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Linda Chavez Archives

08/03/06: The new anti-Semitism
07/26/06: Testing teachers
07/19/06: Our common enemy
07/12/06: Congress' theater of the absurd
07/06/06: Mexico takes lead in illegals debate
06/28/06: Protecting secrets calls for strong measures
06/21/06: Loose lips
06/14/06: Death with dignity means a whole lot more than dying quickly
06/07/06: This time High Court will finally get affirmative action right
05/31/06: Republican hypocrisy
05/24/06: The real meaning of courage
05/17/06: The issue that often gets short shrift in the immigration debate ought to be at its center
05/10/06: CIA choice is savvy politics
05/03/06: Something worth celebrating
04/26/06: CIA — Contempt In Action?
04/21/06: America is self-destructing — yawn
04/05/06: Immigration misconceptions
03/29/06: Now the debate on illegals can begin
03/22/06: Hispanics are being transformed into the quintessential American
03/15/06: Google is not acting hypocritical
03/08/06: Forget about future problems at ports — what about the current one? The Mafia
03/01/06: From the Taliban to the Ivy League
02/22/06: Conservatives and libs should continue to unite against High Court misruling
02/15/06: Cheney's shooting — himself in the foot
02/08/06: Battle over NSA program distilled: It's about turf, stupid
02/02/06: Bush's priorities
01/25/06: America sending Hollywood a message about Washington
01/18/06: Alito, a tool of the powerful?
01/11/06: Alito, a tool of the powerful?
01/04/06: Today's anti-anti-terrorists assume nefarious intentions of the U.S. government, while clamoring to protect the rights of enemy agents
12/29/05: Lock up those leakers!
12/21/05: Fighting the wrong war against an imaginary foe
12/07/05: Prez's pragmatism on immigration
11/30/05: Prez's pragmatism on immigration
11/23/05: Thankful and a little guilty
11/16/05: Reading Miranda rights and giving cozy beds to suspected Islamic terrorists won't tame or dissuade them
11/09/05: Voting Rights Act currently does more to Balkanize America than to assist eligible voters
11/02/05: Worth pondering once the anti-Alito hyperventilating ends
10/27/05: Her quiet dignity and strength inspired others to stand up for what they knew was right
10/20/05: Too many yes-men
10/12/05: Conservatives can't have it both ways
10/06/05: New Justice is supposed to undo O'Connor's social policy damage
09/28/05: They opened their hearts and doors — but should be penalized because they're religious?
09/21/05: Hispanics in Gulf get to show rest of country what they are made of
09/14/05: Compounding the tragedy?
09/07/05: Instead of blaming federal authorities, the country ought to be giving thanks
08/31/05: Memo to GOP: ‘Native’ classification may cause bigger headache
08/24/05: Misremembering the Defense Department mega-gaffe?
08/17/05: Mom deserves sympathies, her agenda doesn't
08/10/05: On 40th anniversary of civil rights triumph, Dem bigs try to frighten away from the truth
07/20/05: Big Labor's breakdown
07/13/05: When Islamics won't assimilate
07/06/05: Lock each and every one of them up!
06/29/05: Only the Divine can help this court
06/22/05: A new day dawns in the South
06/15/05: Justice for Jacko
06/08/05: Gitmo is a necessary evil
06/01/05: At least you can't call Dems two-faced
05/25/05: Senate ‘compromise’ is a victory for conservatives nonetheless
05/18/05: Mainstream journalism has got to change its attitude in order to become Big Media again
05/11/05: The unions' anti-Social-Security stance is actually hurting the people they claim to protect
05/04/05: Change our immigration laws to allow needed workers to immigrate legally?
04/27/05: Kill the Filibuster?
04/20/05: Hope and comfort arise in a pillar of smoke
04/13/05: Wrongs and the right
04/07/05: The Pope's life and teachings: An example to how to lead better Christian lives
03/30/05: The dehumanization worked
03/23/05: Who will be next?
