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Jewish World Review Nov. 22 2004 / 9 Kislev, 5765

Argus Hamilton

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And now for the
important news .... | The Bill Clinton Presidential Library opened to the public on Friday. The property includes his future burial site. Every year on the anniversary of his death there will be a candlelight vigil by tens of thousands of his supporters in the adultery community.

Little Rock drew tens of thousands of tourists Thursday for the Bill Clinton Presidential Library, which drew rave reviews from visitors. Many exhibits are interactive. If you insert a two- dollar token you can ride the mechanical secretary.

John Kerry discussed the election with Geraldo Rivera Thursday. The reporter empathized with him. Last year Geraldo was one of only four men who were asked by the U.S. military to leave Iraq, the other three being Saddam Hussein and his two sons.

The United Nations vetoed a White House proposal to ban cloning Friday. The practice of cloning was first successfully tested on sheep. It's only natural for parents to want offspring who are healthy, who are athletic and who can produce wool.

Merck Pharmaceuticals is under fire over reports that the company knew Vioxx was dangerous. The executives told Congress they thought it was safe. They knew people were dropping dead at the company picnic but they thought it was the hamburgers.

Prince Charles was sued Thursday by a palace secretary for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination. She says the prince's household is hierarchical and elitist. She was fired when she asked him who died and made him king of England.

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