble
03/13/02: No traction for Dems
03/06/02: Slinging mud at The Times
03/04/02: Loose lips
02/27/02: Al Qaeda's next target
02/25/02: Proof in the funny papers
02/20/02: Veto with a rusty knife
02/15/02: What's my name?
02/13/02: O'Neill decks Byrd
02/06/02: The Strength of Bush
02/04/02: Historical revisionism
01/30/02: Temporary freeze-out
01/28/02: A Times deception
01/23/02: Find Cheney... and muzzle Rove
01/18/02: If this is McCarthyism...
01/17/02: Who's trampling the little guy?
01/16/02: Let the Dems investigate
01/11/02: Out with old...
01/10/02: Mayor Mike's mess?
01/07/02: Friedman's Fog
01/03/02: Round One begins
12/28/01: Skip the 50 Smackers
12/10/01: Wenner: Same old song
12/10/01: Forward, New York Sun!
12/05/01: Support Sharon
11/30/01: A weak-tea Eugene V. Debs
11/28/01: Tell me when it's over
11/26/01: Suspicious minds
11/21/01: Bush's hits & misses
11/15/01: Bush Standing Firm
11/09/01: Dizzy Dowd
11/07/01: Hunt down in the gutter
10/31/01: America's hangover sets in
10/24/01: The permanent coalition
10/19/01: Black to the rescue
10/17/01: Mr. Big Stuff
10/12/01: Capitalism gone amok
10/04/01: Boston: Mind Your Own
08/29/01: Happy retirement to the good Jesse
08/22/01: Classy GWHB; smug Quindlen; predictable Hertzberg
08/15/01: A fella's got to make a living
08/15/01: Last train to Crawford
08/07/01: Bush heats up
08/01/01: Pickin' up the pieces
07/27/01: The Times' is a five-letter word
07/25/01: Anti-Americanism in America; A rare tribute to the Yankees
07/18/01: Dennis Hastert's emergence
07/09/01: Lead the way, W.
07/05/01: A PARTISAN REVIEW: Bush must ditch the nice-guy routine
06/13/01: It's possible: The New York Times will get even worse
06/08/01: Leave the twins alone
06/06/01: When will McCain bolt the GOP? On a slow news day
06/01/01: Jeffords cashes in
05/30/01: SON OF A CORNCOB! Jeffords steals mccain's media posse
05/25/01: He ain't Perry Como, babe; Remembering Bob Dylan
05/18/01: If I were them...
05/16/01: The New Republic's curious political puddle
05/11/01: The Sulzberger Chronicles, Part XXXIV...
05/09/01: Lost in Conason's funhouse
05/04/01: The funny papers
05/01/01: The Times: Bush’s new political adviser
04/25/01: Zero Tolerance for baseball’s green meanies
04/20/01: The old homestead
04/18/01: Five days Inside the Beltway
04/13/01: I COULD PLOTZ!
04/11/01: It's the evening of the day
04/03/01: Bush transcends the Beltway booboisie
03/16/01: Have a heart
03/14/01: The "accidental" president prospers; big labor reels
03/07/01: Pledging my time; libertarian justice for all
03/01/01: Will AlGore dare to be bold?
02/27/01: AlGore's last chance
02/23/01: Stay out the Bushes
02/21/01: A knife in the back
02/14/01: Splish, splash: Everyone needs a bath
02/07/01: One irritating tic common to the most of the senators
02/02/01: Feeling sorry for McCain
01/30/01: The Dems are finally beginning to 'get it'!
01/25/01: Above the fray
01/24/01: There's a kind of hush in DC
01/16/01: It's almost over
01/12/01: The Black and the Red
01/10/01: Panic among the Dems; Looking for at least one scalp
01/08/01: Greenspan wakes up
01/02/01: The media's bitter pill
12/19/00: Living darkly in the past
12/19/00 You better not cry, you better not pout, the Bush family's comin' to town
12/08/00 Crippled Inside: Gore's Yellow-Bellied, Narrow-Minded Hypocrites
12/08/00 We don't say "snippy" in Texas
12/05/00: I'm Lookin' Through You: Forcing Something That's Just Not Right
12/01/00: Stop! In the Name of the Law!
11/29/00: It's Perry Mason on Every TV Station
11/23/00: Good feminists, all
11/22/00: You can't always get what you want
11/20/00: Bush nears the finish line?
11/13/00: Intermission
11/07/00: A Long Time Ago: Hey W, This Bud's For You!