03/16/05: Lack of union at the labor movement
03/02/05: PC and the CIA
02/23/05: One of Washington's most ruthless confidantes
02/16/05: ‘Modern’ behavior by females disguised as feminism isn't attractive
02/09/05: At Sharm el Sheik II, symbols were right this time
02/02/05: The United Nations turns a blind eye to its founding principles,again
01/26/05: Beating the bullies on ‘Bloody Sunday’
01/19/05: Harvard prez's admission: Men and women are different
01/12/05: The yin and yang of media bias stories
01/05/05: Independent-minded minorities need not apply
12/29/04: Acts of humanity for those who wish us ill
12/22/04: Last minute gift picks
12/15/04: Make it easier — not harder — for immigrants who want to work to come here legally
12/09/04: The gig is up for mischief-making civil rights commissioner
12/01/04: So now the Red Cross thinks we're torturers
11/24/04: Now, students, don't forget to thank Mother Earth
11/17/04: Prez has chosen well
11/10/04: New ‘preference’ report paints need to take action against affirmative action
11/04/04: Some advice for ‘ Amerika ’'s learned souls
10/27/04: In ignoring bombshell story, it's media tricks for Bush and treats for Kerry
10/21/04: Reject the ‘not a good man’
10/13/04: Kerry lets his guard down
10/06/04: Why should voters trust a man who has so disregarded his obligations as an elected official?
09/29/04: Returning the President's favor
09/22/04: Why should we just move on?
09/15/04: Dan Rather and CBS News have written their own epitaph
09/08/04: Your life or your benefits?
09/01/04: Tuning out
08/25/04: Four months later
08/11/04: Pollsters ignore the Bush secret weapon — the ‘faith factor’
08/04/04: What Kerry did after ‘reporting for duty’
07/28/04: AFL-CIO head comes clean
07/21/04: Give Berg(l)er the benefit of the doubt?
07/14/04: Hispanic cockroaches
07/07/04: Maybe there's a method in Kerry's precipitate action
06/30/04: The Supremes' selective applying of First Amendment is outrageous
06/23/04: Teachers' unions get an 'A' for Dem loyalty
06/16/04: Legal shakedowns will impact coming election
06/09/04: Alone with Reagan
06/02/04: Making the Arabs nervous
05/28/04: Hollywood will learn that Moore means le$$
05/19/04: So we discovered WMD in Iraq — so what?
05/13/04: Blaming America first
05/05/04: Some sort of raving misogynistic fantasy?
04/28/04: Has Kerry ever retracted his communist apologia?
04/21/04: At airports, will it be buying or bombing?
04/14/04: Gorelick must be removed
04/04/04: Here comes Condi
03/31/04: Will Commission wind up costing more lives?
03/24/04: Taking out the terrorists
03/18/04: Democracies require leadership in times of crisis
03/10/04: Devious unions are using new ads as an excuse to Bush-whack
03/03/04: Moi, a cultural subversive?
02/18/04: San Francisco's deviancy
02/12/04: AWOL, indeed — the press' standards
02/04/04: Howie's half-time show — and ours
01/21/04: Dean's loss was nothing compared to …
01/14/04: O'Neill will hurt himself more than Prez
01/08/04: The Bush proposal
12/31/03: Less-than-likely predictions for 2004
12/17/03: Is Dr. Dean well?
12/10/03: Has Al Gore has lost his mooring?
12/03/03: Show-time in parallel universes
11/26/03: National Indulgence Day?
11/19/03: Catching them in the act
11/12/03: Partisan ‘truth seekers’
11/05/03: The Reagans — the real Reagans
10/29/03: Nowhere to run
10/16/03: Are the Saudi Elections Real, or Just PR?
10/08/03: All of Washington is a stage
10/02/03: President better start counteracting — and fast
09/24/03: The show must go on
09/05/03: Israel being blackmailed by her ally?
09/12/03: Heckling the Hecklers
09/05/03: Kerry's attempt to remake Dems as 'party of warriors' is failing
08/29/03: Vacationing is tiring
08/26/03: Schwarzenegger could help make the American Dream a reality for California Hispanics
08/14/03: What Ah-nold must do to win
08/01/03: Rethinking the recall
07/25/03: Residents of the nation's capital may begin being treated as responsible grownups
07/18/03: NAACP has been turned into a caricature of its former self
07/11/03: Confronting Slavery — again
07/02/03: Prisons' dirty secrets are being exposed in Congress
06/25/03: America lost
06/20/03: I Don't Hate Hillary
06/13/03: Women responsible for fatherlessness?
06/05/03: Time to refuse to support schools that fail to teach
05/29/03: Intentional deceit in the name of 'diversity'
05/23/03: It's Not the Economy, Stupid
05/16/03: Reunited With My Sister, After 50 years
05/07/03: Bennett's "teachable moment"
05/01/03: A woman's place in the military
04/25/03: Rick Santorum is Right
04/16/03: We have given Bashar fair warning
04/15/03: Good news aside from the war
04/07/03: Genuine dissent
03/31/03: Live from Iraq
03/24/03: As one who held an elected position at the UN, I'm certain it's time for America to leave
03/13/03: Why is the media protecting an anti-Semite?
