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You might be a moron if……

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published March 7, 2022

You might be a moron if……
Definition of moron --- a stupid or foolish person. Outdated now offensive definition --- a person of mild intellectual disability.

--- Merriam Webster Dictionary

I'll go with the current definition of moron to describe the behavior of Americans for the past few decades. There is just no reason why so many so-called educated people have fallen for so many hoaxes and easily disproved schemes.

In 2016, my former best friend called me a moron for opting to vote for Donald Trump. I wasn't offended but she no longer felt it necessary to speak to me ever again. Even though the following four years of his presidency made everyone's lives so much better, the Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) grew steadily more moronic.

The dumbing-down of Americans has been in effect since 1960's when education was corrupted by Marxists in teachers' unions. In the 1973 post-apocalyptic Woody Allen comedy, "Sleeper", the funniest line was when the main character explained that the end came when a madman named Albert Shanker got hold of a nuclear weapon. New Yorkers all knew that Shanker was the longtime head of the NYC public school teacher's union, the United Federation of Teachers. I had only attended parochial schools which at the time did not have any of the superb facilities present in the public-school system. However, we were taught academics not the social engineering that was now being promoted by the socialist union teachers. Most importantly, we were taught how to reason.

Thus, when Al Gore began his global warming hoax so many new morons were born. My first question was how long had scientists been monitoring climate change? I figured that probably it was only about a few hundred years but the planet is considerably older so how accurate could that "Inconvenient Truth" film be?

The climate had been changing before humans were ever on earth. Nevertheless, the morons fell for the greening hoax and Gore and other charlatans became billionaires. So, you might be a moron if you fell for this hoax. In my humble opinion, conservation should be about clean air and water not saving a planet that can take better care of itself than we mere mortals.

The dumbing down of Americans really came to fruition after the 1990's when deluded voters decided that the mainstream media was composed of real journalists. In reality it was dominated by the Marxist dominated left wing. Although I never voted for Richard Nixon, there was something unhinged about the entire Watergate scandal. It made cultural heroes out of reporters and demonized the government's intelligence system in place.

Suddenly, we had to know everything that was classified, which meant to me that our enemies would know all as well. Reporters became more interested in ‘gotcha' news than doing their jobs. It also became very clear that most reporters were liberal Democrats which meant that they would be overlooking proper vetting of Democrat candidates and strip searching the GOP.

You might be a moron if you thought that Gov. Bill Clinton, then governor of one of the lowest ranked states, was a candidate worthy of the presidency in spite of the unseemly scandals about his character. Perhaps, the media never clued you in that he was drummed out of Oxford because of a rape charge (Ellen Wellstone), that he paid a mysterious visit to Moscow as a student in 1969. Perhaps, you never heard the credible reports with witnesses that he had impregnated a black woman when he was governor, that he had raped Juanita Broaddrick, nor read the expose by two Arkansas troopers about the despicable shenanigans of both Clintons when he was governor.

During the 1992 campaign, I mentioned these points to my sister who lives in Los Angeles and she was outraged and wouldn't speak to me for two years. Another Democrat relative told me that she couldn't vote for George H. W. Bush who was a pretty decent president, because, she said: ‘He's too old'.

When I was a columnist at the New York Sun, I went to a function with a colleague, John Avlon, who is now at CNN. He admitted that he liked Bill Clinton and asserted that he was very smart. Why, I asked? He was impressed that Clinton could recall the names and details of everyone he met. I thought that just meant he was a good con man and was never suitably impressed.

What did impress me about how clever Clinton is was his survival of his impeachment over a tawdry sexual affair with an intern. He knew that the Americans would excuse his libidinous nature and forgive him. Once again, the lamestream media failed to note that Clinton should have been tried for treason.

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Not only did he take funding from Communist China, he granted them access and waivers to our most classified computer data that enabled China to improve their long-range missile system. Would China be such a formidable enemy without the Clinton-Gore administration's help? I think not. After 9/11, the worst attack on this nation's citizens, the ensuing report 9/11 Commission report identified four times when Clinton could have killed bin Laden. Clinton has expressed regret. The Kool-Aid drinking morons haven't.

Then came the non-vetting of Sen. Barack Obama. Ooh, ahh, what a thrill it was to have a black president in this racist country, right? Exactly what was so exciting about this particularly black man? Joe Biden once described him in the Observer magazine: ""I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." That was such a backhanded slap to the black community that Obama picked him as his V.P.

Meanwhile, the lapdog media swooned at his every appearance but didn't seem to notice that we didn't know too much about his background, his parents, or his academic records nor were they concerned that he was close friends with former radicals like Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, who were once indicted for conspiring to bomb government buildings. Didn't matter because Obama's a black man.

His eight years in office turned most Americans and all of the Democrats into Kool-Aid moronic lemmings, so if you voted blindly for this man, you might be a moron. If you believe that there are more than two genders, you definitely are. If you believe there are hundreds of pronouns that mean nothing, or that biological men can play fairly in women's sports, you've lost all semblance of reason.

But maybe, you're not a moron. Maybe you are just a reader of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, and other leftwing resources. Maybe you only watch CNN, MSNBC, and the Alphabet networks so you just have never learned the truth about anything.

The pandemic that started in 2020 unleashed a power grab by Democrats that has unwittingly opened some eyes of a suffering electorate. One can only hope they heard Mark Levin rant the truth on Fox News:" I'll tell you what's going on in this country. The largest political party in this country hates America. They hate our security. They hate our constitution. They hate our founders. They hate our framers. They hate our monuments. They hate our history. They hate our family structure…. The Democrat party hates our military, hates our cops. The Democrat party selling us out to the Communist Chinese, the fascistic Russians, the fascistic Iranians, and the inbred over there in North Korea. The Democrat party is a force for bad in this country. They never promote liberty. They never promote individualism. There was a piece in "The New York Times" the other day trashing individualism."

He's 100% right and if after this November, voters still vote for the Democrats, then morons have won. Heaven help us all.