11/06/00: The internal New Yorker memo
11/03/00: Consider the source
11/01/00: Bush wraps it up; "Tight as a tick" only to the media
10/27/00: No more Gore
10/25/00: Bush on the cusp
10/20/00: Gore sinks even lower
10/18/00: Notes from all over
10/16/00: Gore Melts Down; Race-Baiting Comes Next
10/13/00: Sighs, lies & heaves
10/11/00: The crazy world of pollsters
10/06/00: It's debatable
10/05/00: Fie on Elton and Christiane
09/27/00: I'm Talkin' Trash: New York's national embarrassment
09/15/00: Good Time Joe
09/13/00: Bush on the offensive
09/08/00: Choo Choo Lieberman
09/06/00: Everybody's a comedian
09/01/00: You're not the incumbent, Dubyah
08/30/00: No politics spoken here
08/25/00: Thank heavens for Clarence Thomas
08/23/00: Those were the days, gramps
08/18/00: All the old dudes
08/16/00: Let us now pray
08/11/00: That's reality
08/09/00: Bubba feels his own pain
08/04/00: Bubba warms up for Hollywood
08/03/00: One cheer for New York
08/02/00: It's 11:59 for AlGore; Blame it on his "friends"
07/27/00: "Objectivity" at the Times
07/21/00: Little league, past and present
07/18/00: No roots for the home team, but a lifetime spiced up by baseball
07/12/00: Edicion Internacional MUGGER: Tres Pueden Jugar Tambion
07/07/00: Snubbing Nader
07/05/00: Reeling in the years
07/03/00: Gore's Hail Mary debates
06/30/00: Lunch with Drudge
06/28/00: AlGore's in trouble? Naw, just remember Dukakis
06/19/00: It beats working in the White House
06/16/00: No new age for this dad, just green hair
06/12/00: Bush needs a guts-transfusion
06/12/00: S'posin'
06/08/00: A dated baseball report
06/06/00: June Line: Lazio by three points
06/02/00: Bush rolls boxcars
05/31/00: While Bush works, AlGore shimmies for soft money
05/30/00: Please, Mr. President, I Want to Hold Your Hand!
05/26/00: The media's at it, again...
05/24/00: The "new" Rudy takes a powder
05/19/00: Out of their heads II
05/17/00: Out of their heads
05/15/00: Time for Rudy to get out
05/12/00: This ain't no disco
05/10/00: Okay, listen up
05/08/00: A Brief Cancer Honeymoon: The Media Resumes Its War Against Giuliani
05/05/00: Bush, finally, takes on sacred cow
05/03/00: Sad-Sack Gore Still Floundering
05/01/00: The Elite Media and Castro: Perfect Together
04/28/00: America's Badge of Shame: Clinton lets Reno do the dirty work again
04/24/00: Don't Look Back: Gore and Hillary Make Their Own Mistakes
04/19/00: Kick the Democratic Donkey When He's Down
04/17/00: Gore Under the Magnifying Glass: Veep Doesn’t Fare Well Now That McCain’s Gone
04/14/00: Lazin' on an Austin afternoon
04/12/00: The human cliche: AlGore seeks another box-office issue
04/07/00: It's still Rudy's to lose
04/05/00: AlGore's wacky week
03/30/00: Political notes
03/29/00: Stop the presses
03/17/00: Sunshine on his shoulders
03/15/00: What Bush must do to beat Gore
03/10/00: Bush Is Lucky It's Only March
03/08/00: Bush vs. Gore: A Surprise Each Month, But Does McCain Go Reform?
03/03/00: Gore plays funky music, white man
03/01/00: Down to the Wire
02/25/00: Voters see the real McCain
01/05/00: Bush/Ridge Trumps Gore/Townsend
12/23/99: Media Elite Limps Toward the Millennium
12/22/99: Gore Lies Again
12/17/99: Bush’s next challenge
12/15/99: Surprise! Gore Exploits the Misfortune of Bradley; He’s Bill Clinton’s Star Pupil
12/10/99: The Post: As Biased as the Times
12/08/99: Bush Skates Through Debates
12/03/99: Necker Idyll Continues; The Babe for Man of the Century
12/01/99: A Necker Island Moment, Before and After the Storm
11/24/99: Let Jesse Join Pat & Lenora
11/24/99: Sloth is Not a Virtue, Maureen
11/19/99: Hillary Withdraws By New Year’s Day?
11/17/99: A Country Mourns; Don Trump's Three-Month Run
11/12/99: The Water Rat Is Now Pure Entertainment
11/10/99: Pop Quizzes Are for Naomi Wolf Wonks
11/05/99: ... Meanwhile, Over at the Democrats’
11/03/99: Who Is John McCain?
10/28/99: Let’s blast abortion all over the front pages
10/27/99: Democrats In Desperation: Tom Daschle Hones His Demagoguery
10/22/99: Bubba Plays Trashball Politics
10/20/99: Bosox in 2000 Duquette: Buy a Slugger
10/15/99: Why Not Just Call Him Mr. Trump?
10/13/99: The Red Sox Drive Me Nuts
10/08/99: McCain’s “Shame” And the Fools Who Fall For It
10/06/99: Lunatics Take the Spotlight While Bush Cruises Along
10/01/99: White Jews Own The Washington Post
09/30/99: It’s Painful To Admit, But Giuliani’s Right Again
09/29/99: Former Friends Turn On Buchanan; Gore Still Slip-Slidin’ Away
09/22/99: Pat Buchanan: The Sonny Liston of Politics While Jesse Ventura Melts Down
09/16/99: Before the flood of invective
09/03/99: Leisure Reading
09/01/99: David Broder Can Bebop, Too!