03/10/03: Let patriotism interfere with political aspirations once war begins?
02/28/03: Time for GOPers to play by Dems' rules
02/20/03: Enough is enough
02/07/03: Cheating our kids
01/31/03: Limiting Choices for Boys and Girls
01/27/03: Inspire us, Mr. President
01/16/03: One of the most important decisions of Bush's presidency
01/02/03: Why "Dear Leader" is not Priority One
12/27/02: In search of
12/19/02: Lott's BET Interview Seals His Fate
12/13/02: Let Lott prove his character
12/09/02: Coming soon to a college near you … equal opportunity enlightenment?
11/27/02: A nation of worriers and complainers
11/22/02: Bush to Europe: Little Help?
11/18/02: The solution to the illegals
11/08/02: The biggest losers
10/31/02: Selective profiling
10/25/02: Bilingual hate and violence
10/18/02: Memo to Bush: Time to hold immigration bureaucrats responsible for letting in 9/11 murderers
10/10/02: WASHINGTON DIARIST: There is something innately human that makes us believe we can outwit chance
10/04/02: Why would a billionaire heiress spend millions of dollars to keep immigrant children in Colorado from learning English?
09/27/02: Holding Miguel Estrada hostage
09/20/02: Worthless signatures from oh-so-wonderful countries
09/13/02: In America, freedom of association and expression is still not for everybody
09/06/02: The 'rules' don't seem to apply to Powell
08/29/02: The Summer of Deviance
08/22/02: NEA encouraging the very intolerance it finds so objectionable
08/16/02: The "They Owe Us" rally disgraces MLK
08/09/02: Privileged to suffer
08/01/02: Putting the needs of the unions before America's
07/25/02: But doesn't everybody "do it"?
07/18/02: The U. S.' worrisome signs in the War on Terrorism
07/10/02: Congress least qualified to fix accounting scandals
07/03/02: The "separation of church and state" myth
07/01/02: The children equation in the peace formula
06/19/02: We didn't 'just do it'
06/13/02: A symbol of hate for sale on the main street of a small town in Virginia --- and the American way
06/06/02: The GOP must win the Hispanic vote. Here's how
05/30/02: There is no one so bitterly despised as an apostate: Why one DC pundit is hated
05/24/02: Would Americans have been ready to go to war based on August warning?
05/15/02: What type of fiend encourages children to become homicide bombers? Meet some 'Palestinians' from the 'burbs
05/08/02: Squawk-talk: Ignore the social "Chicken Littles"
04/30/02: Putting honor before opportunity
04/25/02: This tragedy was the result of reform
04/16/02: The mother of all IRS tax rip-offs
04/09/02: What have we gotten for our efforts to appease so-called Arab moderates?
03/31/02: The return of Martin Luther?
03/22/02: "I've got an idea!"
03/20/02: The dangerous nexus between money and politics
03/11/02: Dachle's impeccable timing
03/05/02: Reparation$ month
02/26/02: Never underestimate the ability of unelected bureaucrats to overturn the expressed will of the people
02/19/02: Buchanan's latest raises some serious questions
02/06/02: Diagramming success
01/28/02: Let Israel declare war on Gaza and the West Bank
01/24/02: It's too bad some people have to invent incidents to make their case
01/17/02: The making of a 'federal case' --- literally
01/10/02: An ugly business
12/31/01: Stories you won't read this year
12/12/01: Can somebody sedate this woman?
12/05/01: When the professors are the victims
11/28/01: Just don't go there
11/21/01: When being 'thankful' is more than an empty claim
11/14/01: If Hollywood really wants to show its patriotic spirit …
11/07/01: Tolerance limitations
10/31/01: Media aiding terrorists
10/24/01: The real problem isn't how foreign-born security workers dress or whether they wave the American flag
10/19/01: They also serve who head for the hills
10/17/01: The fine line between being cautious and totally paranoid
10/12/01: A need to define the real enemy
10/05/01: Living in the United States is a privilege, not a right for noncitizens
10/01/01: We are Americans
09/21/01: Standing up again and re-learning to fly
09/05/01: NOW they've done it!
08/30/01: Can Dubya succeed where Reagan failed?
08/22/01: The message Bush ought to deliver in Spanish
08/16/01: Proving your worth 'Palestinian' style
08/09/01: W's 'Read My Lips'
08/02/01: Bubba's 'coming-out' party
07/27/01: Silent revolution underway
07/19/01: Time is now to review status of illegal aliens and guest workers
07/10/01: Why have we've now extended the ban against stating a moral objection not just to strangers but to family as well?
