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McCain, conservative senator? How it can still happen

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published June 12,2018

McCain, conservative senator? How it can still happen

The rumor mill is churning out the possibility that Cindy McCain will take over her husband's Arizona Senate seat should he resign due to his terminal illness.

I have always suspected that she was the reason behind her husband choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008. Now, of course, he's made public remarks that he regretted choosing the former Alaska governor, overlooking the fact that she gave his presidential campaign a much needed boost.

What many conservatives don't realize is that Cindy is way smarter than her husband and a much better person.

In 2008, my agent presented me with an impossible gig. A publisher wanted bios of the wives of both candidates and whichever candidate won in November that bio would be published.

I was given the task of coming up with an unauthorized bio in four months before the election. While I met Mrs. McCain briefly at a Republican fundraiser in Manhattan, she looked startled to hear my proposal but kindly accepted my business card. I never did hear from her. But as November approached, the publisher decided to make both my book and another author's bio on Michelle Obama available on Kindle.

After that announcement, I was asked to travel to DC to be interviewed by Claire Shipman for Good Morning America on ABC. While the interview took about 30 minutes, the actual broadcast was about three minutes and was a complete distortion of my book.

I came across as gossipy and snarky when I had been very positive about McCain but decided there and then never to trust the MSM and the major networks. Almost immediately, I was back in New York being interviewed by Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends and at least that show was much more respectful.

I even ended up on Al Jazeera to promote my first non fiction book which ended up nowhere since Obama won the election and my book was only available on Amazon Kindle.

Since the publisher edited out most of the book I submitted, I have no idea what's left of my own words. I think next time I'll self publish.

Why me, Lord? I wondered why I was selected to write about a woman I had never met or knew little about other than she was very pretty and very rich. Perhaps it was difficult finding a conservative female who was also Hispanic to write about the GOP candidate's spouse.

Several years ago I had appeared on a Fox news show to explain why I was the sole female pundit who had no sympathy for Andrea Yates who murdered her five young children.

Anna Quindlen had written a sympathetic piece for Newsweek that made me nearly barf. She presented Yates as a woman who sacrificed her career to raise so many children. My take is that she was a Madea too weak to stand up to her husband so she killed his children.

Since I was unable to secure a face to face interview with Mrs. McCain I had to rely on internet research and what I found was that she was quite an extraordinary woman. She may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth but she had a strong sense of noblesse oblige that is sorely missing in the super wealthy.

Not content to just write checks, she ventured into the third world personally to provide emergency medical care.

After a 1984 vacation to Truk Lagoon, she was appalled by the substandard medical facilities. She founded the American Voluntary Medical Team (AVMT) to organize trips for doctors, nurses and other medical personnel to provide care to disaster-struck or war-torn areas like Micronesia, Vietnam, Kuwait, Zaire, Rwanda et al.

She led 55 of these missions over the next seven years, each of which was at least two weeks in duration. AVMT also supplied treatment to poor sick children around the world. Her detractors will point out that she went through a period of being addicted to pain pills while suffering from severe back pain and went through drug treatment and outpatient session but back surgery eventually ended her pain.

She is not a perfect person but human and her compassion for the needy is ever evident in her life.

In 1991, the AVMT went to Dhaka, in Bangladesh, to provide assistance following a devastating cyclone. While at the Sisters of Charity of Mother Teresa Children's Home, McCain met two infant girls she felt needed to be brought to the United States for immediate medical treatment.

She decided to adopt one of the girls, later named Bridget, with her husband readily agreeing and she helped coordinate the adoption of the other little girl for family friend Wes Gullett..

During the 2018 presidential campaign, the lowlife, liberal trolls dared to suggest that Bridget was an illegitimate by-blow of John McCain and that Sarah Palin's newborn was really her daughter's, and possibly a result of an incestuous relationship with her father. These attacks were beyond disgusting but par for the course of progressive discourse by liberal haters.

Because John McCain has been labeled a RINO by conservatives due to his aggressive anti-Trump comments and voting record, his daughter Meghan McCain has been unfortunately targeted with the same label. I have tried in my online comments in social media to defend her because during my research, I was very impressed with the way she helped her mother in her mission. How can one see Meghan working in the filthy landfills assisting third world residents and then call her a "spoiled brat" or mock her appearance?

While it is quite possible that Cindy and Meghan have some views that run counter to strict conservatism, it has been interesting to note that Meghan has been a strong conservative voice on The View.

Last year, President Trump was considering naming Cindy McCain as an Ambassador at large; however it's highly unlikely that this will occur since the hostile exchange of tweets between Sen. McCain and Trump since he announced his opposition to many of the Trump agenda in spite of his medical diagnosis of terminal cancer. Both Cindy and Meghan have accused Trump of bullying and nepotism.

If Cindy McCain does accept the offer to succeed her husband's Senate seat, she may surprise those who harbor the direst concerns. One thing is certain --- she couldn't possibly do any worse than John.