May 23rd, 2022


How Stupid are American Voters --- Very!?

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published April 1, 2021

-> Perhaps stupid is not the right word. Gullible is not right either. It's really hard to pinpoint the main reason behind the disastrous state of our country but the cold hard fact is that many Americans have fallen for two of the biggest hoaxes perpetrated by the left , the media and corrupt politicians.

It's too simple to blame the voters of any particular party when the main culprits are the individuals who just can't be bothered with politics. They don't want to get involved so they don't vote yet they complain when their taxes go up or their civil rights are taken away.

American voters have rarely come out in huge numbers on Election Day. But last year for the first time in many decades, millions of people whose eyes had been opened to the hoaxes of covid-19 and global warming went to the polls but the damage had already been done. The left had been planning a coup many years ago because they had control of the mainstream media to spew the politics of fear and envy and of course the stay at home voters allowed the Manchurian candidates to seize the legislatures, city councils and school boards.

The average voter in the blue states can't name their local legislator or congressman yet these individuals made it possible to change voting laws that made fraud a cinch.

President Trump was responsible for exposing the hoaxes by simply refusing to believe in them. I cheered when he nixed the Paris accord but he made his enemies here and abroad realize that he was too dangerous to survive.

Trump challenged everything that had become acceptable to our dumbed-down populace frightened by the apocalyptic doomsday screeching from Hollywood and the lapdog media. Smart skeptics recognized the scheming behind Al Gore's global warming plot that made him a billionaire but the nimrods fell for it granting him multiple awards, including a Noble Prize, for his "Inconvenient Truth" lie. Schoolchildren were indoctrinated by the vision of polar bears dying and the prospect of a doomed planet even though true science debunked the lies and polar bears are thriving.

I am not a scientist but I was taught to reason by brilliant nuns and to question everything spun by shady individuals. Apparently, comedian George Carlin did the same thing and I highly recommend his rant on YouTube but please excuse his language. He points out the arrogance of man thinking we can save a planet that's survived for four and a half billion years by recycling plastic bags and cans.

My skepticism about the inconvenient junk science of global warming is that it's based on data that's only been around for a few hundred years. I smelt the deceit when the green industry polluted our lives and prices for ordinary goods skyrocketed by just adding the word 'green' on them.

Meanwhile hustlers like Al Gore, the future global-warming billionaire, was selling carbon credits so that rich polluters would keep polluting with a clear conscience. The federal government stepped in and next thing you know, liberals in Congress were mandating that the states add green standards in their budget or else.

Ever wonder why those in Congress start up middle class and end up becoming millionaires? The sad thing in all of this is that the real chumps in this farce are the taxpayers who pay for the billions awarded to so-called clean energy companies selling wind and solar sources that won't actually pay off for decades. Isn't it strange that most of these companies like Solyndra are Democrat donors that go bankrupt but only the taxpayer gets shafted?

I do respect the environment activism regarding clean air and water but we've gone far beyond these limits. The Greening of America has very little to do with saving the planet and everything to do with subjugating the populace and granting dictatorial power to the left. Once the left discovered how easy it was to warp science into faux news and feed it to the booming idiocracy via the lamestream media and Hollywood, it seized upon an unknown virus with relish. Bill Clinton's, chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel's famous quote. "Never let a crisis go to waste" became the Democrat Party's modus operandi in 2020.

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Donald Trump's economy was too strong and the Democrats had no way to fight it. The only weapon the left had was to use this coronavirus pandemic to crush the economy, raise unemployment, kill small businesses and manipulate the facts about it. The covid-19 was a real virus that we had no experience with.

Before it hit here in the states, the elderly in Italy were the first victims. Why? Because the area of Italy hardest hit had welcomed immigrants from the Wuhan province in China, where the virus was born. We are not allowed to call it the Chinese virus by the left but that's exactly what it is. Fauci's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases had shelled out a total of $7.4 million to the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab. The lab had been studying the coronavirus in bats. Why on earth we decided that Fauci would be the spokesperson for the pandemic is beyond belief.

Using the mainstream media arm of the Democrat party, the die was cast and hysteria led to worldwide lockdowns and the coverup of Chinese responsibility for the disease. The swine flu in 2009 was different than the current covid-19 in that it hit younger victims yet Obama did not order a wide societal lockdown. Covid-19 is deadlier to those over 80 but the number of potential victims under 60 is negligible. Most victims have other illnesses and suppressed immune systems.

That, of course, is not what you will hear from ABC, CBS, NBC. NYT, Washington Post, LA times, NY Daily News, and especially CNN and MSNBC. They are reporting cases of Covid rising (which is due to more testing not hospitalizations). Blue state autocrats are mandating double masks and carrying vaccination passports to enter public areas. This smacks of the Nazi area demanding, "May we see your papers?"

So far only Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has said that he would issue an executive order forbidding local governments and businesses from requiring so-called "vaccine passports" to show proof that customers have been inoculated against the coronavirus. Good for him.

I am elderly, with severe health issues and if I got the disease would probably kick the bucket so my family stayed away for a while but as treatments became successful in combating it, we lightened up. That's when lockdowns should have ended. Instead even churches were ordered to restrict services. That is against our Constitution.

The very idea that Americans were locking themselves away from loved ones is unbelievably sad. We celebrate the holidays en famille which is quite large as I have six children and 13 grandchildren. We do not wear masks. We hug each other and we are all still alive. Common sense rules that if you are sick with something contagious you stay at home so that others won't catch what you have. I check my temperature every morning, take Vitamin D, vitamins and I have never smoked. The CDC should be pushing building up our immune systems rather than shutting down our lives.

What has happened to this country is positively evil. If you can't recognize that we have been grossly manipulated by petty dictatorial tyrants basking in power modes, then perhaps stupid is the right word. .