07/06/01: Having-it-all health care
06/28/01: Why hasn't Congress gotten the message? Do they understand English?
06/21/01: Affirmative action doctors can kill you
06/14/01: Why Bush makes the Europeans uneasy
06/06/01: The unforgettable Anthony Quinn
05/31/01: Getting over America's Original Sin
05/24/01: Bubba's Tower of Babel
05/16/01: Keep the faith?
05/03/01: Are parents to blame for babies having babies?
04/25/01: Drug war now impacting non-low-lifes
04/19/01: The Chinese did us a big favor
04/12/01: How to raise the temperature anywhere in Alaska
04/06/01: Judging a doctor by his skin color
03/29/01: Give it up, McCain. Campaign finance reform is dead
03/21/01: Notes from a March Madness first-timer
03/14/01: Minorities should stop making excuses about failures
03/06/01: This is one German export America better dare not embrace!
02/28/01: The coming race war
02/22/01: Those immigrants
02/15/01: How they did it
02/08/01: Why do we 'mind our own business'?
01/03/01: Faith works
01/23/01: Not that you asked: Some advice for the president
01/15/01: As it happened
12/29/00: Five mistakes I hope not to repeat in 2001
12/13/00: How do we determine 'fairness'?
12/05/00: The gig is up
11/30/00: End it, already!
11/15/00: Gleefully watching an American election turned into pandemonium
11/09/00: There he goes again: Cochran's quest for reparations smells of exploitation
11/02/00: Time for blacks to rebel
10/27/00: Dumb Americans
10/24/00: Al Gore better worry about his own record
10/17/00:The 'right to drive'
10/05/00: 'Racists-patrols' with too much time on their hands
09/27/00: Who's watching the watchdogs these days
09/21/00: Why Jose doesn't graduate
09/15/00: AlGore's new, middle class welfare state
09/09/00: When we will no longer have a 'white' majority
08/31/00: Political hypocrisy
08/25/00: Teaching the 'experts' in plain English
08/18/00: The People's Convention?
08/10/00: Every Republican's favorite Democrat 08/04/00: We've got the Dems shivering in their pants!
07/27/00: The issueless election
07/21/00: We can't give up
07/13/00: Why would the government purposely put minority children at a disadvantage?
07/05/00: Why -- and how -- Vicente Fox broke the Mexican political machine
06/30/00: GOPers should be careful what they wish for
06/23/00: AlGore and security? Maybe 'social,' certainly not defense
06/14/00: Tell the truth about tyrants
06/08/00: Home on the range
06/01/00: A truly happy marriage
05/25/00: High court to parents: Raising kids these days is too easy
05/19/00: "No Excuses" for bad education
05/11/00: False sense of security?
05/03/00: Why 'Elian' won't go away
04/25/00: Our Liar-in-Chief
04/19/00: Schools for scandal
04/11/00: Ashamed of my government
04/07/00: Thank the immigrants for booming economy
03/31/00: Ironic timing: Gore's talk of ethics laughable
03/23/00: Viva bilingual education?
03/17/00: It's the lying, stupid
03/07/00: Religious Tolerance
03/02/00: Was the Diallo ruling fair?
02/23/00: The '70s , not the '60s, were the real culprit
02/17/00: Pay the gripers?
02/09/00: Let the fun begin
02/03/00: Which party is most 'out of touch'?
01/27/00: Good sportswomynship
01/24/00: Agreeing with Bubba ... this time
01/06/00: For once, kudos to the government
12/30/99: The little girl in the one-room school house
12/22/99: Let Y2K havoc reign!
12/17/99: Bush's intellectual deficiencies
12/10/99: Stories out of skool
12/06/99: Ensuring racial differences
11/29/99: Bubba still can't help himself
11/19/99: Hillary needs to learn her place
11/15/99: Why not sensitize cabbies?
11/09/99: Presidential (comic book) character
10/29/99: Bab(e) -- ies
10/25/99: Whose fault is it that Mexicans aren't becoming citizens?
10/15/99: Learning the truth about bilingual education
10/07/99: Lock 'em up or release on a technicality --- Justice Dept. can't decide
09/29/99: I knew the real Pat Buchanan
09/23/99: Why I own a gun
09/16/99: Closing the bus(sing) doors
09/09/99: Scoring the SATs --- the givers, not takers
09/02/99: Will we ever learn the truth about Los Alamos?
