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08/31/05: ‘Successful’ scientists and their gimmicks
08/24/05: Private charity would do much more — if government hadn't crowded it out
08/17/05: Honey! They shrunk the portions
08/10/05: Setting high wages that keep people poor
08/03/05: GOPers should stop dithering about reducing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's subsidies — and eliminate them altogether
07/27/05: Love-crushing law is striving to sterilize the workplace
07/20/05: Robbing the poor to build a rich man's stadium — it's just plain wrong
07/13/05: Being open-minded and liberal is not one and the same
07/06/05: Sunscreen and unaccountable authority
06/29/05: Making parking lots out of ‘castles’
06/22/05: ‘Gender pay gap’ is pap
06/15/05: Improving other folks' ‘intimacy’, with your tax money?
06/08/05: Dismantle the FDA?
06/01/05: By protecting us from bad things, government protects us from good things, too
05/25/05: De$peration
05/18/05: Think bottled water is healthier? Friend, you are being soaked!
05/11/05: Truth or myth?: Revisiting some popular misconceptions
05/04/05: The ‘scoop’ on pricey coffee
04/20/05: The right not to employ someone
04/13/05: Scaremongers screaming ‘BOO!’ even louder after column challenges their ‘facts’
04/06/05: How to crush your competition — with government endorsement
03/30/05: The fear Crichton's latest questions makes scare-peddlers frightened
03/23/05: Black-on-black discrimination?
03/16/05: When warnings make us less safe
03/09/05: Gasoline prices 2005: An inflation-adjusted bargain
03/02/05: Washington's labor laws now hurt children more than they protect them
02/23/05: Outsourcers are the bigger job creators?
02/16/05: Selfishness is bad, right?
02/09/05: Fifth Avenue farmers
02/02/05: Buy a bridge? This $200 Million one isn't for sale — it's being paid for by taxpayers and it leads almost nowhere
01/28/05: Aren't science and scholarship supposed to ask questions and open our eyes to facts?
01/26/05: Forced altruism

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