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The Truth IS out There --- but it's only Online

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published Dec. 15, 2014

The Truth <I>IS</I> out There --- but it's only Online

In the movie version of Stephen King's novel, "Firestarter", the heroine walks into the New York Times building in Manhattan to expose government corruption but in the novel, her savior would be the Rolling Stone magazine.

That publication used to have the reputation of being a radical 'gonzo' magazine with the likes of Hunter S. Thompson writing on politics and in 1981 it still practiced respectable journalism. That reputation has been seriously tarnished with the recent publication of a campus rape story that critics say was poorly researched and may in fact be totally false. Rolling Stones was forced to issue an apology to its readers not once but twice and now the Fraternity that was named in the article but never contacted by the RS author is considering legal action for slander. This example of shoddy journalism is just the latest confirmation of the decline and fall of the Fourth Estate. If your only source for current events and breaking news is from local newspapers and television, you may not be getting the whole story. In fact, you may be getting a huge snow job.

Because the mainstream or lamestream media has lost its journalistic integrity so much of today's chaos can be directly led to their intentionally false reportage. There are very few genuine journalists left on the major television networks but I can only name one off the top of my head and that is Jake Tapper. Sharyl Attkisson was another but she has left CBS for independence and has written a book exposing the mindset of the liberal media.

Those ongoing national protests that resulted from two deaths of blacks by white police officers have been the direct result of media lies. In the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Mo, the reports repeated the, "Hands up. Don't shoot" canard that the media knew was a lie instigated by dubious witnesses who were later forced to tell the truth to the grand jury. The truth mattered not because the violence that followed the grand jury decision not to indict the officer was premeditated and encouraged by race-baiters --- attorney general Eric Holder and Al Sharpton. The other media negligence was in failing to report that the death of Eric Garner was not a race issue but a tragedy by omitting the fact that Garner's arrest in Staten Island was supervised by a black female sergeant, Kizzy Adoni, in charge of the fatal incident. You will, however, never read about that sergeant or her race in the mainstream media because she doesn't fit the racist hype that it sells in place of bona fide journalistic investigation.

Nor will you read about the facts of Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and the myriad other evidence of governmental corruption because they impact negatively on President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party which has been in power since 2009 and is the political choice of over 80% of journalists.

As I write this column, Black Congressional staffers are planning massive walkouts to speak out against the Ferguson and Staten Island grand jury decisions and the protests for the same cause are still raging on college campuses. I am willing to bet that if there were real reporters on the scene questioning the protesters they would not be able to find one person who knows the actual facts of the cases and that neither incident had anything to do with racial animus. All this discord and violence has been generated by the false reporting by a complicit and irresponsible media.

In 1984, I saw a film starring Diane Keaton called, 'Little Drummer Girl' about the Middle East conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Not a great film but what stayed with me was the remark by a Palestinian terrorist of the importance of using the press for its propaganda message. That is painfully clear with the release of the CIA interrogation program by Senate Democrats. The major networks and press are hammering out the most sordid details of the torture employed on terrorists to secure information without reporting the benefits of that information in preventing terror. Most of these MSM reports seem as if they were written by Al-Qaida or ISIL operatives.

To be an informed rather than a low-info voter, one must recognize which news sources are credible and which ones are merely the propaganda tools of the hardcore leftwing. We can expect negative articles on conservatives in The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and many local newspapers in blue states. If the truth is to be found, it will be on the Internet although one must be aware that left-wing billionaire George Soros has been a big sponsor of anti-conservative sites like and Media Matters for America.

Remarkably, the Washington Post published an article by Philip Bump on "Why Matt Drudge and Lucianne Goldberg still rule the conservative media roost." For those who really want the truth on current and historical facts, the and should be bookmarked on your computer. They are without peer for providing the truth from national and international verifiable news sources. The Drudgereport merely provides news links that are later utilized by most major news networks. is more in the format of an information salon where registered readers (known as ldotters) can comment on the articles posted from around the world. The site is rigorously monitored by the Lcom taste police which will delete tasteless or obscene remarks deemed unsuitable as posted.

Although there are many articles by conservative authors, one can read current articles from all news sources as far apart in ideology as Pravda and the Washington Times. There are stringent rules for posting articles on Sources must be from legitimate news sources not from vanity blogs. Permission is needed to post from non news sources that provide well documented information. Here's hoping that its next fundraising drive will keep it hale and healthy for years. It is truly a godsend for truth-seekers.

There are also several excellent sites which practice real journalism and one of the finest is, founded by the late indomitable Andrew Breitbart. When I was recruited to write for Breitbart Big Journalism I was ordered only to write what I could document with videos and links that substantiated my opinion. Other 'Big" sites are Big Hollywood, Big Peace, Big Government and the site is still expanding to include London and individual states. All these site articles are regularly posted on as are the American Thinker, PJ Media, Canadian Free Press, National Review and the Weekly Standard. I would be remiss in not mentioning the reliable Jewish World Review, the publication I now write for as a primary source for truth-telling.

I have not mentioned Fox News because while it is currently the sole cable network reporting fair and balanced coverage of all events, not all its anchors are as courageous in reporting the unvarnished truth. Kudos to Neal Cavuto and Greg Gutfeld for being steadfast and fearless in speaking out for the America they love.

The 2014 election results that devastated the Democrats and President Obama was only possible because voters who had access to the truth on the Internet knew what they had to do to stop the train wreck of this administration and its minions in Congress. Hopefully, Jonathan Gruber's 'stupid American voter' will logon and wise up in the future.

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