08/27/99: Junk journalism
08/20/99: The locked-out lesbian
08/09/99: Dems as Robin Hood?
08/09/99: Bubba's ballot racism
07/29/99: Explaining away success
07/22/99: Fatherhood going to the apes --- literally
07/13/99: Does motivation matter in murder?
07/08/99: Is INS taking its cues from Seinfeld?
07/01/99: How to put doctors and patients back in control of medical-care decisions
06/24/99: Thou shall go postal
06/15/99: Unraveling of social order not limted to U.S.
06/09/99: Stand by your ma'am?
06/04/99: An answered prayer
05/25/99: When higher-education is taken prisoner
05/18/99: Are Jefferson's kin snobs and racists?
05/12/99: First-hand encounter with Chinese paranoia
05/06/99: Singer of Death
04/27/99: Beyond 'Why?'
04/23/99: Pick your ('protected-class' poison)
04/14/99: Why we’re a nation of procrastinators
04/06/99: How to spend Equal Pay Day
03/30/99: Are euthanasia advocates truly compassionate or do they merely fear being burdens themselves?
03/27/99: Time for the ‘Real Thing’?
03/16/99: How to keep anti-immigrant sentiments low
03/11/99: Why Bush is the GOP front-runner
03/03/99: If only these were normal times
02/24/99: Unsettling news about ‘feminism’ --- for the NOW gang
02/18/99: 50 years and trillions of dollars up in smoke --- literally?
02/11/99: Why Dems have the most to fear
02/02/99: Look who supports a people-of-color tax
01/26/99: When sports are truly a diversion
01/20/99: Ken Starr as Mark Fuhrman?
01/12/99: Leave Monica out of it
01/05/99: Forget Danny Williams, what about Bubba’s trade and campaign abuses!?
12/29/98: Ya never know
12/15/98: Whose reality?
12/08/98: Why the House must make sure Bubba gets his due punishment
12/02/98: Remember when libraries were for expanding the mind!?
11/26/98: When Thanksgiving means more than commercialism
11/17/98: To Ken S. --- if you'll only listen
11/10/98: What did you expect?
11/04/98: Shame on those who don't vote!
10/27/98: It's spreading!
10/20/98: It ain't over yet
10/15/98: Mourning motherhood
9/23/98: Sosa and the race card
9/23/98: Believable and truthful are two different things
9/16/98: Time for a new Amendment!
9/08/98: When silence is truly golden
8/25/98: Bears and blunders
8/25/98: Only consistency about Prez's anti-terrorism policy: its inconsistency
8/18/98: Is our 'broken-compass' beyond fixing?
8/11/98: Reno's risk
8/04/98: When Truth is of the highest odor
7/28/98: No way to protect ourselvesagainst a nut's wrath
7/22/98: These 'choice' advocates are being demonzied ... by the Left.
7/15/98: Will 'neonaticide' become the new buzzword?
7/07/98: Urge to mega-merge, stopped in time
6/30/98: Why take responsibility if
somebody else will pay?
6/23/98: Blinded by the red, or is it the green?
6/17/98: Flotsam in the wake of romance
6/10/98: We have a ways to go in the bilingual war
6/3/98: Tyson's triumph over tragedy
5/28/98: Why Univision's Perenchio is out to hurt his fellow Hispanics
5/20/98: Sometimes Buba actually tells the truth ... as he sees it
5/12/98: Chill-out on the chihuahua and ... Seinfeld
5/8/98: The revolution is just about over
4/28/98: Let's face it: both parties are full of hypocrites
4/21/98: Legislating equality
4/14/98: One down, many to go
4/7/98: Mexican mayhem?
3/31/98: Of death and details
3/25/98: Americans are unaware of NATO expansion
3/18/98: Intellectual-ghettoes in the name of diversity
3/11/98: Be careful what you wish for ...
3/4/98: The Press' Learning-disability
2/25/98: 50 States Are Enough!
2/18/98: Casey at the Mat
2/11/98: The legal profession's Final Solution
2/4/98: Faith and the movies
1/28/98: Clinton, Lewinsky, and Politics Vs. Principle
1/21/98: Movement on the Abortion Front
1/14/98: Clones, Courts, and Contradictions
1/7/98: Child custody or child endangerment?
12/31/97: Jerry Seinfeld, All-American
12/24/97: Affirmative alternatives: New initiatives for equal opportunity are out there
12/17/97: Opening a window of opportunity (a way out of bilingual education for California's Hispanic kids)

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