September 28th, 2021


Winter Skating, Or, Barr the Brave?

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published Dec. 28, 2020

In a letter to President Trump dated December 14th Attorney General William Barr officially resigned from his post, effective December 23rd. The letter praised President Trump for his "many successes and unprecedented achievements you have delivered for the American people."

In the letter Barr stated that "your record is all the more historic because you accomplished it in the face of relentless, implacable resistance. Your 2016 victory speech in which you reached out to your opponents and called for working together for the benefit of the American people was immediately met by a partisan onslaught against you in which no tactic, no matter how abusive and deceitful, was out of bounds. The nadir of this campaign was the effort to cripple, if not oust, your Administration with frenzied and baseless accusations of collusion with Russia."

Barr went on to enumerate the Trump successes. "Few could have weathered these attacks, much less forge ahead with a positive program for the country. You built the strongest and most resilient economy in American history - one that has brought unprecedented progress to those previously left out." He spoke of how Trump restored American military strength; how he brokered peace deals in the Mideast that were once thought impossible; how he advanced the rule of law; and lead the way, with Operation Warp Speed, of delivering a vaccine for coronavirus on a fast-track schedule that no one could have imagined.

The praise went on, listing many of the other Trump accomplishments. All in all a wonderful testament to a man who Barr obviously admires. And there's no question that Barr supported President Trump on many levels during his tenure as Attorney General, but for many of us, however, it wasn't nearly good enough. Not even close.

What happened to all the investigations into the attempted coup against the Trump administration? Where were the indictments of those rogue FBI and Justice Department elites who did all they could to thwart the will of millions of Americans who elected President Trump in 2016? And what about Hillary and her campaign who spare-headed the lies and the fake dossier? And what about those Obama officials who were a party to it all?

For the most part I found Attorney General William Barr to be a brave, honorable man and a patriot. Unfortunately that is not enough in today's America. Because of the politics and political correctness of our times we literally need a superman, a man willing and able to go up against the most powerful forces on earth in order to preserve our country, its history and its future. It will not do to have someone who merely loves his country and has good intentions.

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I'm pretty certain that Barr stopped short of indictments, let alone prosecutions of the people involved, because of how high the chain of corruption goes. And it goes really high. You can't move on Comey or Brennan or Clapper without eventually exposing Hillary Clinton and all her people. And you can't move on Hillary without exposing President Obama and his personal participation in it.

I'm sure the thinking was, if we go that high up we will have put ourselves in a position to essentially accuse a former president of the United States with crimes of the highest order. What would be definitely the biggest political scandal in our nation's history. And not only that, but we will have accused the first African American president of being a party to it all. The first black president turns out to be a crook!

If all that happens this country, which is already divided, would go into a total racial civil war. Those on the left will ignite every black community with more hate than you can imagine. The streets would be filled with rioters like never before. The violence would make what happened this past summer seem like a picnic in the park.

I think that's why all the investigations were stopped. Barr and company were scarred of presenting to the American people what their investigators unearthed. In a more sane time, exposing a ruthless and corrupt past administration would actually be a good thing for our nation. We would prosecute those responsible and correct the system going forward. Our country would be all the stronger for it. But not now, not in these politically correct, highly volatile times. Sadly, even the Supreme Court is afraid of it all.

With the incoming administration all investigations will be buried forevermore. The bad guys got away with some winter skating. Happy New Year!