08/27/99: The state of the (Fourth E)state
08/25/99: Who Has A Glass Jaw?: Bush Weathers his First Stumble 08/20/99: Honoring a mid-witted bumpkin
08/18/99: A Sunburned Devil
08/13/99: Home Front
08/11/99: I’m in Bermuda and Rick Lazio Isn’t
08/06/99: Greenspan in translation
08/05/99: When controversy Ralls the comics world
07/30/99: A Slow News Week
07/28/99: Trailing the Bad Guys
07/23/99: Stop the Whining!
07/21/99: What the World Needs Now? A News Blackout
07/16/99: Time of the Season
07/14/99: Hillary Sucks Up The Media’s Gush And Mush
07/09/99: Hillary & Sharpton: So Happy Together
07/07/99: Al Gore’s Mondale Impersonation; Bush Conquers California
07/02/99:Make Room for MUGGER
06/30/99:It’s Not Too Early: Gore Needs to Raise the Bar
06/25/99: Summertime Cruise
06/23/99: The Times Unofficially Endorses Gore: Bush Confuses The Media
06/18/99: Taki Growls And Prowls
06/16/99: Bush Begins His March: The Beltway Pundits Pout
06/11/99: In the Days Of Gold
06/09/99: Pollution Alert: Hillary Clinton Loves New York
06/03/99: Life in the Danny Thomas Suite
06/02/99: A McCain For All Seasons
05/28/99: Brill's in The Wrong Profession
05/26/99: Gun Control Solves Everything
05/20/99: Gross, Quasi-Gifted and Broke (For Now)
05/19/99: Gore Pushes The Panic Button—Again
05/14/99: Watch Out: There's Someone's Behind You
05/12/99: Memory? What's That You Asked?
05/07/99: There Will Always Be a Washington, DC
05/05/99: Colorado Exploitation: Why Can't CNN Just Go Home?
04/30/99: John John: I'll Moonlight, Too
04/28/99: T.J. Walker's The Man!: A Former Clinton Disciple Repents
04/23/99: Baseball and Politics
04/21/99: Sharpton's Nostalgia Trip Is a Bust: The Backlash Is Immediate
04/16/99: Notes From A Baltimore Hick: Pressing My Nose Against the Window
04/14/99: The Bush JugGoreNaut Continues; Send Sharpton to A Rwanda Fat Farm
04/09/99: John McCain's Moment
04/07/99:The Media Flips: It's No Longer "Just About Sex"
04/05/99: The Gore Republic Gets Dressed Up. So What?
03/29/99:Louder Than Bombs: Jetlag and English Manners
03/26/99: Hollywood's Horror Show
03/24/99: Black Ops Mark Vietnam War, Class War & the POW/MIA Issue
03/19/99: The Wealthy Survivor
03/17/99: Clinton's a Broken Man: The GOP's Huge Opportunity
03/12/99: Like Father, Like Son: New Hampshire in Another Era
03/11/99: Who is Dorothy Rabinowitz?
03/10/99: It's George W.'s to Lose
02/26/99: Springsteen Ain't No Chopped Liver; Vanity Press Musings
03/05/99: This Must Be the New World: The Mainstream Is Left Behind
02/26/99: Hillary, Juanita & Rudy Kazootie; First Baker, then Rich and Soon Lewis
02/24/99: The New Yorker Takes the Local: Mister Hertzberg Strikes Out; A Search for the Clemens Upside
02/19/99: The Howell Raines Conspiracy
02/17/99: History Lessons: An Immigrant's Advice
02/12/99:The Man Who Owns the World
02/10/99:The Impeachment Trial Splatters: Lindsey Graham Emerges a Hero
02/05/99: A Slight Stumble for Bush
01/29/99: Rich Is Back in the Tank
01/29/99: Not So Fast, Mr. & Mrs. Pundit
01/27/99:This Is Not America: Clinton's Set to Walk and Party On, Suckers
01/25/99:Sniffles and High Fever: Kids Say the Darndest Things
01/20/99: Whole Lott(a) Waffling Goin' On
01/14/99: Senator Hillary Rodham in 2000: The First Step Back to the Oval Office
01/08/99: Drudge Is the Hero
01/06/99 : MUGGER & the Martians
12/30/98 : Last Licks of '98: Some Heroes, Several Villains & Many Idiots
12/17/98 : Boy Mugger's obsession
12/11/98: Irving's the King Wolf
12/09/98: What do Matt Drudge and Tom Hanks have in common?
11/26/98: Starr's Magnificent Moment
11/18/98: Who could have imagined!?
11/11/98: Send Dowd Down to the Minors
11/05/98: Feeding Gore to a shark named Bush
10/30/98: "Pope" Jann and his rappers speak ---it's time for fun again
10/28/98: Lowered expectations, but the GOP holds the cards
10/23/98: Speaking from Zabar's: Michael Moore!
10/21/98: Bubba redux? His uptick won't last
10/16/98: Gore for President: The Bread Lines Are Starting to Form

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